How to Start a YouTube Channel in Kenya: Step-by-Step for Beginners

Emmanuel Chekumbe

Starting a YouTube channel in Kenya is one of the easiest ways to make money, but it’s also relatively new. So if you are thinking about starting your YouTuber career, here are some steps for beginners.

How to Start a YouTube Channel in Kenya

Do you like to watch videos, comedies, or documentaries on YouTube? Why not create your own!

1) Research

If you are all set on starting your youtube channel in Kenya, the first thing to do is look for other people who already have gaming channels.

You can find these by typing “top YouTube channels” into your favorite search engine – or even both.

2) Make a Plan

Once you’ve found some successful Youtubers in your area of interest, take some time to look over their channels. For example, what are the most popular videos? What kind of videos do they post? How long are their videos?

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3) Get your equipment ready

To start uploading videos to YouTube, you will need a camera or a smartphone if you don’t own a camera. There are hundreds of options available, so do some research to find the best camera for your needs.

You could also research what kind of computer equipment you’ll need since that is what’s required for recording or editing videos.

4) Create your Channel

This is where it all starts – setting up your YouTube channel is a fairly straightforward process but does require some time, so make sure you’ve got everything ready before continuing.

5) Get recording!

Once everything is up and ready to go, it’s time to start uploading those videos! If you have trouble with this part, check out these tips from the people at YouTube:

6) Promote your Channel

YouTube is a great site, but it won’t stay successful by itself. You’ll need to promote your content on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites.

7) Be consistent with your uploads

Finally, the most crucial part is to be consistent. Your viewers want to know when they can expect new videos from you, so try to keep up a regular schedule for this.

Whether uploading every Wednesday morning or every Sunday night – make sure it’s frequent enough for your viewers!

How to Set up a YouTube Channel in Kenya

The best place to start a YouTube Channel is with the basics: setting up your YouTube Channel, creating a Google Account, and uploading your first video. You can then go from there and continue uploading videos to expand your Channel.

Have a Google Account

First, you will need a Google account if you do not already have one. If you do not, open up a browser window,, and click “sign-in” (top right corner).

If you already have an account, skip ahead to the next section of this article.

Next, on the far left side of your screen, you should see a list of options along the top; click “Youtube” to go to the leading YouTube site.

When you are on the YouTube site, look at the top right-hand corner, and you should see a black bar with a picture of a cogwheel in it; this is your navigation bar.

Click on “My Channel” under it and then click “Dashboard.” You have now arrived on your YouTube Channel’s Dashboard.

Create a New Channel

If you want to create an entirely new channel and give it its own separate identity, click the button that says “Create a new channel”; if not, log into your existing Google account by clicking on the name of your current YouTube account.

Now that you have arrived at the “My Channel” screen, look at the top right-hand corner of your screen and click on “Edit Channel.”

You will now have reached the Edit Channel screen. Here you can choose to either give your YouTube channel a different name or change the current one, where to upload new videos, who can see your uploaded content, how many videos are shown in each row on your Channel’s home page, and other such settings.

It is recommended that you upload a few videos before deciding to change the name of your YouTube Channel because it is hard to do this later on and maintain subscribers and viewers who come looking for your previous videos.

Now either click “Done” or fill in any new information that might be required and finally click “Save Channel Settings” at the bottom.


Now that you have finished setting up your YouTube Channel, it is time to upload your first video! Click on the button in the top right corner of your screen that says “Upload.”

This will bring you to another screen; choose your file and upload it.

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Congratulations! You have now created a YouTube Channel and uploaded your first video.

Now you can begin to upload more videos and build your subscriber count by posting regular content for people who enjoy what you do.

How to set up a YouTube Channel In Kenya.

1. Sign up for a Google account if you don’t already have one:

2. Log into your existing Google account, or create a new one if you want to start a completely new YouTube Channel

3. Navigate to your “Dashboard” using the cogwheel button in the top right corner of your screen (it appears once you’re logged into your account)

4. Click on “Edit Channel” and start configuring settings for your Channel

5. Upload your first video!

6. Continue to upload videos and build out your YouTube Channel!

These are the basic steps to starting your YouTube channel in Kenya. If you have any questions at all, feel free to comment on this page.

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