23 Free Online Jobs that Pay Daily in 2021

This article will list some of the free online jobs that pay daily. I will share some of the jobs that I have tried to avoid some of the scams and pitfalls.

Getting paid out daily while working online is something that most people want.  You can find most of the standard jobs locally will pay out about once a month or every 2 weeks.  This forces some people to hold down a job while trying to make money working online, but it shouldn’t be this difficult in reality.

So here are some of the online jobs that payout daily, which you can try out if you want to make easy money online. Please note, these kinds of jobs don’t pay out large amounts of money, but they are safe and easy to do.

List of Online jobs that pay daily

1. Online Surveys

Number one on our list of online jobs that pay daily is online surveys. This is a pretty common job for people to do, but there are some key things that you should know to avoid getting scammed or ripped off.

You have to be very careful with surveys as some sites will pay you pennies for spending an hour on your computer. The surveys are also usually done by badly set up bots, so you have to complete a survey before the system kicks out your answers and flags them as incorrect or duplicated.

List of free paid online survey sites:

  • Swagbucks
  • Vindale Research
  • Survey Junkie
  • Pinecone Research

2. Affiliate Marketing

Next on our list of online jobs that pay daily is affiliate marketing. This job involves promoting other people’s products and services in exchange for being paid a commission. It’s one of the best ways to make money online if you run the right campaigns, but it will take some investment from your end as well.

You have to choose to promote a product or service that you believe in. If it’s something which doesn’t interest you, then why would anyone else be interested?

Affiliate marketing works best with products and services related to your niche or hobby. For example, if I wanted to promote Raspberry Pi, I would find out what’s popular right now from their site and find out which products people come back for, such as a case or accessories.

List of Affiliate Marketing sites:

  • Amazon Associates
  • Link Share
  • Clicksense (has risk involved in it)

3. Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is another one of the online jobs that pay daily. This job involves creating quality pieces of writing for clients. They give you a topic or a brief, and you have to write an article on it or create a piece of content that meets those criteria.

You will really need to know your stuff to be successful at this job. Be sure to know your topic inside and out, you need to be able to write well, and your content needs to be original. Once you get set up on a few freelance sites, it shouldn’t take much time for the money to start rolling in daily.

List of Freelance Writing sites that pay daily:

  • Text Broker
  • Upwork
  • Freelancer.com
  • Fiverr

The above site allows you to get paid once you complete the assignment, though they have a minimum threshold for you to cash out.

4. Proofreading

You can also get paid for doing proofreading jobs online. Proofreading requires a lot of attention to detail; you are basically reading and then editing the work that other people have finished. You never want to change the meaning of what someone has written, though; otherwise, it will not be a good job if you do so.

Sites that Pay Daily for proofreading include:

  • Upwork
  • Flexjobs
  • Freelancer.com
  • Fiverr

5. Flea Market Flipping

Another fun and great way to make money online are by flipping items at a flea market. Flea markets are an awesome place where you can pick up some great deals. You can find anything from furniture, clothing, and even brand new electronics at a very discounted price.

Who knew that selling second-hand goods could be such a lucrative business? Just imagine making all of that money from buying stuff at a flea market; it’s not even your money!

To become successful in this business, you have to get the right knowledge. Learning how to start your own business can be extremely difficult because you don’t know where to begin.

Some of the sites involved include:

  • Craigslist
  • Offerup
  • Bonanza
  • sometimes eBay

6. Online Transcription

As the name suggests, online transcription involves transcribing audio into text. To get started, you will need some transcription equipment and a few skills.

List of sites that pays daily for Transcription:

  • Rev
  • TranscribeMe

Just to let you know, there are some other sites online that offer transcription services.

Now that I listed some of the jobs that pay daily let us list some of the common websites that offer jobs where you can earn daily.

Online Job Sites that Pay Daily

Here is a list of websites that allow you to be paid daily for tasks online:

  1. Lyft – You can get paid daily on Lyft if you are a driver. You can earn up to $35/hr for the trips you make though the payout is done weekly via direct deposit.
  2. Fiverr – you can earn daily on this site if you have a job that pays $5 or more.
  3. Upwork – You get paid every day when your client leaves positive feedback for the job well done. But the payout is done every Wednesday after you complete the job.
  4. Task Rabbit – Another site where you can earn daily if you work hard and build a good reputation. You get paid every week through direct deposit once your client leaves positive feedback.
  5. Flexjobs – Site with flexible jobs that have flexible hours attached to them. Technology is starting to take over. Many tasks can be done remotely, meaning we are slowly moving more into an era where freelancing will become more commonplace than working in an actual company.
  6. Paid Viewpoint – This is a survey website where you can get paid daily when you answer some surveys and complete tasks. Make sure to sign up for the email notifications from them, then. Daily, they will send out short questionnaires that you can fill out quickly.
  7. Slice the Pie – This website will allow you to play music along with a video and get paid for every view you generate. You can even get free money if you invite someone else on the site to join in on the fun.
  8. Freelancer.com – One of the oldest websites where freelancers can earn online, it’s been around for more than 10 years now, so it is known to pay freelancers.
  9. Clear Voice – They pay you for writing content for different companies across the globe. They pay by check or Paypal, and they have lots of jobs available daily. You have to upload your CV to join their Talent Network that gets jobs from clients.
  10. Scribie – Another online platform that pays daily is Scribie, a transcription company that offers jobs to transcribers with an excellent command of English, good communication skills as well as a good grasp of American/Australian or British accents.
  11. One Space – Used to be known as Crowdsource, One Space is a freelancing company that hires freelancers to do short tasks such as data entry, writing, transcription, image tagging, and more.
  12. GigWalk – The first mobile app on our list of online jobs that pay daily is Giglwalk. This app will pay you to do small tasks like going to a store and taking photos of items that are on the shelf, product checking codes, or even counting customers in an event.
  13. Field Agent – This is a mobile app that gathers information from its users about certain stores and businesses around them. The app is available on both android and IOS devices Users explore their area and get paid when they report back to Field Agent on what they have found, such as the opening hours of a shop or the current menu at a restaurant.
  14. Lime – Lime is a smart mobility solution that includes electric scooters as well as bikes. It recently started up in San Francisco, and it has already created a lot of buzz with the local community.
  15. Easy Shift – Easy Shift is one of the most popular apps that pay daily to its users. They hire you to complete short tasks on the app, such as taking photos, checking prices, and submitting surveys.
  16. QMee – QMee is an online platform that allows you to be paid daily by searching the internet. This site allows you to cash out anytime using PayPal.
  17. The Forum Wheel – As the name suggests, this is a forum-based online platform that pays daily. All you have to do is to post on forums.

Requirements for Online Jobs that Pay Daily

There are certain requirements or things you must have to earn daily online; these include:

  • Having a good internet connection.
  • Be fluent in English with an excellent command of the language ( if you’re given assignments involving writing)
  • Must know how to use different softwares such as Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat, and WordPress.
  • You must have a computer or mobile device of some sort.

Another important thing is being able to make time online each day.

Becoming a freelancer requires you to choose the type of job you want and then search for opportunities from clients who can pay you for your work.

Anne Katana
I am from the Kenyan Coast and currently in Nairobi. I studied history, and now I do blogging for a living. I like to share my passion for Kenya and my experiences with other people in Kenya and abroad. So welcome to Nasonga (I am Moving).



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