10 Reasons Why Africa Will Never Develop

Anne Katana

In this article, we look at why Africa will never develop. This article is a wake-up call for Africans to look at what is stopping them from developing like other parts of the world.

We look closely at ten reasons Africans have failed to achieve their great potential in human development.

Let’s get started.

Why Africa Will Never Develop

Here is a list of 10 reasons why Africa will never develop.

1. Many African leaders are corrupt

One of the significant reasons Africa will never develop is corruption.

It’s no secret that many African leaders are corrupt. Us Africans quickly point fingers at Americans, Chinese, and Europeans when having corrupt politicians. Still, most African countries have corrupt leaders who abuse their power.

Vying for power is one thing, but abusing your power is another. African leaders cling to power for too long, adversely affecting the economy. These same leaders use public funds for their gain and impoverish their people.

2. The continent is too reliant on aid

Another reason Africa will never develop because Africans are too reliant on foreign aid. Aid has been a significant source of income for many African countries. Unfortunately, it’s becoming increasingly clear that aid is making Africa poorer instead of richer.

Africans must stand on their own two feet and not rely on foreign aid to survive. For how long do Africans want to be beggars who depend on the kindness of others to survive?

3. Lack of political will to develop Africa

Many politicians from African countries lack the political will to develop their respective countries.

Having large amounts of money in your bank account is excellent, but what good is it if you can’t use it to benefit your people? Sadly, many African leaders squander their opportunities to improve their infrastructure.

This is one reason why Africa is poor and will never develop.

4. Instability in many African countries

Another reason Africa will never develop is instability in many African countries. Many Africans always talk about wanting to see a change in their respective countries but do little work towards it. Most Africans continue living poor because of a lack of political consciousness among their people.

Many African leaders are at the forefront of creating instability in their respective countries. They do this through vote-rigging, bribing voters, and other unfair means of winning an election.

5. Lack of accountability among African leaders

Another reason Africa will never develop is a lack of accountability among African leaders. Most African leaders forget who put them there when they get into leadership positions. They abuse their power and do what they think is best for them without considering the effects on the people.

It’s human nature that most people are more concerned about themselves than others. This is one reason why Africa will never develop.

6. Growing Foreign Debt

Many African nations are growing their foreign debt at a quick rate. Many African countries depend too much on loans to finance their projects. For example, many African governments have debt totaling trillion United States dollars.

Most of them spend most to service these debts, adversely affecting their economies.

7. Weak African Unity

African nations are divided along colonial borders, making African unity a far-fetched dream. Africans could not work together for their mutual benefit. Instead, they depend on outside help from the United States, China, and European Union.

The current state of African leadership is weak and unwilling to unite Africa into one strong continent that others can respect globally.

8. Lack of technological advancement

Africans are still using manual labor to do mechanized jobs around the continent. One primary reason Africa will never develop is the lack of technological advancements in most African countries. Most African countries are making very little progress in technological advances.

This makes Africa unattractive to investors who want to profit from their businesses. If Africans are not using advanced technology at home, why would an investor come to your country to start their business?

9. Poor Infrastructure

One reason Africa will never develop is the poor infrastructure because of neglect from African leaders over the past decades. Many African countries lack proper roads, electricity distribution, education facilities, and hospitals, making their daily lives difficult.

Unfortunately, there are very few things Africans can do to improve this state of affairs because Africans do not have a sense of urgency to change things.

10. Food insecurity

In African countries, people die of hunger every day because there is no food. Things have worsened, and some pre-schoolers are too malnourished to attend classes.

Africans are not asking for much. They want to eat three square meals daily, put their children in school and lead a better life. Unfortunately, Africa will never develop because most Africans don’t want to see a change in their lives.

Summary of why Africa will never develop

In summary, Africans will never develop because most do not want to see a change in their lives. Their leaders are corrupt and continue to lead without considering the consequences for the people.

Some African governments spend more money servicing debts than building infrastructure for their people. This makes it impossible to envision an Africa that is developed shortly. Africa will never develop because of poor infrastructure, lack of technological advancement, and low motivation from Africans to work hard for a better life.

In conclusion, if things continue this way without serious reforms, no one can tell when the day will come when Africa will stand tall as a developed continent of its own volition. Although there is how Africa can develop economically in 2022 and beyond.

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