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10 Reasons Why Africa is So Poor

This article will answer the question Why is Africa so poor? I will try to explain why Africa is poor. I will also list some facts about poverty in Africa and statistics.

Please note the views expressed in this article are solely the author’s views. I have researched and concluded on the subject.

Africa is one of the poorest continents in the world. Most people think that people living in Africa are lazy or too much war and violence, but none of these reasons explain why Africa is so poor.

They contribute to poverty, but I have highlighted the main reasons why Africa is poor in this article.

So let’s look at why Africa is so Poor

Why is Africa Poor?

The following are the main reason Why Africa is so Poor:

1. Inadequate Agricultural Infrastructure

One of the main reasons Africa is poor is the lack of agricultural Infrastructure. Africa makes up 20% of the world’s land but only produces 4% of all vegetables and 1% of all fruit for commercial export.

Africa can grow vast quantities of vegetables, fruit, and grains, but this is not possible currently due to inadequate roads.

2. Bad Governance

For a long time now, Africa has been governed by dictators who have exploited their countries in several ways. They have involved themselves in the arms trade and drug trafficking to gain money illegally.

Most African governments earn most of their money from foreign aid, which is given to them by other countries, but the issue with this is that the leaders sometimes steal it or use it for their gain.

Corruption is also a problem in Africa, with poor governance often being linked to corruption dubbed “a disease.” This is because the government officials have been bribed to do things such as building Infrastructure or changing laws to line their own pockets and enrich themselves.

3. Lack of Education

Many people in Africa are poor because they have been deprived of proper education. There is a problem with youths leaving school early to go and work to support their families. But sometimes, the children drop out because some kids cannot afford basic supplies such as pens or books.

The quality of education in some countries isn’t good enough either, with some teachers not being appropriately trained or trained at all.

4. Lack of Jobs & Economic Growth

Another reason Africa is poor is that few jobs are available for people to earn money. Many African countries have small economies, so there aren’t many employment opportunities.

5. Inadequate Infrastructure

Inadequate Infrastructure in Africa also contributes to the poverty of African people. It can be challenging for aid workers to get support or foreign investment. This is because the roads are too dangerous, with some countries having virtually no paved roads at all.

6. Health Problems

One of the main problems in Africa is AIDS which has caused many people to die over recent years. Good healthcare is also challenging to access in Africa, especially in rural areas. There is a significant lack of medical facilities and doctors, making it challenging for many living in poverty to receive treatment.

7. Wars and Crises

Africa also has a fair amount of wars which cause people to be displaced and lose their homes. There are civil wars between tribes, ethnic conflicts and clashes against the government.

Any place on earth that has a war will automatically be poor.

These wars often make the news, and we read about them, but many conflicts happen away from the public eye, which doesn’t make it into the media.

Often families will leave their homes because of war or violence, leading to more poverty in Africa.

8. Unjust Trade Structures

Another reason Africa is poor is the unequal trade relations between it and other countries. Rich countries are exporting capital to poor African countries where they can then receive huge profits that are not benefiting the people there.

This means that Africa’s economy depends on exports, making it vulnerable to global market fluctuations.

9. Historical Injustices

In the past, many countries have colonized Africa, which has meant that the country’s resources were taken to benefit other countries. This caused problems because it left the people of Africa disadvantaged, impoverished and lacking in education, among other things.

10. Economies of Scale

Some African countries don’t have economies of scale. They cannot produce enough goods to export, or their costs are too high for them to compete on the international market.

Conclusion on Why is Africa So Poor

In summary, many things contribute to the poverty of African people, including lack of educatInfrastructurestructure and economy, wars and crises. All these factors combine and make life difficult for people.

Although Africa is poor, times are changing, and many young Africans are looking at ways to change. Many youth movements, human rights organizations, and charities aim to make life better for the people living in poverty in Africa.

Some of these groups are dedicated to bringing clean water or sustainable food sources to communities who need them, giving children the opportunity to go to school by providing uniforms and materials and teaching people skills to provide them with a way of earning an income.

Many African countries have relied on donations from foreign aid, but this is changing fast as young Africans are working together to find ways to help themselves.

Africa will hopefully be a better place with less poverty and more opportunity for the next generation growing up.

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