Mwanasiasa Launches Interactive Portal for 2022 Political Aspirants

Mwanasiasa has launched an interactive portal that will allow Kenyans to know and interact with their 2022 political aspirants at a regional level.

The website provides detailed information about each aspirant, including their biography, achievements, and vision for the future. In addition to the website, Mwanasiasa will also be conducting nationwide town hall meetings to allow citizens to ask questions directly to the aspirants.

This groundbreaking initiative marks a new era of transparency and accountability in Kenyan politics.

In a message published on the platform’s website, the developers wrote that they developed it to “improve access to public information, empower Kenyan citizens to make informed voting decisions and promote democratic values.” “We aim to give all political aspirants a level playing field during elections.”

Kenyans have access to the internet and can now find detailed information about their elected officials through this website.

The platform is the first of its kind in Kenya and will significantly promote accountability and transparency in the 2022 campaigns.

The developers hope this will create a new paradigm in which information about political candidates is readily available online, allowing the public to make informed decisions when voting.

About is a non-partisan online portal that allows Kenyans to know and interact with their 2022 political aspirants at a regional level.

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