10 Ways of Fighting Corruption in Kenya

Anne Katana

This article will outline the effective ways of fighting Corruption in Kenya. We will also look at some measures that governments, civil society organizations, and individuals are taking to fight Corruption in Kenya.

The article is based on the works of Robert Hunja. I have added my explanations and extended his article written for the Worldbank.

Let’s begin.

Ways of Fighting Corruption in Kenya

Here are the ten best solutions to corruption in Kenya:

1. Building capacity for those who need it most

The first way of fighting Corruption in Kenya is to build capacity for those who need it most.

To fight corruption effectively, you must make the people within your organization, department, or ministry aware of their roles and responsibilities and those of other staff members.

We can overcome corruption by having solid professional institutions. There should be a clear distinction between public servants and politicians.

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2. Increase Transparency and Accountability

One of the best ways of curbing corruption in Kenya is to increase transparency and accountability by giving details on how public funds are used. You have to ensure that this information reaches as many people as possible.

The more work you do transparently, the more people know how public funds are used. Transparency will ensure that no one person has complete power over public resources. It also provides that every Kenyan is equal under the law.

3. Power of the people

A country’s progress is a result of the people’s efforts. The government can only do so much to help its citizens. Nothing will change if people don’t take development into their own hands.

4. Understand that Corruption is not only about bribes

When we understand that corruption is not just about bribes, we will be on the right path to fighting corruption.

To fight Corruption in Kenya successfully, you must consider that people at all system levels are corrupt. These people include ordinary citizens as well as politicians and civil servants.

Corruption can be perpetrated at all levels of society, not just by senior officials. The fight against Corruption in Kenya will be more effective if citizens are vigilant and know the proper channels to complain.

5. No one is above the law

Fighting corruption will only be successful when everyone knows that no one is above the law. To fight Corruption in Kenya, you must ensure that the rule applies to everyone.

6. Use of Technology to fight corruption

The best way of fighting Corruption in Kenya is through technology. Technology increases transparency, ensures efficiency, and saves time.

You can start by using ICT to improve service delivery (e-government), increase transparency (dissemination of information), and increase accountability (prompt response to requests for information).

For example, you can employ SMS to check your workers’ performance and request work done.

7. Sanctions matter

Ensure that no one gets away with corruption. Civil servants found guilty of corruption must be sanctioned. This action will signal to others that they will be punished when caught within the system.

8. Involve everyone in the fight against Corruption

One of the ways of fighting Corruption in Kenya is to involve everyone in the fight against corruption. Everyone – whether a politician, civil servant, or ordinary citizen – has a role in fighting corruption.

9. Positive and negative incentives matter

Please take into consideration that people respond positively when there is something in it for them and negatively when there isn’t anything. When fighting Corruption in Kenya, you must know that people will always maximize their actions’ positive consequences.

10. Protect whistleblowers

Ensure that informants who report corruption are protected from the consequences of revealing this information. Take a case where a senior government official says on wrongdoing within his department. When this person is not protected from the effects of this action, he will not report the corruption to you again.

In Summary

Corruption is a complex problem that needs a multi-faceted approach to fight it successfully. This article identifies the main areas that you have to focus on if you want to fight Corruption in Kenya successfully.

Each Kenyan citizen needs to know where their country stands in fighting corruption.

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