About Us

Nasonga was started in 2020 but by Anne and her friend who helped design the site. Before it was just a discussion on Facebook as a group where she tried to enlighten Kenyans on the day to day happenings in the country.

After Facebook closed the group she was determined to open up a blog and that is how Nasonga came to be.

“Nasonga” is a swahili word meaning to move. That is the goal of Nasonga platform; To move masses online.

Nasonga is a platform that educates Kenyans on different aspects of their day-to-day lives. We talk about business, investment, Technology, Governance, Agribusiness and more stories from Kenya.

Anne’s office Location:
Nairobi, Kenya
St Ellis House, 4th floor.
Contacts: 763 065 891
Email: info @ nasonga.com