How to Start Dropshipping Business in Kenya

This blog post will help you start a Dropshipping business in Kenya.

Dropshipping is a business model that allows you to sell goods without holding any inventory for those goods. This means that your customers will never see the products and can have their orders fulfilled from anywhere on the planet. You can leverage this fact by outsourcing your drop shipping to a dropshipping wholesaler and drop-ship directly from them.

Dropshipping is the fastest way to enter into the e-commerce business in Kenya because it requires little capital, no logistics, storage, or holding inventory. As an entrepreneur, you will be able to start dropshipping any product of your choice right away instead of starting a brick-and-mortar business where you will have to spend a lot of money on purchases, rent, staff salary, etc. more.

In dropshipping, your drop shipper stores the goods in their storage while you would be handling all the sales end of dropshipping from marketing to customer service through your dropship website.

Steps to starting a profitable dropshipping business in Kenya

Here is how to start a dropshipping business in Kenya:

1. Select a niche

The first step to starting a dropshipping business in Kenya is to select a niche. You can either choose dropshipping products that are generic or drop-ship an already existing product from the manufacturer. This is your first choice, so make sure you select well because the dropshipping niche will lead to the suppliers you will need for your dropshipping business.

Here is how to go about Niche Selection:

  1. Your drop shipping niche should be something you are passionate about
  2. It can be helpful to dropship a product that already has an established customer base
  3. Consider dropshipping a generic product and then adding your own personal touch or dropshipping from the manufacturer’s website
  4. Dropshipper products need to have enough demand for your business model to work, so make sure you do some research before selecting a niche – this means looking at Google Trends data, Amazon bestseller lists, and other similar sites like Shopify’s trending items page
  5. You will want to select a niche that is broad enough for you to find suppliers of drop shippable goods but narrow enough so as not too many competitors dropship the same product
  6. Finally, be sure to dropship a product that is easy to dropship and implement (i.e., dropshipping apparel or dropshipping food is much easier than dropshipping toys)

2. Do competitive research

After you have selected a dropshipping niche, the next step is to do some competitive research. You will want to start by finding similar dropshipping businesses and then looking at their dropship suppliers. This way, you can find dropshipping suppliers that are, for the most part, not already being used by your competitors to give yourself an advantage in dropshipping.

After finding dropship suppliers that your competitors are not using in Kenya, the next step is to make sure they can drop ship to Kenyans. There is dropshipping software on the market like Oberlo, which will allow you to dropship over 10,000 dropship products from major dropship suppliers. These dropships dropshipping companies will ship to Kenya and allow you to dropship them from anywhere in the world!

3. Select drop shipper supplier

After you have done your dropship competitor research, you will then need to select a drop shipper. Again, consider dropshippers not being used by competitors in Kenya to give yourself an advantage over them. Selecting dropshippers suppliers the first time can be hard since many dropshipping suppliers are out there, but it will get easier the more dropshippers you check out.

A drop shipper will usually have a dropship website that drops ship their drop ship products, so this is where you can look to find most drop ship, suppliers.

Once you have found a dropshipping supplier, then it’s time for you to check out and see if they are dropshipping to Kenya. If dropshipping from the dropship website is not an option for you, then check out dropshipping reviews. You will want to read dropship supplier reviews and find dropshipper suppliers that have good product selection but also dropship globally – this means they ship their drop ship products everywhere!

4. Build your Website

After you drop shipped your dropship products from the dropshipper, placing them on your dropshipping website is all that’s left to do. This means finding a dropshipping app or dropship software for your dropship business in Kenya. Many dropshipping apps and websites will allow you to dropship online, but dropship software is usually the better option.

Most dropshipping apps like Oberlo don’t come with a dropship website builder, and at times can be more trouble than they are worth for beginners dropshipping in Kenya. This is why dropship software from Shopify or Magento and eCommerce templates run by dropship suppliers are usually a good dropshipping choice.

After you have drop shipped from your dropshipper and dropship supplier to your store, the next step is to get traffic (or customers) to come to your dropshipping website.

Anne Katana
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