Where to get Small Loans in Kenya

Have you been wondering where you can secure small loans in Kenya from? Or better yet, Loans without CRB in Kenya?

We have researched the best places to secure small loans in Kenya. Here is a list of the best places that we found.

List of places to secure Small Loans in Kenya

A small loan is a loan that you can pay back within a month or two. 99.8% of the time, most small loans do not require one to provide security to access them.

In addition to this, the application rules applied are also not stringent. Hence, one can access a small loan in Kenya in the comfort of their homes or workplaces.

We are going to subdivide the places where one can secure a small loan into 3:

  1. Peer to Peer lending
  2. Mobile Applications
  3. USSD loans

Let’s now discuss each category in detail:

  1. Peer-to-Peer Lending

Peer-to-peer lending is simply when one can request loans out of banks from individuals who have pooled funds together to help others. Before the advent of technology, this would happen through Merry-go-rounds.

However, with the advent of technology, organizations with platforms exist to connect borrowers to pools of investors to further their dreams. Some of these platforms include:

    • UbaPesa

UbaPesa is a mobile application peer-to-peer lending system that is homegrown. All that one needs to do is download and install the application and then update all the information required, and you are ready to borrow.

All the funds requested are paid through your MPESA account; therefore, there is no involvement with the bank anywhere.

UbaPesa is among the first Peer Peer lending platforms in Kenya to access small loans in Kenya.

    • Zidisha

Zidisha is also another platform offering direct lending to borrowers. To be eligible for a small loan from Zidisha, prospective members must pay KES 1,000 non-refundable fee.

Moreover, if you are approved to borrow, you have access to funds of over KES 1,000,000 for an interest rate ranging from 15% to 35%, inclusive of all costs.

Zidisha is a platform that is well known and common to individual business owners and jua cali operators. Why not try it out the next time you need to be bailed out?

2. Mobile Applications

Currently, Kenyans are spoilt for choice as many mobile money lending platforms exist. Moreover, we have also discussed in detail many of these mobile money lending platforms in other articles. We will, therefore, list them below: Some are Loan apps in Kenya without registration fees and CRB checks.

Read also: Mobile loan apps in Kenya in 2021.

3. USSD Loans

USSD loans are loans you can access by simply dialing a few digits on your phone. It’s worth noting that USSD loans do not require downloading and installing an App to access the loan. ¬†These loans include:


You can access KCB M-PESA small loans by simply dialing *844#. You will then be prompted to input your KCB M-PESA pin and the loan amount you would like to borrow. If successful, the loan will be directly into your M-PESA account.

All loans by KCB M-PESA attract an interest rate of 7.5%, which is way cheaper when compared to other lending applications.

    • HF Whizz

In addition to KCB M-PESA, HF Whizz offers its customers USSD loans. Therefore if you were wondering where to secure a small loan from Kenya, HF Whizz might be just the right place.

Dial *618#, and you will be halfway to securing that small loan that your business really needs.

Conclusion on Small Loans in Kenya

The places listed above are in no way exhaustive of all the places where you can access a small loan from. However, they are good places to start your own research.

Simon Mwangi
Simon Mwangi
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