How to Generate Passive Income With No Initial Funds

This article will show you how to generate passive income with no initial funds to get you started. I will show you how to do so in a few different ways.

We will look at what generating passive income is. Then, I will show you how to generate passive income with no initial funds using different methods. You can use one or any combination of them you choose.

Let’s get started.

What is Passive Income?

Passive income is the money you earn without working for it actively. You put in some work to make money, but once the money comes in, it continues with little or no further effort on your part.

This is typically what people mean when talking about passive income; they are talking about income that does not require daily work or attention. It usually means that you are not exchanging time for money like working at a traditional job.

With that out of the way, let’s look at generating passive income with no initial funds.

how to generate income with no initial funds

Here are passive income ideas with little money to get you started. Use one or any combination of them you see fit.

1) Write an eBook

You could write an eBook about something that interests you and then sell it online. You could go the traditional route and get a publisher interested in your eBook, but getting a book deal is.

You can also self-publish your eBook for little to no money. This is a great thing to do if you have some spare time on your hands and want to generate passive income with no initial funds.

2) Make Your Car Work for You

If you want to generate passive income with no initial funds, you need to find a way for your car to work for you. This means that other people will pay you for using your vehicle when you do not use it.

You could deliver pizzas in your spare time (at night or on weekends) or start delivering takeout food like Chinese food. This is a great way to make extra money with minimal effort.

Enlisting your car with Uber, Lyft, or a similar rideshare company is a great way to generate some passive income with little money.

4) Rent Out Your Spare Room

If you have extra space in your house, consider renting it out for short periods. You can rent it out to people on vacation or business trips.

You could also rent it out for people who need a temporary home while moving. This will generate passive income for little to no money, always great.

5) Become a blogger

Another way to generate passive income with little money is to become a blogger and monetize your blog. You can sell banner ads or market affiliate products.

If you don’t want to sell ads, you could also make money from blogging through product reviews. If you write a review of someone’s product or service and include a link to their website, they’ll typically give you some money.

This is a great way to make money with little effort; it takes an hour or two of your time every week.

6) Start a YouTube Channel

A YouTube channel is an excellent way to generate passive income with no initial funds and minimal effort. Many people make a living from their YouTube channels, and there is no reason you can’t, too.

You could monetize your channel by promoting affiliate products or selling banner ads just like bloggers do. Or you could charge your viewers for access to an archive of videos they subscribe to regularly.

7) Sell Photos Online

You can sell photos online through Getty Images, PikWizard, Shutterstock, Alamy, 123RF.

You’ll have to become an approved member to upload content, but it is free to join.

All you need to do is upload your photo and describe potential buyers. The website will take care of the rest, and you’ll get paid every time someone purchases your photo.

8) Sell Designs on Etsy

Another way to generate passive income with little money is to sell designs on Etsy. You can create digital or physical products such as prints, t-shirts, home decor, and more.

All you need to do is set the price you want to sell your item, and Etsy will take care of the rest.

9) Release a Mobile App

If you have an excellent idea for a mobile app, consider releasing it on iOS or Android. You could also release an app available on both platforms if you have the resources to support everything.

You can generate passive income with little money by charging people to download your app. However, you could also publish an app on the Google Play Store and monetize it through ads.

10) Accept Freelance Gigs

Many websites find freelance gigs to generate passive income with no initial funds. You can find freelance website design gigs on Freelancer, Upwork, or PeoplePerHour.

You could also find work as a virtual assistant on some sites I mentioned for freelancers. These are your best options if you want to generate passive income with no initial funds.

11. Create and Sell an Online Course

Creating and selling an online course could generate passive income with no initial funds. This will take a lot of effort, but if you have a great idea that people might pay for, then give it a shot!

One way to do this is through Teachable or Udemy. If you want to sell your courses directly on your website, then you can do that too.

12) Create a Membership Site

You could also generate passive income with no initial funds by creating a membership site for people who want to access certain content in the future.

For example, if you teach people how to draw, you could create an online course and set it up so that people pay for access to your content regularly.

Alternatively, you could turn one of your websites into a membership site so that people have to pay to see all of your content.

13) Sell Your Unused Gift Cards

If you receive gift cards over the holidays or any other time throughout the year, consider selling them online for some extra cash. You could sell them on sites like Cardpool or Raise.

Every time you sell a gift card, the site automatically sends you an email redeeming your money. This is another excellent way to make passive income with no initial funds and little effort.

14) Do Affiliate Marketing

Another way to generate passive income with little money is affiliate marketing. This involves promoting other people’s products and services for a commission when you sell something or someone makes a purchase.

You could promote any product or service that strikes your fancy, but the ones you should look into are Amazon Associates, ClickBank, Skimlinks, and Flex offers.

15) Become a Digital Consultant

You can use your skillset to generate passive income with no initial funds by becoming a digital consultant. This is similar to freelance work but involves consulting companies to improve their marketing strategy through technology.

For example, if you have experience with web design or online marketing, you might help businesses in your area to find success through technology. To become a digital consultant, you can market yourself or work with an agency.

In Summary

The strategies and ideas in this article will help you generate passive income with little effort and no initial funds. It is important to remember that not all of them will appeal to you, but they’re still worth checking out if you want to increase your chances of making extra money online.

If you use the strategies mentioned above effectively, there’s no reason you can’t generate passive income with no initial funds.

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Simon Mwangi
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