20 Online Jobs for Students in Kenya 2024

Emmanuel Chekumbe

There are many online jobs for students in Kenya today. However, finding a genuine “side hustle” has proven to be difficult for many. Many students have wasted money investing in pyramid shims, which fail to leave them without compensation.

Although some students receive HELB loans, the amount is sometimes too little to meet all their requirements forcing them to look for ways to earn extra money.

The need to attain financial freedom on campus has increased the demand for online jobs. These are jobs that students can do anytime and anywhere, provided they have an internet connection. But which online jobs are legit?

I have outlined the top online jobs in Kenya for legit and favorable students in this article.

List of Online jobs for students in Kenya

The following are some of the online jobs for students in Kenya. Would you please choose one that you are interested in for you to succeed?

1. Writing jobs

This job is the most popular “hustle” around universities. You must choose to either major in academic writing or go for article writing.

The skills required for this job are simple; excellence in English, good at typing, and time management.

To start writing online, you must sign up for websites offering writing services. These websites include Zerrys, Writerbay, Writershub, Upwork, Elance, etc. Also, as a writer, you can choose to work directly with clients.

The rates at which you get paid for work done vary depending on the site you are using. Some areas pay per word while others pay per page of work done.

However, most websites spend an average of $5 per page or Ksh. 1 per word. The payments are usually delivered through online money transfer platforms such as PayPal.

2. Skill-based Freelancing

Freelancing means finding jobs on different websites in areas you have specialized in. Freelancing is almost similar to Virtual assistance, but freelancing has more freedom than virtual assistance.

With freelancing, one can either be a freelance graphics designer, a freelance programmer, or any other field interested in it. Some websites you can want to start from are Fivver, Elance, and Upwork.

3. Online Paid opinions

All you need to begin giving views and getting paid online is having a phone to access the internet. For some surveys, you will be required to download the app to receive the tasks you are required to respond to.

Once your opinion has been submitted, you will receive payment either in cash or redeemable points that you can use to purchase items.

Geopol, an online survey company, pays respondents through Mpesa or airtime. Also, Streetbees is a site that offers a cash payment to those who participate in their surveys. Unlike Geopol, Streetbees pays through Paypal.

Earning on Geopol involves easy tasks such as taking pictures or photographs and uploading them to the website as instructed. Online surveys take very little of your time to make the money you need.

4. Social media influencer

This job is a way of making money out of your presence on social media. Companies will approach you for advertisement when you optimize your social media accounts, whether Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

You might be contacted directly or through a third party to advertise a given product or event for a company to your social media followers.

With this job, you need a good reputation, the ability to influence followers, and a phone or computer with internet access. Creativity is also important because these jobs are competitive but pay well.

5. Blogging

Blogging is almost similar to online writing. But, with blogging, you have to choose a specific topic and establish a niche. Your blog can be about money, fashion, or politics, depending on what you like to do.

Also, blogging requires you to open your blogging site. Sites such as WordPress offer free blog publishing services. However, you can monetize your blog and earn from advertising programs like Google AdSense.

Traffic generated on your site will be used to determine whether you qualify for the ad or not. Earning depend on the type of advert.

Cost-per-click advertisements make you money every time a visitor of your blog clicks on the advert, while cost-per-impression adverts pay every time a visitor views the ad.

If you have good traffic, firms will directly or indirectly approach you to sell their products to them.

Also, writing sponsored content helps you earn money instantly. Posting links to other sites earn you cash through affiliate marketing.

6. Virtual assistant

Being a virtual assistant means helping others manage their tasks without being physically present.

Virtual assistant tasks include replying to emails, designing blogs, and web research. Many Virtual assistant opportunities are available for freelance sites such as Upwork.

Virtual assistant jobs can either be full-time or one-time tasks. The skills required for this job include proficiency in English, excellent communication skills, and type. All you need to work as a Virtual Assistant is a mobile phone or computer with access to the internet.

7. Online Tutoring

There are websites such as TransTutors and Buddy School, which offer opportunities for online tutoring. As long as you have teaching skills, you can choose a subject you have majored in and earn from these sites.

8. Transcribing jobs

Transcribing involves the conversion of audio files into written form. The skill you need for this job include Time management, quality listening skills, and the ability to type fast.

Sites that offer transcribing jobs include Scribble, Transcribeme, Speecpad, and Odesk.

9. Vlogging

Creating video content for platforms like Youtube can earn you some good money as a part-time hustle.

To start vlogging, all you need is to open a youtube channel. You will have to link your channel with advertising agencies to earn from adverts like blogging.

Creating quality content increases your viewership, making it possible to sell your merchandise through the channel. Posting sponsored content can also increase your earnings.

10. Data Entry

Data entry involves filling forms, general typing, or copy-pasting content from one source to another. Depending on the employer, it can either be a part-time or a full-time job. No specific sites offer Data Entry jobs, but many companies offer them through their websites.

11. App Testing

You can be part of those who use apps before being released to the market and give feedback. These jobs are available on freelance websites such as UpWork and offer reasonable payments.

12. Affiliate Marketing

In Kenya, affiliate marketing means selling other people’s products and getting sales commissions. Affiliate marketing can be an effortless way of making money if you have a large social media following.

To succeed in Affiliate marketing, you must be outgoing and willing to help people before asking them to buy your products.

13. Be an online vendor

You can decide to sell anything online, whether it is the stuff you don’t use or new stock. Platforms such as OLX provide you with an opportunity to sell second-hand items that you no longer need. Also, you can sell new things such as shoes and dresses through social media platforms.

14. Ebook writing

This opportunity is where you utilize your creativity and writing skills to create original content. Ebooks are then sold online through platforms such as Amazon.

You can either write fictional Ebooks or factual books. If you know something, you can create an ebook about your topic.

15. Forex Trading

One of the new online jobs for students in Kenya is that you can venture into online forex trading with capital and training.

Trading online is faster, and one gets payments through mobile money platforms such as Mpesa.

Forex trading is available on websites such as CFC Stanbic Bank’s iTrader. The advantage of online Forex trading is that it is easy to buy and sell, and there are also minimal chances of being conned.

16. Sports Betting

If you love sports, you can make money by placing bets on teams likely to win. Although this is a risky option, you can earn good money by correctly placing bets after analyzing the games.

Online betting companies such as Sportpesa give you a chance to win a lot of money if the bets you place become successful.

17. Create your website

A lot of product marketing is done through the internet today. Many business owners are looking for sites on which to market their items.

If you have your website and enough traffic, these sellers will search for you for advertisements.

Creating a blog is one way of increasing traffic to your website.

18. Content rewriting jobs

The difference between writing and content rewriting is that you are given content to manipulate and look different in content rewriting.

Content rewriting jobs are available on freelance platforms such as Upwork. With Content rewriting, you can be given an already existing document and told to create a record of similar information differently.

19. Selling Ebooks

You can purchase many books online and re-sell them to people through social platforms. A book purchased with a given amount can be shared with different people through WhatsApp or Facebook at a fee.

Since many people do not have the money to buy original copies online, You can sell the books in PDF files at a lower price.

20. Become a mobile money services agent

Almost all telecommunication companies in Kenya offer money transfer services. These services require a physical agent for deposit and withdrawal purposes.

You can apply to be Mpesa, Airtel Money, or any other services agent. One can be an agent for all the networks. Serving more than one platform increases your commissions.

Having an income-generating activity while at school will earn you extra money and keep you out of trouble, such as drugs and crime. Now that you have a list of the top online job opportunities to choose from, you can make good use of your free time and earn as you wait for your classes.

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