10 Online Writing Jobs for Students in Kenya

Emmanuel Chekumbe

Are you a student looking for online writing jobs for students in Kenya? Freelancing is one of the perfect ways to make money online while at school, and it doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming. Freelance writing jobs can be completed from anywhere, anytime, as long as you have the skills required for the job.

The trick is knowing how to find Freelance Writing Jobs For available Students!

In this article, I will give you a list of online writing jobs for students in Kenya that can be done anywhere and anytime.

Top Online Writing Jobs for Students in Kenya

1. Academic Writing Jobs in Kenya

Academic writing is a great way for Kenyan students to make some money while studying. Academic writers write everything from research papers to opinion pieces on current events affecting education. Academic writing can be full-time work or as-needed, but it’s a flexible job with lots of variety that lets you earn extra cash doing something you love!

Academic Writing Jobs are perfect for students who have good writing skills. Academic papers can be a bit boring if you don’t like the subject, but it is easy to work to get done online from home!

2. Online Survey Takers

This is one of the easiest freelance writing jobs that students can do on their schedules. Online survey takers are paid to take surveys about many different topics and receive points based on how long they answer questions and respond well. Surveys will typically pay 10-50 points per survey, equating to about $1-3 per completed survey after all deductions are taken out. The process usually takes only 15 minutes or so, and you can take as many surveys as your time allows!

3. Transcription

Transcription can be a good way to make money during your school break. Transcription is a line-by-line written representation of spoken words into text form. Transcriptions are used for many purposes, such as legal proceedings, media, and scholarly works.

Transcriptionists will transcribe files from audio to text format using specialized software. Transcribers may either work remotely or on-site at the customer’s location. Transcribing all day may get boring, but it’s better than being in classes!

See a list of online transcription jobs available.

4. CV writing Job

CV writing is a great way to earn extra money for students looking for work experience. CV writers take applicants’ personal information and organize it to appear to be qualified candidates. CV writers also write cover letters, references, and professional correspondence on behalf of their clients.

CV writing can be done from home in your spare time after school or even during class! CV Writing Jobs require decent writing skills as you will need to write well-organized and well-worded documents that make your client look like an excellent candidate.

5. Business Plan Writers

Writing Business Plans may not sound like an exciting job, but they’re essential if you want to start your own new business in Kenya! Business plans outline every aspect of what your business will do, how it will make money, and when you expect to start turning a profit.

Business Plan Writers are writers who create business plans for their customers. They include sections about the company’s location and background information on its owners and income predictions, and financial assessments of the proposed company.

Business plan writing is perfect for students who want to enter the business world after they graduate! It is an excellent CV addition that will turn heads during job interviews with other companies.

6. Social media management

Social Media managers are the people who maintain social media accounts for companies. Social Media Managers handle advertisements and create and post content to Social Media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, etc.

They can also manage other Social Media professionals who work on Social media marketing campaigns. This is a good part-time job when you need extra cash or resume working experience!

7. Blogging

Another long-term and best freelance writing job for students is Blogging. Bloggers write articles or blog posts on specialized topics.

Blogs are typically written for a specific demographic, and, therefore, Bloggers must research their audience before they start writing.

Bloggers can even link back to their website when referring to an interesting fact or piece of information from another source. Blogs vary in quality depending on the topic! Blogging is one of the best freelance writing jobs because you can write about anything! Learn how to start a blog in Kenya

8. Article Writing Jobs Online for Students

If you love writing, it’s always good to know that there are plenty of Article Project sites out there for you where you can get paid to do what comes naturally!

While this takes some time to learn how to make money with article writing, it’s worth it when you can get paid up to $200 per Article. You can expect Article writing jobs whenever you’re short of cash and want to make some money online!

9. Ghostwriting

Ghostwriting is writing like Article Writing, except the piece will be published under someone else’s name. Ghostwriters work in several industries, such as business, entertainment, and journalism.

Ghostwriters are often hired by famous business people or politicians who have run out of time to write their books or Article. A ghostwriter may be hired for any job that requires excellent writing skills but not necessarily the time. The skill you need more than anything else for this freelance writer job is patience!

10. Coding

If you are a computer science student or talented in coding, you can take this job and offer your programming skills. Coding is required to work with sites like Freelancer, Upwork, or Fiverr.

It isn’t as much about writing code as it interprets what other coders have written and offers suggestions on fixing the errors.

It can involve fixing bugs, loading websites faster by optimizing your website’s HTML and CSS files, or even modifying existing WordPress plugins and themes for clients who want to add more features without hiring a developer! One can do coding in any programming language such as C#, C++, Java, etc. Most coding jobs are paid hourly rather than fixed pricing.

If you’re not knowledgeable about coding, better avoid this freelance writer job.

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