OKOA Stima 2021: Everything You Need to Know

Today I will show you everything you need to know about Okoa Stima and how to register for OKOA Stima and go about getting electricity when you need it.

For those that don’t know yet, Okoa Stima was founded by Kenya Power & Lighting Company in partnership with Safaricom and is currently active in 2021. It comes in handy when you experience a sudden blackout, and you don’t have enough funds to pay for electricity.

It is a service that offers both Prepay and Post-Pay customers a quick solution for all their power access needs. Services provided by Okoa Stima include:

  • Account Registration
  • Electricity Bill Payment
  • Purchase of tokens
  • Electricity Bill querying and presentment, and finally
  • Access to emergency power top-up.

You can borrow a minimum loan amount of Ksh 100 and a maximum of Ksh 2000. The loans attract an interest rate of 10%. The loan is disbursed and repaid through Mpesa and has a duration of 7 days. Your historical relationship with KPLC determines your loan limit.

How Okoa Stima Work

OKOA Stima service is only available to Safaricom subscribers. It will automatically deduct your Mpesa account with an amount of top-up plus a facility fee. This occurs when you are requesting for OKOA Stima Loan to avoid delay.

To be eligible for a loan, you are required to register up to 3 meters for prepaid or post-paid accounts. Tokens purchased or Bills paid cannot be used on another meter except the three you have registered.

NOTE: Any amount you request is sent to you as a token for prepaid accounts or is used to clear your post-paid bill at KPLC.

How to register for Okoa Stima

Here is how to register for Okoa stima in Kenya.

  1. Dial *885# from your Safaricom line.
  2. Accept Okoa Stima’s terms and conditions.
  3. Provide your National ID number
  4. Set up your preferred PIN and confirm
  5. After you have received a confirmation message via SMS, select continue.
  6. Enter your Service PIN
  7. Select register meter/account and select “Register Now.”
  8. Choose your account type, either Pre-paid or Post-paid
  9. Enter the KPLC prepaid meter number or account number for post-pay customers and submit your application.

How to buy KPLC Tokens

You can request KPLC tokens by following the steps below once you are done with account registration. Ensure that you have sufficient funds on your Mpesa account.

  1. Dial *885# on your Safaricom phone and enter your PIN.
  2. Select the prepaid account option
  3. Choose the Meter you want to buy the token for if you had registered more than one meter.
  4. Your Mpesa account is automatically deducted, and You will receive a confirmation message from Mpesa and Kenya Power about your payment.

How Pre-Paid Customers can request Okoa Stima

  1. Dial *885# using your Safaricom line and enter the PIN
  2. Select the prepaid option and then “Okoa Stima.”
  3. Choose the ‘request emergency top-up’ option, followed by the Meter.
  4. Select the preset Okoa amounts ranging from Ksh 100 to Ksh 1000 and confirm.

How to Repay your Okoa Stima Loan on Pre-pay

To repay your loan, ensure that you have sufficient funds on your Mpesa account.

  • Dial *885# on your Safaricom phone and enter your PIN
  • Select prepaid and then Okoa Stima.
  • Choose the “reply okoa stima” option, i.e., If you have an outstanding loan
  • Select either a full payment or a part payment, and it depends on the amount you have.

They would send a notification message to you indicating your balance if you selected partial payment. You will receive a notification for full payment, and It will deduct that amount from your Mpesa account.

How to Request Okoa Stima for Post-Pay Customers

For customers on Post-pay tariff,

  • Dial *885# using your Safaricom line, enter your PIN then select the post-paid option
  • Select the type of account you wish to request for a loan, the bill on the account is automatically displayed.
  • Select Okoa Stima and follow the system prompts.

How do I Repay My Post-Pay KPLC OKOA Stima Loan?

To repay your post-pay OKOA Stima loan, follow these Steps

  • Dial *885# on your Safaricom smartphone, enter your secret PIN, then select post-pay.
  • Select the registered account, the bill on the account is displayed; select pay the bill via Mpesa.
  • Select either “pay in full” or “part-payment” and enter the amount to be paid, then submit your application

A confirmation message will be sent to you immediately showing the bill clearance, and if part payment, the message received will indicate balance.

To avoid the hustles of dialing, download the OKOA Stima app from either APP store.

Anne Katana
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