iPesa Loan App [2021]: How to Download & Apply for a Loan

One of the best mobile loans in Kenya is iPesa. The app provides fast and easy credit to M-Pesa users in Kenya, making it a popular choice for many Kenyans with limited access to formal borrowing options.

For instance, if you need Kshs 10 000 now but have no collateral or savings account that would cover this amount – don’t worry! With an iPesa loan from one minute onwards on your phone, you can get up to KSh 50000 without any hassle whatsoever!

So in this post, I will show you how to download and get a loan from iPesa Loan App straight to your mobile phone.

How does iPesa Loan App Work?

The iPesa App is just like any other loan app available on the market. It works by scanning your phone and collecting information such as; your phone number, contact details, among other details to determine creditworthiness and hence the limit of loans you can take out.

iPesa App Download and Application

Here is how to get your first loan from iPesa

  1. Open the Play store app on your smartphone.
  2. Download and install the latest loan app.
  3. Open the loan app and register with your M-Pesa number.
  4. They will send a one-time password to you to verify your details.
  5. Open the loan and view your loan limit, and then apply for a loan.

iPesa, the newest loan app on the market, has more than 500,000+ downloads on the Play store.

In addition to the above, at the time of this writing. iPesa loan app has a star rating of 4.3 that was brought about by reviews of 3,734 users.

iPesa app’s current software version is 1.0.35 and is 6.1 MB in size. And as a matter of fact, the loan app requires Android version 4.4 and above to download and install.

How do I repay my loan?

For the sole purpose of this post, here is how to repay the iPesa loan app loan. You can repay your loan through any of the following methods.

  • Through the iPesaloan app itself by Clicking On “Pay Loan.” The M-Pesa menu will pop up, prompting you to complete your transaction.
  • Via iPesa M-Pesa Paybill number 192010 and using your phone number as the account number.

iPesa Contacts.

In case you are stuck or experiencing issues with the loan app. You can contact the iPesa support team through either one of the following methods.

On Google Play Store via the app reviews section. Lastly, you can also contact the support team via their official Facebook page, which is currently unavailable.

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