70 Loan Apps in Kenya without CRB check

Here is a full list of Loan Apps without CRB checks in Kenya.

Kenya has seen a huge increase in the number of mobile phone users. As a result, many people use their phones to access financial services, which are often cheaper and more convenient than going into an office or bank.

All lenders have to know their customers, and part of the process is checking whether a customer is a good loanee or not.

That is where the CRB comes in. CRB stands for Credit Reference Bureau, which is an entity mandated to collect information about your credit history and provides this to lenders.

Last year, The Central Bank of Kenya barred many mobile loan apps from accessing CRB services.

So in this article, I will list loan apps without CRB Check in Kenya.

Digital Lenders without CRB Check

The following are mobile loan apps in Kenya without CRB check:

1. Tala

Tala is a popular loan app that has been operating in Kenya for a few years now.

Since they don’t need CRB to approve a loan, it is easy to get approved, and the process takes less time. Although, they will try to check your phone data like M-Pesa messages to determine if you are a loyal customer or not.

2. Okash

Okash is a Kenyan-based company that provides loans to people without CRB checks. They have been operating for some time now and offer customers the chance to borrow up to KES 70,000.

They can easily assess your creditworthiness by using data like Mpesa transactions or phone calls on your mobile phone.

3. Branch loan

Branch has also been blocked from accessing CRB. Branch is a Kenyan-based online lender that provides loans to people without CRB checks.

Their rates are higher than Okash’s, but they take less time to process your application since they don’t need you to run for it at their branches.

Loan amounts range from KES 250 to KES 70,000 with repayment periods between one month and 365 days.

The Branch loan is accessed through an app where customers can apply any time of day or night as long as they are connected on their mobile phone—even when there is no network connection.

4. Opesa

Opesa loan app is another option that requires no CRB checks. Opesa offers loans with an interest rate of 36% per annum.

Their repayment terms range from one month to three months depending on your needs—you can repay any time before it is due up until you reach a total repayment term of six months. The application process takes about five minutes on their app using just your phone number and email address as identification.

5. Fadhili Loan app

Fadhili app is a mobile loan app that offers loans to Kenyans. The application process only requires the user to enter their phone number, email address, name, occupation, monthly salary, and desired loan amount with repayment terms ranging from one month to three months.

Other mobile loan apps barred from accessing CRB services

This is the complete list of mobile loans in Kenya without CRB clearance:

  • Usawa Loan app
  • Kano Loan App
  • Upazi loan app
  • Dolax loan app
  • Craft loan app
  • Utajiri loan app
  • Zenka
  • Okolea
  • LionCash
  • i-Save Mobile
  • Lendi mkopo
  • Okoa Cash Loans
  • Fuliza Branch
  • Investor
  • MB-Kash
  • iPesa
  • Kopa Jirani
  • FlashPesa
  • Zash Loan
  • Kashway
  • Kava Personal Loans
  • Kua
  • Palm Loans Kenya
  • Afrika loans
  • Mshiko Chap
  • Kenya Quick Loan Shop
  • Senti
  • Hikash
  • MKash Bee
  • PesaFlash
  • Peso Loans
  • Carbon
  • Hela Pesa
  • Eazzy Loans
  • Fululiza Senti
  • Stawika
  • Loanika
  • Saida
  • Kuwazo
  • Fair Money
  • Lendy LOANS
  • Umba (Formerly Mkopo Kaka)
  • UbaPesa
  • Okoa 0% Interest Loans
  • Kash Pesa Loans
  • Fair Branch: Instantly and Accuracy
  • Top Loan Lenders
  • HiCash Quick and Easy Loans to MPESA
  • Loans Chap Chap
  • Izwa Loans
  • Fintech Loans
  • Imarika Credit
  • PesaPata
  • Okolea Quick Loans
  • Okoa Pesa pap
  • Kenya Quick Loans Market
  • Instant Cash- Reliable Money
  • Pezesha
  • mKopa
  • tumaPesa
  • Duta
  • Saida
  • Aspira
  • Phedha Loans
  • Tunzi
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