25 Best Businesses to Start With 50k Hustlers Fund

Anne Katana

Are you looking for a Business to Start With the 50k Hustlers fund from the Kenyan government? This article will review a list of businesses you can start with 50k in 2022.

These are businesses that anyone with relatively small funding can start and grow successfully if the idea is executed well.

I have divided this business into four broad categories based on the industry the business falls into. The categories include:

  1. Service industry
  2. Online Businesses
  3. Agribusiness
  4. Retail Industry

All the listed businesses you can start with 50k in Kenya fall under these broad categories.

List of Businesses to start with 50k in Kenya

Below are the businesses you can start with 50K in Kenya:

Service Industry Businesses to Start With 50k in Kenya

The service industry in Kenya is one of the most profitable industries. If you are looking for a business with the potential to grow, this industry should be your choice.

Here are some great businesses you can start with 50k in Kenya in the service industry.

1. Home Bakery business

This is an excellent business to Start With 50k in Kenya that anyone can start if your area is well developed. This business will require cheap ingredients, but the sales are high, especially in areas with many people.

Most of the money will go towards purchasing equipment and start-up. Once you have the baking oven, ingredients, and a few pans, you will start making money immediately after launching the business.

2. Salon Business

This is one of the most specific businesses you can start with little funding. You can get a salon in any market for less than 50k, purchase all the accessories and equipment needed, then open your doors for business.

After a few weeks of launching, you will be surprised by how much money you can make from this business.

3. Fashion design business

This is another business to Start With 50k in Kenya that anyone with a good fashion sense can start. You need to source basic materials and start creating your designs. This business will require little capital initially, but sales are high compared to other types of businesses in this category.

Most of the money will go towards purchasing equipment and materials.

4. Landscape architecture

This is another great business that you can start with little capital. Once your skills and designs are ready, you need to hire a team and start working on jobs from the local community.

5. Barbershop Business

This is a profitable business to Start With 50k in Kenya that anyone can start. You will need to source a barber chair and other equipment; then, you are ready.

Barbershops have a low cost of entry and a high potential for profits due to the large number of customers they attract daily. This business will be your quick ticket to success if your barbering skills are good enough.

6. Printing & Photocopy business

This is one of the most specific businesses you can start with little capital. It would help to have a few printing machines and other equipment; you are ready. This business requires minimal hands-on supervision, so it is perfect for someone who wants to attract clients and delegate work simultaneously.

It will not take long before you make profits from this business.

7. Photo Studio business

If you have a talent for taking great photos, this is another excellent business anyone can start. This business’s essential equipment and materials are incredibly cheap, so Start will not cost much.

You only need money to buy or rent a studio, depending on your preference, purchase other equipment such as cameras and lighting, then start offering photo services to the local market.

8. Car Wash Business

Starting a car wash business is another excellent way to make good money in Kenya.

This business will require you to purchase equipment such as a pressure washer, blower, and other accessories, but the returns are high compared to other businesses in this category.

Depending on how fancy your car washing space is, you can start with around 50k,

9. Movie Shop business

Kenyans love movies, and this is a business you can start with little capital. You will need to source for movies and other related equipment such as a television, copier or computer, projector, and very cheap generators.

Once everything is in place, you must wait for customers and start making profits immediately.

10. Catering Service Business

This is another excellent business that anyone can start with little capital. You will need to source the right equipment and ingredients; then, you will be ready.

You can rent a small place to prepare your food if you do not have a kitchen at home or purchase other equipment such as ovens, coolers, and very cheap generators.

It will not take long before you make some profits from this business.

Online Businesses to Start With 50k in Kenya.

Online businesses are becoming more popular due to their high returns. Starting a business of your choice is easier than ever if you have an internet connection.

The following are some of the online businesses you can start with 50K in Kenya today:

11. Blogging business

This can be a profitable business to Start With 50k in Kenya for someone passionate about blogging. You must purchase your domain, hosting space, and other equipment, which is very cheap.

You must consistently post exciting content on your blog, attracting interested customers ready to pay for the products or services.

12. Ecommerce Business

This is one of the most profitable online business opportunities in Kenya today. You can sell almost anything online using ecommerce websites such as Jumia, Mita.co.ke, and Kilimall, which are very cheap to start with.

You need to have a website or even a landing page, good social media accounts for marketing, and other cheap equipment; then, you are good to go.

13. Mobile App Development Business

The world of technology has made everything possible through mobile apps these days. Starting this business is easy if you understand how to develop apps using platforms such as IOS and Android.

You can offer your apps to customers globally by joining relevant marketplaces where people purchase products using their mobile phones.

14. Freelance business

You must invest in good computers and skills to start this business.

You can outsource to companies worldwide, helping them with different projects related to your skillset for good pay.

This is one of Kenya’s most profitable online business opportunities you can try with little or no capital.

15. Dropshipping business

This is another great business that you can start with little capital. You only need to source the right products and find a reliable dropshipping company to take care of your orders.

You make money as soon as an order is placed, allowing you to grow cash flow immediately and attract more clients anytime.

16. Digital Marketing Business

With 50K in Kenya, you can start a simple digital marketing service for companies seeking help promoting their online businesses. You will need to have a website or landing page, social media accounts, and other essential equipment that is very cheap.

This business requires good research skills and creativity to help you bring targeted customers to your services.


Agriculture is the backbone of the Kenyan economy, making it one of the best businesses you can start with little capital.

Here are some of the best businesses to start with 50K in the Agriculture industry in Kenya:

17. Small Scale Maize Farming

If you can access a piece of land or lease a farm, maize farming is a good business. You can start with 50k in Kenya today.

You have to source quality seeds, fertilizers, and other inputs required for farming. Once the plants have matured, dry them using a dehydrator or sundry before selling off or storing their food value.

18. Small Scale Poultry Farming

Poultry farming is another profitable business opportunity you can start with less than 50k in Kenya today. You can source the right equipment, which is very cheap, then feed your birds using maize grains.

You will create a lucrative relationship between farmers and intermediaries by selling quality eggs at an affordable price. Poultry meat is also in high demand across Kenya, thus creating a great source of income for the business owner.

19. Dairy Farming

With 50,000 Kenyan shillings, you can start dairy farming with a high chance of success.

You must source cows and provide them with good shelter, quality feeds, and even veterinary services. Most cows produce milk that you can use to make dairy products like ice cream, butter, cheese, etc.

You can take your milk to a dairy factory where it is processed or uses some equipment to process it in your home, allowing you to control the quality.

After processing the milk, you market and sell dairy products in your area.

20. Bee Keeping

Beekeeping is another good business you can start with 50,000 KES in Kenya.

You can raise bees in your home or even start a bee farm to produce different types of honey, which are very valuable.

Honey has excellent medicinal value, thus creating a unique source of income for the business owner. All you need is a geographical location that is not cold to start beekeeping as a business today with little or no capital.

21. Tree Planting business

Kenya has abundant forests, making it a suitable location for tree planting business. With 50,000 KES in the hands of an enterprising individual, you can start any one of these tree-planting businesses:

Retail Business to Start With 50k in Kenya

The retail industry is one of the most profitable industries in Kenya, making it a viable option for business owners today.

The following are some of the most profitable retail businesses you can start in Kenya with 50,000 KES:

22. Grocery Store Business

Starting a grocery store with good business management skills can be best, with 50K in Kenya.

Since most people need daily groceries in large quantities, this is an ideal opportunity for anyone who wants to make big bucks. You will source quality products at low prices, which you then mark up to sell to your buyers.

23. Thrift Store Business

A thrift store is good for selling used clothes, shoes, electronic devices, and furniture.

You can start your thrift business using 50k KES if you have a good location where customers always come by to shop.

Selling different second-hand items will bring in revenue and allow you to save some money.

24. Local Kiosk

They are popular in Kenya, where most people buy them to engage in different businesses without much capital.

A local kiosk is a small structure containing most of the items you will need daily, making it an ideal business for anyone with 50K KES today.

Since different Kenyan businesses hold them, there is no limit on what you can sell in your kiosk.

A local kiosk is an ideal business for people living in urban areas or even rural locations, which makes it one of the best businesses to start with 50K KES in Kenya

25. Perfume refilling business

Perfumes come in different bottles, so you can source these bottles at an affordable price and then refill them with high-quality fragrances.

These refilled perfumes are cheap but of good quality, making them a viable option for anyone looking to make money with minimum capital. You will source your perfume and even the bottles from the top brands, making this one of the best businesses to start with 50K KES in Kenya.

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Businesses to Start with 50K in Kenya Tips

It is essential to consider the following tips before establishing any of the businesses discussed above:

Have a Business Plan

It is unnecessary, but you must develop a business plan showing how you intend to grow your business. This should be well outlined to help you achieve bigger dreams with the given capital.

Register Your Business

Ideally, you should register your business with the relevant Government authorities and obtain business permits. This will help you run your business without any risk from authorities.

Open a Bank Account

It is essential to have a bank account that shows you as a business owner. You will not be required to pay for goods sold before getting paid by customers or creditors.

Consider Your Location

Before starting any business, you must identify a suitable location, ensuring that your customers can access your products or services easily. The location should be easily accessible to potential customers within your target market.

Put in Place a Marketing Strategy

You must also create a marketing strategy to attract and retain enough customers.

For instance, you can set up a Facebook page for your grocery store business or hire sales agents to help market your products or services.

Acquire Customer Management Skills

You also need practical customer management skills to deal with the customers that come through your door.

Customers can be rude sometimes, but you should learn to manage them in the best way possible.

Check on Funds availability and budgeting.

Before starting any business, you must have enough funds to meet your daily expenses without risking your family or personal interests.

Make a monthly list of capital requirements and the money required to operate the business.

In addition, you need to budget for other costs, such as fees and taxes, which should not be overlooked when establishing any business today.

Achieving business goals also requires budgeting for other costs, such as fees and taxes. You should set a tight budget that will allow you to make a profit while keeping your expenditure within manageable limits.

Identify Business Services

Looking at all the services you need to start your business is essential. These are some of the few services you may require when establishing any business today:

  • Legal
  • accounting and financial services
  • marketing strategies
  • strategic planning for growth
  • website design,
  • customer relationship management software, among others.

Remember that you may require many other services depending on the type of business you intend to establish. However, these are some of the few services to help start your business.

About Hustlers Fund

The hustler fund is a Kenya Government affirmative action fund established by President William Ruto and his Kenya Kwanza coalition. During campaigns and his inauguration, the president promised to set up a fund to help Kenyan small and micro-entrepreneurs start, run or fund their businesses.

The Hustler fund loans will be capped at Kes 50,000 with an interest rate of 8pc. The minimum will be Kes 500. The loans target small artisanal, creative, and manufacturing businesses with an annual turnover of less than Sh100 million and will be provided mainly through commercial banks and SACCOs.

So if you are looking for business ideas worth 50K hustler fund, the above list will give you a better place to start. Also, remember to check the requirements of the Kenyan government before applying for a loan.

In Summary

The above are some of the many businesses you can start with 50K KES in Kenya. They range in different types, and you can find one that matches your preferences.

The size of the business will largely depend on your capital and the periods you are willing to invest. However, you can retain your business capital while creating revenue by maintaining low overheads and making customers pay for goods before delivery.

Before starting any business, it is good to consider the tips and suggestions listed above. This will make it easy for you to start and maintain your business as required.

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