Top 12 Businesses to Start With 20K in Kenya

Anne Katana

The following are some of the Best Businesses to Start with 20k in Kenya in 2021. If you don’t know yet, the key to financial freedom is investing in a business.

Although some businesses require a lot of capital, there are still business options that are friendly to low and middle-income earners in Kenya.

You must note that even though these businesses seem easy to start, they require time and commitment to succeed.

Many prosperous business people also started with small investments and then grew to become multi-millionaires. This means that one can achieve a lot in life with the right business idea and determination.

This article is for those who want to start a business with a capital of Ksh. 20,000 or less. This article will find a list of Businesses to Start with 20k in Kenya that any Kenyan can begin and profit from.

Also, the report gives a brief description of the business idea.

List of Businesses to Start with 20k

Below is a list of Businesses you can start with as little as 20k in Kenya. The list of Businesses to Start with 20k is accompanied by a brief description of the business idea.

Business Idea 1. Operating a Salon/ Barbershop

Starting a salon or a barbershop doesn’t require a lot of money. Shaving machine costs around Ksh. 5000 and other appliances necessary when shaving.

On the other hand, operating a salon only need your skills and nothing more.

With this business, you do not necessarily need a permanent location. You can be offering your services to clients in the comfort of their homes.

However, such business activity calls for commitment and reliability to boost the loyalty of your customers.

Branding is essential if you have a physical location where customers can come for your services. People can pay Ksh.2000 just for a haircut with excellent branding and quality service.

2. Selling second hand (Mtumba) Clothes

Many young people have resolved to sell this kind of clothes. This is one of the Best Businesses to Start with 20k. In urban centers and estates, stalls with ‘mitumba’ clothes are common today. For success in this business, one needs to select fast-moving items such as kids’ clothes and official ladies’ dresses.

The target market is usually students and middle-income earners. Vendors get the clothes from wholesale traders in places like Gikombaa and then resell them at a profit. If the item is unique and in good shape (Camera), it can be sold at three times its purchasing price.

With this kind of business, all that is needed is a reliable source of clothes and a steady market base. One can increase the market base by advertising on social media.

3. Selling Ladies’ bags

Ladies love to show off what they have. In most cases, ladies identify themselves with new and trending bags. This is an excellent business opportunity. You can make good money by selling the latest handbags to ladies, wondering where to start Handbags_karey_imports can guide on how you can start your business with as low as ksh. 20,000 and connect you to more than 20 suppliers to help get your niche.

For success in this business, the target market is primarily students and those working. This business does not require you to have a physical shop. You can do the marketing online and deliver the bags to customers as they order them.

4. Printing and Photocopying

This is a lucrative business you can start with as little as Ksh. 20,000. The business will thrive more near educational institutions such as universities or colleges. Many students are always out to either print or photocopy notes and assignments.

With rates at Ksh. 3 per page, you can make good money from the many students seeking your services. A good and affordable printer will cost you at least less than 20K. All you need to succeed in this business is to be available and provide quality copies.

5. Poultry farming

According to Wikipedia, Poultry farming in Kenya is a widespread occupation. Chicken rearing is one of the most productive agricultural activities in Kenya today. You can either start with as little as ten chics and then grow as time goes by. A one-day-old chick will cost you less than Ksh.100, and when mature, you can sell one chicken at Ksh.400.

Although they require a lot of care and maintenance, broilers are the best option if you want to advance in this business. When taken care of well, broilers take five weeks to mature. If all goes well, you can make a 150% profit within five weeks.

However, this activity requires a lot of involvement and maintenance. The chicken needs to be vaccinated and fed daily. Although traditional chicken (Kienyeji) is easy to manage since they are resistant to most conditions, they take a lot of time to mature hence not good for business. This means that the cost of running the business might be a lot, but in the end, returns are also good.

6. Selling Baby Diapers

Baby diapers are a household item that many families need. If you have a reliable source of diapers, you can distribute them to estates where families live for some money.

If your source gives you the best deal, you can sell the diapers to people at a price slightly lower than what shops and supermarkets offer. This will help you contain the competition and be a trusted supplier.

However, it would be best to be extra careful in this business because of counterfeits. Low-quality diapers might have health effects on babies, which will land you in trouble with your customers.

7. Operating a Daycare/ school

With the current economy, many parents spend a lot of time away from home looking for money. They need someone to take care of their little children. This is a reason why starting a Daycare is a good idea.

All you need to start this business is an extra room and a little furniture. This will cost you less than 20k, and you will be making good money spending time with your children.

8. Start a Car Wash

This is a lucrative business in Kenya today. Many Kenyans have cars, and they would give someone to wash them for them and then wash them themselves. This business thrives depending on your location.

If you wash 100 cars at Ksh.200 per car, you make Ksh.20,000 a day. All one needs is a water pump and a good water supply. The good thing with the Car Wash business is that you do not need an enclosed space. It can still thrive in an open area.

9. Start a Movie shop

A movie shop is one of the easiest businesses to start and run. With a laptop or desktop computer, you can rent a room and start selling movies to customers.

The business needs to be located in a well-populated area such as a residential estate. On a good day, a movie shop can earn you up to Ksh.5000 in a day.

10. Operating a Coffee Shop

Big restaurants selling coffee, such as Java, started as small coffee shops. The shops grew to become a big name in the hotel industry through quality services.

Starting a coffee shop will cost very little; all you need is a dedication to serving customers. Once a customer enjoys the services, they are likely to recommend others to your shop, which is how you grow your customer base.

11. Cleaning services

With the rise in residential buildings, cleaning is one of the most sought-after services. With less than 20k, you can purchase a few tools and detergents and then start providing these services to people at a fee.

Within a short time, you can employ other people working under your name. This will help you increase your customer base as you grow over time.

12. Selling Fruits and Vegetables

Many people want to live a healthy lifestyle, which means a day doesn’t pass without fruit or vegetables as part f their diet. This is an opportunity to make money from such habits by starting a fruits and vegetable vending business.

The business will do best in areas with enough traffic, such as in residential estates. With less than 20,000 shillings, you can start this business and make a fortune.

To start and grow a business to a big name in any industry, you need to make the right decisions. Although the businesses to sstart with 20k mentioned earlier are easy to start and run, failure is inevitable if you do not choose your location wisely. Therefore, before you start a business, you should be prepared to pay the price of hard work.

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