Why Kenyans love to buy cars in Mombasa instead of Nairobi

Philemon Shisia

In the vibrant coastal city of Mombasa, Kenya, the car market is more than just a transaction; it’s an experience steeped in convenience, affordability, and the charm of beachside sunsets. Antony Ochieng, a seasoned personal car dealer in Mombasa, provides insights into why Mombasa has become a preferred destination for car buyers over Nairobi.

Lower Costs Due to Proximity to Port

“Mombasa’s strategic location near the port is a significant advantage,” says Antony. The seamless flow of imports and reduced transportation costs from the port to the dealership make cars more affordable for the end consumer. Unlike Nairobi, which is further inland, Mombasa’s proximity to the seaport cuts costs significantly.

Direct Connections with Importers

Dealerships in Mombasa can establish direct connections with importers, leading to more competitive pricing by cutting out intermediaries. This advantage ensures a constant inflow of the latest models and allows buyers diverse options. Customers can access vehicles with lower mileage, the latest features, and pristine conditions.

Lower Risk of Fraud

The direct relationship between dealerships and importers in Mombasa, often backed by established reputations, creates an environment of transparency and trust. This is a stark contrast to Nairobi, where the risk of fraud can be higher due to the involvement of multiple intermediaries.

Affordability and Competitive Pricing

The cost of living and doing business in Mombasa is relatively lower than in Nairobi. This cost advantage extends to the automotive sector, resulting in more reasonable vehicle prices. Moreover, most dealers in Mombasa welcome the idea of paying a deposit and clearing the rest in installments, a practice not as common in Nairobi.

The Mombasa Experience: More Than Just a Car Purchase

Mombasa offers buyers the chance to enjoy stunning beachside retreats and breathtaking sunsets. Buying a car becomes a dual experience – not just a transaction but a memory woven into the fabric of relaxing by the beach and witnessing the golden hues of the coastal sunsets.


From the geographical advantage to the direct importer connections, lower risk of fraud, and the unique Mombasa experience, it’s clear why Kenyans prefer to buy cars in Mombasa over Nairobi. Antony Ochieng of Alianzi Motors affirms that the commitment to offering competitive prices and a memorable car buying experience is a cornerstone of their business philosophy.

For those considering a car purchase and seeking expert advice, Antony Ochieng of Alianzi Motors is a go-to resource. With a wealth of experience and a commitment to customer satisfaction, Antony can be reached at the following contact numbers: 0723387168 / 0780387168.

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