List of Top Taxi Apps in Kenya

We have various taxi apps in Kenya we can install on our phones and use them to get cabs. These apps allow you to track the driver, know your ride’s route, cancel the ride when it’s late, know how much you will pay for the ride, etc.

We will share a list of Taxi Apps in Kenya you can use to book a cab on your phone.

List of Taxi apps in Kenya

The following are the top 10 taxi apps in Kenya you can install on your phone and book a cab when needed.

1. Uber

Uber is a Taxi app that has been around for a long time now (since 2015). It’s one of the top apps you can use to book a taxi. The advantage of this app is that it operates across the world, so you can use it from Kenya and request a ride in any other country.

You can also estimate how much your ride will cost as they give updates on the price, and since they have a vast network of drivers across the world, you can request a cab from your local town to Nairobi to compare prices.

Uber has the following packages:

  • UberX
  • Boda
  • ChapChap

They also have an online food delivery service (UberEats).

2. Bolt (Formerly Taxify)

Another popular app among taxi apps in Kenya is Bolt. This app was among the first to launch its operations in Kenya after Uber. The vast majority of taxi drivers are using this app, so they can be available at any time when you request a ride.

The app is available in Nairobi and other towns in Kenya.

You can also use Bolt to book a cab from Kenya to other countries as they have operations in several cities of Tanzania, Rwanda, and South Sudan.

3. Little Cab (Lite Taxi)

This app is one of the taxi apps you can use to get cabs on demand. The app’s look has made many people refer to it as Lite Uber because it looks like a replica of Uber.

The only difference with this app is that you can book cabs within certain areas where their drivers are located (in your city). Also, different from Uber, you cannot use this app to request a ride to another town.

However, the Lite Taxi app is available on Android and iOS.

4. Hava

One of the locally developed taxi apps in Kenya is Hava. They launched this app in 2018. This allowed local cabs to compete with multinational companies that were mainly monopolizing the market.

Hava has its operations mainly in Nairobi, but you can also book a cab from other towns in the country.

They have the following automobiles on their platform:

  • Swift
  • Classic
  • HavaXL
  • Parcel

5. inDriver

Another taxi app you can use to book a cab on demand. If you live in Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, or Eldoret, this is one of the apps you should download.

inDriver allows customers to set the cost for the ride, and drivers can bid for the ride, and you can pick one that suits your budget.

6. Swvl

Many Kenyans use Matatus to and from work every day. For the comfort of these people, Swvl has come up with a public Matatu hailing app.

This enables you to request a bus at your location and pay using Mpesa. You can track the matatu as it gets to your pick-up point.

Their buses are safe, comfortable, and affordable.

7. Wasili

Many of the Taxi apps in Kenya operate within Nairobi. For those who live in other towns, Wasili is an option.

This app operates in most Kenyan towns with a developed transport system. You pay cash to the driver, so there are no hidden costs, unlike Uber, where they estimate how much you will pay for the ride before you request it.

8. SafeBoda

This app was first launched in Kampala, Uganda, but they have now developed their app for Kenya.

The app offers self-employed motorcycle riders an opportunity to provide their services to send people from one location to the other. This is mainly for those who live in towns with no access to taxis or buses.

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