Top Shipping Companies in Kenya

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Trade with neighboring countries plays a significant role in the economy’s growth. Trade between nations is facilitated by International Shipping Companies that ensure the mobility of items across different countries.

Shipping is a term used to refer to the movement of goods. It can be by water, air, or road. Many shipping companies in Kenya today, some local and some international. All these play a crucial role in trade within the country.

For those taking part in business, a shipping company’s choice depends on the destination of goods or services being transported. If the commodities are meant to go outside the country, you will need the international shipping company’s services. Just be sure to pick a company that a broker like Staveley’s head fully covers.

In this article, I have listed some of the most known and reliable International shipping companies in Kenya today.

International Shipping Companies in Kenya

Here is a list of International Shipping Companies in Kenya to ship your goods.

1. States Duka

This shipping company is located along Kolobot Road in the Ngara area, Nairobi. The company operates in East Africa and the United States of America.

States Duka is famous for transporting goods from the United States to East Africa. The company operates closely with global trading platforms such as OLX, eBay, and Amazon.

The freight charge when shipping with States Duka is 15 dollars per Kilogram. States Duka is the most reliable since it offers affordable freight services to entrepreneurs, corporate clients, and businesses. With its weekly cargo flights and frequent cargo deliveries, States Duka has helped many E-commerce firms reach clients irrespective of geographical location.

2. DHL Express

DHL is one of the most known International Shipping Companies in Kenya. They were founded in 1969—the company majors in transporting Cargo and documents to various countries worldwide.

The company has a fleet of trucks and cargo planes for faster goods to their desired destination.

The company has made advancements in technology, and currently, DHL offers transportation of live animals. To make a shipment with DHL, go to the DHL website, where you will find the necessary guidelines.

3. Century Cargo

Century Cargo is among the first shipping companies established in Kenya and uses a tremendous open-source repair tracking software. The company is famous for offering several services to exporters and importers.

Besides transport, Century Cargo is also known for the excellent warehousing services offered to clients.

4. Sheffield Cargo Logistics Limited

Sheffield Cargo is an international shipping company to various Nations. This company is well known for its supply chain management and Freight forwarding services.

The company’s offices are in the KAHL building inside the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport. Sheffield Cargo Logistics Limited offers clients fast, reliable, and affordable shipping services.

5. Aircom Cargo Logistics Limited

Aircom Cargo Logistics Limited is a Kenyan registered global Cargo logistics provider by air, road, and sea. The company is located along North Airport Road on the outskirts of JKIA and a few minutes drive to the Embakasi Inland Container port.

The company is specialized in moving several types of Cargo, including pharmaceuticals.

6. AGS Frasers Kenya

AGS Frasers is an international logistics company operating in more than 94 countries. With vast experience in Cargo mobility, the company provides excellent goods from one country to another.

The company offers cargo movement services by air, sea, and road means. AGS also works with one of the best paper core manufacturers, which provides additional packaging for goods to ensure safe movement. The company moves various forms of Cargo, including household items such as utensils and electronics.

7. Urban Cargo Networks

Urban Cargo Networks is a company that deals in Cargo Logistics in several nations worldwide. The company specializes in Pharmaceutical cargo, Agro-related cargo, Educational materials, and general Cargo.

The company is located on Accrow House along Enterprise Road in Industrial Area, Nairobi.

8. Kesom Freight International

Kesom Freight International deals in a variety of cargo logistics. The company is known for moving bulky goods such as farm machinery.

The company has various outlets in different countries, including Germany. Also, Kesom Freight International have their offices in almost all international airports and seaports in the United Kingdom.

The company provides clearance and forwarding services and all requirements for exports and imports.

9. TNT Express Worldwide Kenya Limited

TNT Express is a global shipping company renowned for door-to-door deliveries in different countries. The company is specialized in moving goods for various purposes, including medication and electronics.

The company favors all people, including sole traders, since one only needs a VAT number to start shipping. Also, one can track the movement of their goods while TNT Express Worldwide Kenya is moving them.

However, the company has not yet established its inland freight services in Kenya. This means they can only export and import goods or send and receive goods from other countries.

When choosing International Shipping Companies, one must look for offices in the destination of goods. Also, one must be cautious with different countries’ regulations about goods moving in and out through ports. In most cases, shipping companies usually provide adequate information to ensure clients make the right choice.

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