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List of 10 Best Restaurants in Nairobi in 2022

Which are the top restaurants in Nairobi? We have researched for you and made a great list. In this article, I will share the best restaurants in Nairobi in 2022.

So let us get to it. Here are the top restaurants for you, your family, and friends to hang out and celebrate in style. Let’s dive in.

The Top Restaurants in Nairobi

1. Fonda NBO

Fonda is among the four Mexican restaurants that have opened shop in Nairobi in the recent past. This Restaurant is the best of the four, putting it on top of the list of top restaurants in Nairobi.

The Fonda NBO restaurant puts more emphasis on serving authentic Mexican dishes.

Its walls are adorned by photos of the owners’ trips to Mexico City, which has inspired the painting of yellow, cobalt blue, and earth red in the dining area.

Mexican ingredients such as corn flour, black beans, and avocado are on its menu.

On the other hand, Its drinks list includes agave spirits used in over 50 margaritas.

Do you feel like giving Mexican cuisine a try? Fonda is the place to go.

2. Sigiria Cafe

Singiria is located on Thigiri lane at the entrance of Karura Forest. It’s an outdoor cafe that’s suitable mostly for people going or coming for a hike.

They are best known for smoothies, fresh juice, and coffee. Also on offer is a variety of cookies and other bites.

3. Sierra: Burger + Wine

Sierra is located in Muguga green off brookside Drive. It gets a slot in the top restaurants in Nairobi because of the New York-style ambiance. They offer the best South African Wine on the balcony.

The inside has leather seats, and the lighting is warm and low. Sierra is a cool place to set the festive mood right.

Their bugger is made of Angus beef which they rear at the foothills of Mt Kenya.

On picked Tuesdays, a five-course menu is offered.

4. Wasp & Sprout

This eco-friendly Restaurant is located in Loresho Ridge. It is a simple and friendly place where you can enjoy a healthy breakfast and a meal.

They stand out for their earl grey milkshake and sprout omelet.

In addition to that, you can enjoy reading a book while dining.

They hold board games and open mic nights occasionally.

You can also purchase furniture made by artisans mentored and trained by Wasp & Sprout.

5. Petma Restaurant

The Petma Restaurant boasts a romantic atmosphere, chic interior, and various meals. Therefore, if you want to serenade your beloved, this is the place to go.

Apart from the romance bit, it is only in Petma Restaurant where you get mouth-watering traditional meals.

Its ambiance makes it a suitable place to hold weddings or business meetings.

Finally, are you nursing a hangover? Petma has a solution to that, the hangover soup. Give it a try. You won’t regret it.

6. La Tasca

Want a taste of Spanish Wine? La Tasca is the Best Restaurant to visit.

Located on James Gichuru Road, the place has exposed bulbs hanging artfully from the ceiling.

As you wait for your meals, you get to meet one of the owners, Mauzirio, who offers you a glass of Sangria.

The menu here is mainly Spanish tapas.

7. Abor

If you love the outdoor ambiance, this is the place to go. The Abor Restaurant is known for its friendly staff, and it is also ecofriendly.

They brag about being the healthiest Restaurant in Nairobi. A bold statement on their part, but which is true.

Their meals are not only mouth-watering; they are affordable too. The meals are served in large portions.

So you can go with your friends and be sure to be satisfied. While there, make a point of enjoying one of their numerous cocktails as you enjoy the garden breeze.

8. Silk Noodles

The Chinese are not only good at the construction of roads and all those other generic products that Kenyans have come to associate them with. Their cuisine is one to die for.

Do you feel like doing Chinese this festive season? Silk Noodles offers your taste buds the best of Chinese food.

Located in Hurlingham and has a menu that is written in Chinese. So if you are a non-native, the images are there to guide you.

With only $10, you get to enjoy a healthful meal and a drink to wash it down.

9. Nook

Nook is in Woodlands Ln. It is open on Thursdays, Fridays, and Sundays. On the other hand, its menu is not constant. It keeps changing every week.

Here, meals are made from organic ingredients which are sourced locally. And they specialize in Southeast Asian recipes.

With as little as $ 10, you can enjoy a meal and a drink. You can pay in cash or via Mpesa.

10. Tapas Ceviche Bar

Despite being called a bar, it’s rated among the best dining and wine spots in Nairobi. It offers the best Mediterranean and Spanish cuisines.

The ambiance is superb, making it ideal for hanging out with friends or holding a business meeting.

Visit the Tapas Ceviche Bar for an excellent blend of Spanish and Mediterranean meals and classic cocktails.

11. La Cantina

Owned by Chef Dario, La Cantina is one of the many Mediterranean restaurants in Nairobi.

The Restaurant has wooden tables and chairs, dark red cushions, and red checkered napkins.

The menu has pizzas and pasta, but above all this, it is famous for the tiramisu (an Italian coffee desert).

Factors to Consider when Choosing Restaurants in Nairobi

There are certain factors to consider when you decide to eat out before going to a particular restaurant.

All these restaurants rank high in Nairobi. But you will agree that they differ in cost, ambiance, service, meals, and drinks.

It also depends on your budget. You cant to a restaurant you cant afford.

Without wasting more time, here are factors to consider when choosing a restaurant;


The Restaurant you decide to visit has to be affordable by your standards. It is vital to know how much it will cost you transportation, food, and drinks. You also need to have more just in case of an emergency.


Where is the Restaurant located? For instance, If you are going on a drinking spree after your meals, it’s wise to do it in a restaurant that is easily accessible either by car or foot.

Customer Service

No one wants to spend their money in a restaurant where they treat you badly. Therefore, it is imperative to research the customer service of a restaurant before visiting.


A clean restaurant means clean food and minor food poisoning issues. Therefore, make sure you go to a clean restaurant and have never had unhealthy practices.

The Menu

The food and drinks offered at the Restaurant of choice must be of different varieties. It should be a place where each family member can get the kind of meal they want how they want it.

Top Restaurants In Nairobi Conclusion

There you have it. The top restaurants to check out as we end this year. You have no reason to stay indoors alone and bored.

Do your due diligence and treat yourself and your loved ones to one of these exotic cuisines in one of the locations above. Happy holidays!

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