Top 11 Indian Restaurants in Nairobi

Samirah Muthoni

In this guide, we will look at the top Indian restaurants in Nairobi.

Indian restaurants are some of the most popular in the world. They offer various traditional dishes, and the spices and flavours are different.

Walking into an Indian restaurant, you can expect a buffet of different options. There will be vegetarian and meat-based dishes, and they will cook each with its unique blend of spices.

The smells in an Indian restaurant can be overpowering initially, but they are sure to whet your appetite. And when it comes to the food, Indian restaurants do not disappoint. The flavours are bold and intense, and there will be something for everyone.

Whether looking for a light lunch or a hearty dinner, an Indian restaurant is always a good choice.

Best Indian Restaurants in Nairobi

Here is a list of the top Indian restaurants within Nairobi in no particular order.

1. The Mayura’s Experience

the mayura experience

THE MAYURA, an exquisitely designed theme-based restaurant, complements enjoying an authentic Indian meal while relaxing over excellent drinks and delectable light eats.

The restaurant is present at the following locations:

  • The Hub, Karen
  • Kenrail Towers, Westlands
  • SGR Terminus, Syokimau

2. Royal Kitchen Restaurant

The Royal Kitchen opened its doors in December 2010 in the bustling suburb of Nairobi. Located on Westlands Road, Westlands, the Restaurant’s central location provides the perfect balance of comfort and privacy.

The quaint, warm Royal Kitchen offers an extensive menu of Multi-Cuisine food, beverages, desserts, and a daily specials menu.

3. Hashmi Barbecue Center

This classic (and classy) family-run restaurant presents delicious Indian barbecue cuisines designed to reflect an ethos of innovation and creativity.

Hashmi makes some beautiful dishes, including superb barbecue chicken wings, excellent lamb chops, and other traditional tandoor dishes.

4. Vista at Emerald Hotel

Located on Woodvale Grove in the heart of Westlands, the Vista Restaurant is a casual dining restaurant offering various cuisines. Enjoy Indian, Chinese, and Italian specialities in a serene setting. You can also enjoy a great view of Nairobi from the 7th floor of the Hotel Emerald.

5. Open House

Open House Westlands is one of the most renowned Indian Restaurants in Nairobi. Located in a central location in Westlands, it offers a mouth-watering selection of traditionally cooked, authentic Indian dishes, emphasizing flavour.

6. Sahara Garden Restaurant

Sahara Garden Restaurant, located in the Parklands area, is a kind of restaurant offering both self-cooking & outside catering services. After savouring their tasty dishes, it also has a fully stocked bar to enjoy your favourite drink.

7. Anghiti Westlands/ Muthaiga

For generous sizeable portions, friendly service, and a warm, welcoming atmosphere, Anghiti is the right choice. The aromas of special Indian recipes will pull you into the Restaurant right from the streets of Westlands.

8. Bhandini at The InterContinental Hotel

Bhandini transports you to Northern India with exquisite cuisine and a sophisticated setting in a first-class style. The Chef works his culinary magic in a glass-enclosed kitchen so you can see what goes into the dishes.

9. Clay Oven Restaurant

The best restaurant to go to in Westland is Clay Oven. This peaceful place has the most delicious food for all Indian food lovers.

They have soft cushion seats that let my body sink in them. You can notice the quiet atmosphere around. This makes everyone’s mood ever so noticeable. The clay oven always seems to have the most friendly customers. The windows that surround the tables present an open feeling, almost as if eating outside.

10. Nairobi Street Kitchen


Nairobi Street Kitchen is a thrilling street-food, market-style experience inspired by innovative and creative dining ideas worldwide.

You can stroll through global food and drink offerings, shop from artisanal merchants, or indulge your senses with our hosted live bands’ thoughtfully curated local art selection.

Passion brings out the best in us, and we don’t just satisfy our customers – we delight them with every visit!

Located in the heart of the Westlands, they are much more than just an eating place. From the street art murals to our stunning upcycled and reclaimed interiors and open-air terraces, every detail of our space has been lovingly crafted to give you a truly memorable experience.

Their dynamic team is bound by an uncompromising commitment to delivering exceptional customer service, irresistible food and drink menus, and a vibrant, contemporary atmosphere for our adventurous and free-spirited Nairobi folk.

11. Tandoori Patio

Tandoori Patio is a casual upscale restaurant with an indoor sitting space, a snug patio, and a vibrant terrace. Choose your space to enjoy your food and drinks. Tandoori Patio is where you can go for a peaceful interlude in your day, or if you want to relax and wrap up your work, alone or with friends!

Their comfortable, cozy, serene restaurant serves some of the best Indian curries, tandoori-BBQs, tandoori naans, and excellent biryanis!

Concerning their customers who like variety, we also have a special selection of Continental cuisine for lunches, from salads, soups, chicken kievs, lamb chops, and more!

Unwind, relax, and treasure the luxury of feeling footloose and fancy-free from the rhythm of the light, the summer drizzle of the waterfall, and calming music, as you begin to catch up with friends over a bottle of Wine!

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