Netflix Packages and Prices in Kenya 2021

This post will discuss the different Netflix Packages available in Kenya and their prices. We will also discuss each plan and what it includes to help you decide which package is right for you and your family.

Netflix is a popular online streaming service that provides movies, TV shows, and Netflix original content. Netflix’s business model has been shifting over the years by introducing new Netflix packages and prices.

Netflix Packages and Prices

A Netflix subscription comes with a Netflix account that allows you to stream content on your computer or TV, depending on the plan. Netflix offers different packages for streaming, including Netflix standard, Netflix premium, and Netflix family plans. All of these come in monthly subscriptions, as seen below.

  1. Netflix Basic Package:

The Netflix basic package is Netflix’s least expensive Netflix plan and provides access to movies and TV shows on a single device at one time. You can watch Netflix content from your computer, tablet, or smartphone while being connected to the internet.

It goes for Ksh 700 per month.

2. Netflix premium Package:

This is the most popular Netflix plan among subscribers due to the large content library. It costs KSh 1,100 shillings, and it¬†includes Netflix’s most popular content, Netflix Originals such as Stranger Things and House of Cards.

It also has Netflix exclusives like Narcos, The Crown; This is Us, and Breaking Bad.

The package includes up to two simultaneous displays in HD on different devices simultaneously, which is great for families who would like to watch their favorite show or movie together.

3. Netflix Premium Package:

This Netflix package costs Ksh 1,450 per month and offers all that the Standard Netflix plan does, plus Ultra HD quality video streaming with four simultaneous screens allowed at one time instead of just two. It also features more TV shows than the standard subscription but fewer movies due to licensing restrictions. Remember, you cannot access this Netflix premium plan from outside Kenya.

How to sign up for Netflix

Here is how you can sign up for Netflix in three easy steps.

  1. Visit the Netflix website and select your desired plan
  2. Enter your email address to create an account or use one that is already established with Netflix
  3. Choose a payment method, debit card, credit card, gift card, or PayPal (Debit/Credit Card).
  4. You can also sign up on your mobile device by installing their free app from Apple App Store | Google Play store. You’ll be able to manage all aspects of your Netflix membership without having to go online!
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