Top 10 Medical Insurance Companies in Kenya

This article will list the top Medical Insurance Companies in Kenya providing health insurance to millions of Kenyans. No one ever dreams of getting sick or of getting a family member or a friend sick.

However, it is essential to take steps to mitigate medical costs in case sickness knocks on your door. One needs to know, therefore, about the top medical insurance companies in Kenya.

To help mitigate these medical costs to be incurred in a medical emergency, insurance is needed. Therefore, it is essential to discuss the best medical insurance companies in Kenya.

List of Medical Insurance Companies in Kenya

1. First Assurance Company Limited

This company is among the best medical insurance companies in Kenya. First Assurance Company Ltd came into existence after the exit of Prudential Assurance Ltd. The company’s mantra is ‘insure, secure and assure.’

To show how efficient this company was in 2018, it was recognized by the 27th International Europe Award for Quality.

Under its medical insurance cover, it offers a wide variety of products with different cost values. These medical cover values are between Kes.200,000 to Kes. 2500,000.

2. G.A. Insurance Ltd

GA insurance offers its services in both Kenya and Tanzania. This company has been in the Kenyan market for over 50 years.

Additionally, apart from offering medical insurance covers, the company also underwrites other classes of risk. Some of the products offered under its medical insurance cover include:

  • Surgicare – shoulders the financial burden of surgical expenses related to heart, cancer, vascular, orthopedic, and Kes. 20M.
  • G.A. assist – Covers medical evacuation emergencies

3. AAR Insurance Africa

AAR insurance Africa has a presence in three East African countries. These are Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania.

For peace of mind, the company has products under the family and personal medical cover. It’s worth noting that this insurance company is primarily for health insurance.

Further to this, it has its health centers or hospitals, which its subscribers could opt to visit for treatment.

Therefore making it one of the best medical insurance companies in Kenya. Some of the products offered under this cover include:

  • Individual and Family medical plans
  • Business Enterprise medical plan
  • Doctor’s indemnity cover

4. Heritage Insurance Company

Heritage Insurance provides short-term insurance covers. Through its unique client offerings and outstanding claims settlement, it has gunned customer confidence over the years.

Under its medical insurance cover offers various products such as Heritage Flexi, blue cover, blue core, blue lite, and blue classic. These product offerings have different specifications to meet diverse customer needs.

5. Allianz Insurance Company Ltd

Allianz Kenya is part of the Allianz Group, a worldwide leader in insurance and Asset Management.

The company has a presence in more than 70 countries worldwide, making it one of Kenya’s best medical insurance companies.

Due to its extensive global footprints, Allianz Kenya has unrivaled Knowledge and expertise in underwriting all risk classes.

The other unique thing about its cover is that you can buy its medical cover online from its website. Its medical cover is very diversified as it has the following services:

  • Inpatient and outpatient cover
  • Maternity costs
  • Dental cover
  • Optical treatment
  • Emergency assistance

6. APA insurance

APA insurance is a merger of Apollo Insurance company and Pan Africa General Insurance. This company is one of a kind as it targets both long-term and short-term insurance. Under its medical insurance cover, it has three main products:

  • Health corporate – for companies with more than ten people
  • Femina – Covers women needs
  • Jamii plus and Afya Nafuu – For families and individuals

7. Britam

British-American Insurance Company (Britam) is part of the British-American Investments Company Limited. The company is listed at the Nairobi Securities Exchange (NSE).

This company is the leading provider of the best medical insurance covers in Kenya today. The company has a variety of products under its medical insurance cover all over Kenya.

8. CIC Group

CIC Group offers flexible and innovative insurance products to Kenyans for over three decades now.

Like Britam, the CIC Group has been listed at the Nairobi Stock Exchange Market, reporting a 62% annual growth.

Away from offering health insurance covers, the company has a wide range of other products. Such products include; general insurance, life assurance, asset management, and CIC pension.

Additionally, Under the health insurance cover, the company has three major subdivisions:

  • CIC medisure corporate
  • The CIC medisure family
  • CIC Medipak insurance

9. Kenindia Assurance Company Limited

Kenindia Insurance is a result of a merger of various Indian insurance companies in 1978. Under Kenindia Medical cover, there are three major products. Such are explained as below:

  • Health save plan
  • Corporate health plan
  • Individual/Family plan

10. Kenyan Alliance Insurance Company Ltd

The Kenya Alliance Insurance Company has been present in the Kenyan market for more than one century but was incorporated in its current identity in 1980.

Kenyan Alliance Insurance has evolved into one of the most financially sound composite insurance companies in Kenya.

Moreover, the company has a regional presence in Mombasa, Nakuru, Kisumu, Karatina, Meru, Thika, Machakos, Kitui, Westlands, Kitengela, Industrial Area, and Kakamega.

The health insurance cover for Kenyan Alliance insurance has three significant plans: a corporate health plan, SME plan, and family package plan.

11. Madison Insurance

This is a Kenyan insurance company that has been in operation since 1988. Madison Insurance Company provides comprehensive life and health insurance covers to its clients. It is privately owned as a limited company.

Its Medical cover is known as alpha health and subdivided into individual, family, and budget plans. Madison insurance has a specific medical cover for private school support staff known as KPSA.

12. Jubilee Insurance

Jubilee Insurance is one of the leading insurance companies in Kenya, offering Medical insurance in Kenya.

The company has a presence in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, and Rwanda. The health insurance coverage provided by Jubilee covers people regionally.

Other benefits include access to Jubilee mobile phone app and other add-on services to its members.

As of today, Jubilee has the best medical insurance cover.

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