23 Most Marketable Courses in Kenya

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This article will list the most marketable courses in Kenya that one can pursue. I divided the list into two parts; part 1 contains the top 10 best courses in Kenya (in no particular order), and part 2 has the rest of the ten courses (again in no specific order).

If your course is not on this list, do not get offended. This article is just a general guide for students who need help choosing their courses.

Let’s get started.

Most Marketable Courses in Kenya

The following are the most marketable courses in Kenya:

1. Computer Security & Forensics

Computer Security & Forensics is becoming one of the best courses in Kenya. The world has become digital; everything we do, from buying groceries to banking, is done online. And with cyber crimes increasing, it’s visible that security and forensic professionals have a bright future.

This is the course if you have a flair for computers, mathematics, logic, and science.

Institutions offering this course:

  • Strathmore University
  • Meru University

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2. Medicine

Medicine and surgery are some of the most respected courses in Kenya, and rightly so. If you take this course, your future will be bright as a medical doctor.

Medicine is also considered one of the most challenging courses; therefore, it will prepare you for anything.

The country is currently in need of medical doctors, and since Kenya is growing at an exciting rate, the demand for quality healthcare will only continue to increase.

Institutions offering this course:

  • Mt. Kenya University
  • Egerton University
  • Kenyatta University
  • Kenya Methodist University

3. Computer Science

If you have a knack or love for technology and computers, then a career in computer science might be just right for you. In Kenya, the ICT industry needs computer scientists and many other sectors.

The country is going through a technological revolution, and there will be opportunities for people with computer science knowledge and skills.

You will find this course in many universities, including:

  • TUK
  • DeKUT
  • Strathmore
  • Multimedia University
  • and Moi University.

4. Mathematics/Statistics

With the increasing demand for data scientists, the demand for mathematicians is also rising. Kenya needs statisticians to work mainly in research institutions and universities.

Mathematics is a good choice, as you know that data science is not your forte.

Statistics can be your backup plan if mathematics does not work out. Statistics and probability are also vital in many jobs, such as risk analyst, project manager, and even economist.

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5. Law

This is your course if you are passionate about law, justice, and court systems. Kenya needs lawyers in both the public and private sectors.

Some careers available to law students are judges, prosecutors, legal officers, corporate lawyers, etc. Law’s future looks bright as technology plays an increasing role in the legal field. This is one of the flooded courses in Kenya.

6. Pharmacy

Pharmacy is the best choice for a course requiring knowledge and skill. We need pharmacists in Kenya’s public and private sectors.

The country will also need more pharmacists as it advances technologically, and pharmaceutical companies will invest in research to create new drugs.

7. Computer Engineering

This offers an exciting career opportunity to create hardware and software solutions. Job opportunities are available in both public and private sectors and research institutions.

With the rapid growth of the ICT industry, Kenya will need more computer engineers to help develop new technologies that will improve our lives.

Although computer engineering and computer science can have overlapping skill sets, they have two significant differences: computer science focuses on troubleshooting issues at the software level. In contrast, computer engineering is more focused on solving problems in hardware.

8. Marketing

If you can sell ice to an Eskimo, this is your course. A career in marketing can be gratifying financially if you love it and enjoy what you do.

The country will need more working professionals in the food and beverages industry, and financial services, among many other sectors. The demand for marketers is growing fast as Kenya continues to embrace technology.

A degree in marketing will go a long way in positioning you for certain jobs, such as market research analyst, content strategist, and event marketing manager.

9. Economics and Statistics

If you have a head for numbers, consider either of these courses. Economics deals with studying and analyzing money, whereas statistics are used for research and business purposes.

Kenya’s economy is booming. Therefore, a degree in economics offers many opportunities to work hard. A career in statistics can also be gratifying, especially when you use your skills to help companies with research.

The country needs more economists and statisticians to work in the public and private sectors.

10. Geospatial Engineering

Geospatial engineering has gained popularity with the rapid demand for location-based services and mobile technology.

The course involves the use of satellite imagery to map our environment. Many companies and institutions that need mapping as part of their research projects use this knowledge to get information quickly from remote areas.

This course is in high demand in public and private sectors and research institutions.

11. Digital Marketing

With the growth of digital channels, online marketing has become an important career area. Digital marketers design strategies and campaigns to help companies connect with their customers through various electronic media, such as social networks, websites, and mobile apps.

This course is in high demand, both private and public.

12. Special Needs Education

A degree in special needs education will open up opportunities to work as daycare teachers, special education teachers, and even a school administrator.

Kenya faces a shortage of people who can teach children with learning disabilities and other challenges. This includes autistic children, deaf students, and those with speech problems, among others.

13. Project Management

If you are a people person and want to advance your career in the corporate world, then consider project management. This involves planning, organizing, and executing projects effectively and efficiently.

The course is in high demand both in the private and public sectors as companies continue looking for qualified personnel to manage their projects.

14. Agriculture and related courses

Kenya is a leading African agricultural producer and offers many opportunities to those interested in the sector. A degree in agriculture provides options such as working at a farming firm, being a farm manager, or managing natural resources.

Kenya faces a shortage of qualified personnel who can work in quality control and marketing.

15. Leadership and Management

Another marketable course in Kenya is leadership and management. Leadership and management are growing, especially in the private sector, where companies are looking for well-qualified personnel to manage their staff.

A degree in leadership and management will ensure that you can work as a team leader or manager or even start your own business.

The demand for managers is high both in the public and private sectors.

16. Journalism

The fourth estate has played a big role in Kenyan politics and continues to shape the country’s future. A degree in journalism will ensure that you can work as a news reporter, editor, or even develop your blog.

There is a high demand for qualified journalists interested in writing about technology, business, and other related issues in Kenya.

17. Hospitality Management

With the increasing tourism and hospitality industry, qualified personnel who can manage hotels, restaurants, and other related establishments are high.

There is high demand in public, and private sectors as more people visit our country.

18. Quantity Surveying

An increase in infrastructure development has caused an increased need for quantity surveyors who can work on construction sites.

This is in high demand in the public and private sectors and the construction industry.

19. Information Technology

With a growing need for information technology professionals, this course is sought locally and globally. This involves designing computer programs, managing networks, and even internet security.

The course is in high demand in the private sector and research institutions.

20. Marketing Management

This involves developing a marketing strategy for a company and managing its implementation. The course will ensure that you can work at an advertising firm or even start your own business.

Kenya faces a shortage of marketers who can specialize in digital marketing and content generation.

21. Nursing

The health sector has experienced much growth in Kenya, especially in the nursing department. The country faces a shortage of qualified nurses working in hospitals, medical supply firms, or even offering private care.

A degree as a nurse will ensure that you have secured a job as a ward nurse, operating room nurse, or even become medical care administrator.

22. Finance as a marketable course in Kenya

If you are good with figures, then consider finance. This involves managing the financial operations of companies, institutions, and even individuals in Kenya.

There is a high demand for qualified personnel to work with banks and other institutions that deal with money management.

23. Civil Engineering

The construction of roads, bridges, and other related infrastructure has played a big role in Kenya’s economic growth by contributing to GDP.

A degree in civil engineering will ensure that you have secured a job as an engineer or even be self-employed, where you can handle both public and private construction work.

Most Marketable Courses in Kenya Faqs

The following are some of the most asked questions about the most marketable courses in Kenya:

Which courses are most marketable?

Most marketable courses in Kenya include Leadership and Management, Information Technology, Journalism, and Hospitality Management.

Which course in Kenya is marketable?

Many courses are marketable in Kenya, but some of the most popular include Leadership and Management, Information Technology, Journalism, and Hospitality Management.

Which is the best course to study in Kenya?

Kenyan students have a wide range of marketable courses to choose from. However, some of the most popular include Leadership and Management, Information Technology, Journalism, and Hospitality Management.


You are considering the abovementioned courses if you want to study a marketable course in Kenya. These are some of the most popular and in-demand courses that will lead to employment after graduation. You can find a marketable course that best suits your interests and career goals with a little effort.

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