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20 Highly Demanding Courses in Kenya 2022

This article provides information on the most highly demanding courses in Kenya. If you are about to join University study in Kenya, you will find this helpful article.

I have listed some of the courses that are considered highly demanding in Kenya.

There is controversy surrounding the most demanding courses since it depends on personal preference and opinion.

The following list was created after extensive research and talking to graduates from each field of education. Rankings do not signify importance; they are listed in their popularity among graduates.

List of Highly Demanding Courses in Kenya

Here is a list of some of the highly demanding courses in Kenya. See below for more information on each course.

Please note that all University courses are very competitive; if you wish to study these courses, you should start preparing early for your entrance exams, do plenty of research and be passionate about your subject.

1. Computer Science

Computer science is the study of computers which have become an integral part of our lives. To understand this advanced course, you’ll need to be at home with programming languages, databases, and networks.

This course requires dedication and hard work from the students who will be needed to solve problems, conduct research and produce reports.

If you don’t have a scientific mind, this course might not be for you. You will need to put in long hours of studying too as computer science graduates are sought after worldwide.

Computer Science is a convenient subject; if you’re considering studying computer science, you should have a good understanding of maths, computers, and problem-solving.

2. Actuarial Science

Another highly demanding course in Kenya is Actuarial Science. It is a high-paying career and requires good mathematical skills, analytical thinking, and logical reasoning.

If you decide to study this course, you’ll need to be able to solve problems as well as analyze data fast. You’ll also need good knowledge of maths; all of which will require plenty of studying.

3. Architecture

Studying architecture is hard work and requires students to study and pass exams in bricklaying, drawing, foundations, and site management.

Architects need to be creative and practical, so if you’re considering this course, you must enjoy solving problems and building things.

4. Medicine

Studying medicine is hard work as it requires dedication and discipline from students. They will need to spend long hours in the library and do practical exercises.

You’ll also need good knowledge of chemistry, biology, and physics, so you might want to consider taking these courses before applying for medical school.

5. Electronic and Electrical Engineering

If you wish to study electronic and electrical engineering, you must be practical, creative, and dedicated. You’ll also need good science knowledge since the course is very theoretical.

6. Law

Studying law takes hard work as it requires students to write long essays; remember everything they read; give accurate presentations on various topics and pass exams.

If you consider studying law, you must enjoy writing, analyzing data, and solving problems. You will need to be very patient since this course takes a long time.

7. Finance

Our list of highly demanding courses in Kenya is Finance; this course is challenging and requires students to abide by specific rules. You’ll need to be good at mathematics and statistics and excel in oral and written communication.

If you plan to study finance and accounting, you should be passionate about numbers since this course is mainly about economics. It also requires students to learn all the rules of business.

8. Microbiology

Microbiology is a science course that requires students to have excellent communication skills and good laboratory techniques. You’ll also need good knowledge of chemistry and biology since you will be studying cells, viruses, and germs.

As a microbiology graduate, you can either earn from research or the pharmaceutical industry, where you will carry out tests on drugs before they hit the market.

9. Philosophy

Philosophy is a challenging course as it requires students to have an open mind and to be able to express their views on various issues. You will be required to analyze data and give solutions that facts can support.

If you’re considering studying philosophy, you’ll need strong debating skills since this course is very theoretical. You’ll also need good knowledge of linguistics and critical thinking.

10. Computer Engineering

Just like Computer Science, computer engineering is another high-demand course in Kenya. It has high employment prospects on completion of the course and requires students to have practical skills and sound theoretical knowledge.

As a graduate, you’ll need to be creative and analytical since this course requires plenty of data analysis. You will also need good problem-solving skills since computer engineers must solve technical problems.

11. IT

IT (Infomation Technology) is a highly demanding course not only in Kenya but all over the world. You’ll need to be creative and have good time management since you will be responsible for programming, testing, and debugging computer programs.

Since this is a technical subject, students must have strong mathematics and programming languages skills. Programming languages used by IT graduates include C, C++, Java, and PHP.

12. Physics

This course is another science course that requires students to have good problem-solving skills since they need to consider theoretical problems to find practical solutions.

You’ll also need a strong knowledge of mathematics since the theories are based on mathematical principles. This course is very challenging, so you’ll have to work hard to study physics.

13. Economics

This course is a social science course that requires students to have good mathematical skills and understand business concepts. You will also need strong writing skills since you must constantly write essays, reports, and presentations.

As an economics graduate, you can work for the government, non-profit organizations or become self-employed. Alternatively, you can work for international organizations that require knowledge in economics.

14. Mathematics

As you might expect, this is a science course that requires students to have strong mathematical skills and good problem-solving abilities. You’ll also need to be creative since problems are solved by thinking out of the box.

Mathematics graduates take positions as accountants, programmers, and actuaries.

15. Pharmacy

This course is another science course that requires good theoretical knowledge and practical skills. You’ll need to appreciate the human body and understand how drugs react since you will conduct tests on various medications.

Being a pharmacist is a noble profession since you’ll be responsible for people’s health. As an undergraduate, you will also work closely with doctors and medical specialists.

16. Civil Engineering

This course is another technical course that requires students to know mathematics and physics. Students will also need to be creative since they will need to develop innovative ideas on making structures earthquake-proof.

After graduation, you’ll get the opportunity to work as a construction engineer or become an independent consultant. This course is one of the high demanding courses in Kenya.

17. Nursing

Nurses in Kenya are in demand since hospitals and clinics always require a constant supply of good nurses. This career requires individuals to have good communication skills since they will be working closely with patients every day.

In addition to this, you’ll also need to be creative since you will need to develop new ways to make patients more comfortable in the hospital. You’ll also need good problem-solving skills since nurses are required to solve technical problems such as broken equipment and power blackouts.

As a nursing graduate, you can work for government institutions, hospitals, and clinics or create your health center.

18. Psychology

Another social science course requires students to have good communication skills since they will be working closely with others every day. You’ll also need excellent problem-solving skills since you’re required to solve the psychological problems of different people daily.

Psychology graduates get employment in government institutions, schools, and hospitals. Psychology graduates are also required in private institutions such as health centers, counseling firms, and crime prevention.

19. Project Management

This technical course requires students to know mathematics and science since theories are based on these two areas. As a project manager, you’ll need strong listening skills since you will be required to listen to clients, colleagues, and superiors.

Private companies employ project managers, non-profit organizations, government institutions, or even decide to be self-employed.

20. Occupational Therapy

As the name suggests, this course is all about helping people with disabilities to overcome their limitations so that they can lead everyday lives. You’ll need good communication skills since you’ll be working closely with clients every day, as well as good problem-solving abilities since you’re required to solve technical issues.

Occupational therapy graduates find employment in government institutions, schools, and hospitals. They also work for private health centers like clinics, hospitals, and counseling firms.

Highly Demanding Courses in Kenya Conclusion

In summary, highly demanding courses in Kenya require students to spend most of their time studying and doing assignments. They also need students to have strong communication skills and good problem-solving abilities.

Even though the courses are highly demanding, they are very marketable courses in Kenya, and graduates can easily get employed by different companies.

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