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How to Lower Ping in Fortnite

This article will show you how to lower ping in Fortnite. It’s not uncommon for gamers to experience lagging or high ping during a video game. This can be frustrating when playing any competitive game, even more so in Fortnite, where the slightest lag can make all the difference.

Fortunately, there are several things that you can do to help lower your ping in Fortnite and other games. So before we go into what they are, let’s first look at why this is happening and how it affects gameplay.

What causes Fortnite Ping?

The most common cause of lag or high ping in Fortnite is overcrowding. The game currently has millions of players worldwide, and many more play it simultaneously. This means that when you log in to play the game, your connection must go through several other users’ connections before reaching the server where your data is stored.

Besides this, several factors affect your ping in Fortnite:

1. Internet Connection

– Is your internet connection too slow? This might slow down your download speed and capacity for streaming content (like videos or games). It will also lower your overall Fortnite performance due to decreased fps on gameplay graphics.

2. Server Location

– Are you playing on a server in another country? If so, you will experience a significant increase in Fortnite ping and overall lag, making Fortnite unplayable. This is because the server has to go through more users on its way to your device.

3. Server Load

– Are there too many people connected to an individual Fortnite server? Here, your Fortnite ping will increase because of overcrowding, which can cause significant issues with performance.

Though Fortnite servers are usually relatively stable these days, it’s still widespread for users worldwide (including myself) to experience Fortnite lag when playing online. If too many players log in during peak hours or other factors contribute to crowding, Fortnite ping increase can affect the Fortnite gameplay experience.

These are some reasons that may cause high ping on Fortnite.

How to Lower Ping in Fortnite

Here is how you can Lower Your Fortnite Ping

1. Avoid playing on servers in other countries

This is the most common Fortnite ping fix for players with a slow internet connection. If you have a terrible ping for servers in another country, you can switch your Fortnite server location to one that’s closer to you (keep reading below).

2. Use an Ethernet Cable

If possible, Fortnite ping will decrease if you plug your router directly into your computer via an ethernet cable. This way, data doesn’t have to travel through wireless devices, which can affect Fortnite performance.

3. Play during off-peak hours. Fortnite isn’t like other games where it gets unplayable when there are too many people online–it performs better during peak hours because of Fortnite being so popular! However, this doesn’t mean that you can play during peak hours and have a tremendous Fortnite ping. You will still need to avoid overcrowded servers and watch for Fortnite lag spikes when playing during peak Fortnite times.

4. Switch Fortnite Servers

This is usually the first thing I do when I notice an increase in Fortnite ping or other problems with Fortnite performance. Go into your account settings in-game, select “Change Server Location,” and choose a Fortnite server from the list. You will log out of your current server and automatically switch over to the new one by doing this. This method will give you Fortnite ping results within a few minutes.

5. Uninstall and reinstall Fortnite from Epic Games

Here’s an easy Fortnite fix that resets Fortnite settings to the factory defaults while keeping your Fortnite account intact–make sure you do this before switching servers (see above). After uninstalling Fortnite, restart your PC and then reinstall the game to reset all Fortnite game files.

6. Quit other apps when playing Fortnite

When you’re playing over one resource-intensive app or game, Fortnite ping will increase since your device has to manage multiple programs and services.

Quit other apps when playing Fortnite to reduce Fortnite lag and Fortnite ping issues.

7. Avoid Fortnite High RAM Usage

When Fortnite is opened, watch your RAM usage in the task manager (task manager will vary based on the windows system). Fortnite uses a considerable amount of RAM, which can cause significant resource constraints, resulting in Fortnite lag or crashes. You can also google “How to Lower Your Fortnite RAM” for more info–this has helped me lower Fortnite ping significantly frequently!

8. Ping Test your Fortnite Server

You can use this Fortnite fix to determine where Fortnite servers are located and what the Fortnite ping will probably be like for users in that location. The lower the number, the better!

There’s a simple Fortnite ping chart that shows which countries have the highest Fortnite server locations.

9. Change Your Router Channel

Changing your router channel can also help Lower Fortnite Ping avoid interference from other appliances such as microwaves or wireless phones.

10. Fortnite Power Settings

This Fortnite fix is crucial if you run Fortnite on a laptop! If Fortnite says that your battery is critically low, it will drain your batteries faster than usual. It’s not Fortnite lag–just poor Fortnite performance because the processor can’t supply enough power to support Fortnite and your other devices while running off of battery only. Disable this setting for laptops unless you want your battery to die in 5 minutes flat!

These are some tips I used to lower my Fortnite ping.

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