List of 20 Jobs Where You Can Work from Home

Emmanuel Chekumbe

In this article, I will list the best jobs where you can work from home. While there are many jobs that you can do at home, I chose the top 20 jobs where people make an excellent income.

Many people are looking for jobs where you can work from home since it is much easier to work without commuting. Working from home can save you money on transportation costs and give you more time with your family.

Being able to make money while working at home is something that people are always looking for. The following list of 20 best jobs where you can work from home is ranked according to average income.

25 Jobs Where You Can Work from Home

Here is a list of jobs you can work from home based on average income. The following rankings are not official but are a good idea of what jobs you can work from.

1. Data Entry Specialist

The first type of job where you can work from home is data entry. Data entry is a job that requires no previous experience or education.

Many companies are looking for data entry reps to enter information into databases and other online forms.

The best thing about data entry jobs is that you can work whenever you want. You are not required to be at a specific place at any time.

Quick internet research will enable you to find data entry jobs.

2. Customer Service Representative

Another great job where you can work from home is customer service representative. Customer representative jobs are prevalent because you can help people solve their problems and issues.

Customer service representatives answer calls and emails to resolve customer complaints and questions.

This job offers the possibility of working on your own time since some companies allow their reps to choose their hours.

3. Transcriptionist

These days, most companies find that outsourcing transcription services are cheaper than keeping their staff of transcriptionists.

This is why many businesses and media companies are looking for people who can do transcription work from home.

To be a successful transcriptionist, you must have excellent typing skills and the ability to focus for long periods without distractions.

You can start as a freelancer, work from home, and slowly build your client base.

4. Web Developer

Many businesses want to increase their online presence by having a website designed. However, hiring professional web developers is expensive and time-consuming.

A viable solution for this problem is hiring people who can do the job from home.

Web developers are responsible for planning and creating web applications. They must be experts at programming languages.

5. Online Tutor

One of the jobs where you can work from home if you have excellent analytical skills is as an online tutor. Many companies hire remote tutors to assist their clients by providing tutoring services.

These companies usually have students studying online and need an interactive tutor to help them understand their studies. You can do this job anywhere because you teach your students lessons through Skype or other similar programs.

6. Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant does administrative and secretarial work. The great thing about this job is that you can do it from home and make up your schedule.

You can be a virtual assistant for several companies, such as an online company or another business.

This job is for you if you have good organizational skills, computer proficiency, and people skills.

7. SEO Specialist

SEO specialists are responsible for driving traffic to their client’s websites through search engines. You can do this job from home if you have excellent writing skills and know how search engines work.

Writing articles that help your clients get higher rankings on search engine results is one of the ways SEO specialists bring traffic to their client’s sites.

8. Translator

Translators are needed in many fields, from journalism to education and tourism to science. You can become a freelance translator or work for a company that sends you different projects that need to be translated.

You can do this job from anywhere worldwide because you can work online through email and Skype.

9. Online English Teacher

One of the best jobs where you can work from home is as an online English teacher. This job is for you if you have a degree in education and strong English skills.

You will be teaching students worldwide how to speak better English through Skype or other similar programs. This is a prevalent job that many people do successfully from home.

10. Graphics Designer

You can become a graphics designer with excellent computer skills and the know-how to use graphic design software. Many online companies hire graphic designers who will work from home.

Working as a freelance or an employee for one of these companies gives you the freedom to work at your own pace and set your hours.

Graphics designers are in high demand, so the competition for these jobs is not very competitive.

11. Online Writer

One of the best jobs to work from home with excellent writing skills is being an online writer. Many companies hire remote writers to do different kinds of writing projects. You will choose various tasks you are comfortable doing and get paid for your work.

If you want to become an online writer, you will need to have excellent grammar skills and a degree in writing.

You can get writing jobs on websites like Freelance Writing, Better Team, People Per Hour, and Authentic Jobs.

12. Social Media Manager

You can work as a social media manager if you have excellent communication skills and know-how to use social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You will be responsible for managing your employer’s social media platforms.

You can do this job from anywhere since you will do everything online. It would be best if you understood analytics and how to optimize social media platforms for different kinds of businesses.

13. Ghostwriter

You can become a ghostwriter if you are a good writer with strong English skills. Ghostwriters write for other people without getting credit for their work. This is an excellent job if you would rather not have your name attached to the writing that you do or want to write as a side job.

You can find clients on your own online through different websites such as Freelance Writing and Authentic Jobs.

14. Personal Trainers

Working as a personal trainer is one of the best jobs where you can work from home. This job is perfect for people passionate about fitness and helping others achieve their goals.

You will need to have a degree in health or exercise science. Still, after that, you can start your own business as a personal trainer or become an employee with one of the many online private training companies.

15. Remote Customer Service Agent

Another job where you can work from home is with an online customer service company. You will be providing support to customers who have questions or need help with their orders.

Working as a remote agent enables you to choose your hours and work for multiple companies simultaneously without commuting anywhere.

16. Personal Stylist

Working as a personal stylist is one of the best jobs where you can work from home. You will be helping your clients choose the clothes they want to wear and putting together different outfits for them after their shopping trips.

Since this is a creative job, you need strong communication skills and an innovative style. Being familiar with social media and knowing what is trending will be a bonus.

17. Makeup Artist

Many online companies hire freelance makeup artists to work from home. You can use your cosmetics or work as a contractor for a brand’s cosmetics line.

Working as a freelance makeup artist enables you to work for as many different companies as you want, and you can choose your working hours. You will need strong communication skills and the ability to adapt to new styles quickly.

18. Recruiter

Becoming a recruiter enables you to work from home while helping companies find qualified employees. You will need to have excellent communication skills since you will be screening potential candidates for hiring positions.

You can get jobs with different recruiting companies online.

19. Financial Planner

A financial planner assists clients with creating a financial plan for their future. You will need to have an understanding of different investment strategies as well as interpersonal skills. You can work full-time or part-time, but you must have a four-year college degree and work for one of the many online companies that hire financial planners.

20. Youtuber

Youtubers are video bloggers who film themselves doing different activities or talking about their lives. If you can create engaging videos, you can start your own business as a Youtuber where you will be working from home and having fun simultaneously!

You should have strong communication skills, the ability to engage your audience, and good camera and editing software.

In Summary

Working from home has become more prevalent in recent years. There are many different jobs where you can work from home and earn a good amount of money.

It’s important to remember that working online enables people to work for multiple companies without commuting, so they will most likely be working long hours.

If you choose this option for your career path, you must set a specific schedule.

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