20 Online Transcription Tools for Professional Transcribers

Do you need online transcription tools for professional transcription? You’re in luck! There are transcription tools designed to make transcription fast and accurate. Check out this blog post for a list of great transcription tools.

I have divided these tools into three categories: transcription software, transcription hardware, and transcription websites.

Let’s look into each of these transcription tools, shall we?

List of Online Transcription Tools

Software Transcription Tools

There are transcription software programs that can help to transcribe voice recordings. The Include:

1. Express Scribe

For transcription software, I recommend Express Scribe. This transcription tool makes transcription fast and accurate by allowing the transcriber to pause and restart the transcription process at any time while listening to a recording. The transcriber can also listen to the recording several times to produce an accurate transcription of what was said on the recording.

The transcriber can use the transcription software while either working offline or online. If you want to work online, then you would have to connect to transcription servers. This transcription software allows transcribers to transfer files back and forth between transcription servers.

The transcriptionist can add text into the transcription software using a keyboard with a standard QWERTY layout. They can also add a transcription markup language into the transcription software. This transcription markup language allows transcriptionists to mark and then playback their transcription using visual cues instead of hearing only what was said on the recording.

2. Freemake Audio Converter

Freemake Audio Converter provides transcription software that converts audio from one format to another. During the transcription process, you can select a transcription language for the transcription tool. Here are some transcription languages available in Freemake Audio Converter:

English, French, German, Italian, Mandarin Chinese (simple), Polish, Portuguese and Russian.

The transcriptionist can also select whether to use the transcription software online or offline.

3. Freemake Video Converter

Freemake Video Converter allows transcriptionists to convert video files into various formats to transcribe a spoken word faster and easier. You can select from some transcription languages like English, French, German, Italian, Mandarin Chinese (simple), and Portuguese. The transcriptionist can also use this transcription software to add a transcription markup language that will allow them to playback the transcription using visual cues instead of just playing what was said on the recording.

4. DFX Audio

Another great transcription tool is the DFX Audio transcription software, a transcription tool that works with Windows operating systems. The transcriptionist can use transcription tools like this transcription software to listen to recordings while transcribing them simultaneously. They can also load audio files into transcription software tools to convert them into text formats.

5. Slice Audio File Splitter

This transcription tool is used to split audio files into smaller chunks that are easier to work with. The transcriptionist can also use transcription software like Slice Audio File Splitter to review the transcription more easily.

For example, If you have long periods of silence in your audio, it can detect these and cut them out. This can help you to work faster.  

6. Dragon NaturallySpeaking Software

Dragon NaturallySpeaking transcription software is a transcription tool that recognizes speech and automatically converts it into text transcription. This transcription software can help transcriptionists to do transcription a lot faster.

The transcriptionist can also use transcription software like Dragon NaturallySpeaking to listen to the audio while transcribing it to check their transcription quickly and easily.

7. Grammarly

This is my favorite among the list of Transcription Tools.

Grammarly is a tool that can check the transcription of text for grammatical errors such as spelling and punctuation. I use it in all my writings, not only for transcription. You can always start with the free version, and if things go well, you can buy the premium version.

That ends my list of software transcription tools. We can now move on to hardware tools for transcription.

Hardware transcription tools

The transcriptionist can use hardware transcription tools to make them comfortable and work for a long time without strain.

8. Digital Foot Control transcription tool

Now transcriptionists can control their transcription software using a foot pedal. This transcription hardware is designed for transcription professionals, and it allows you to control your transcription software with the press of a button or switch.

The foot pedals come in two designs: USB and Serial transcription foot pedals.

Transcriptionists who use transcription software offline can connect the transcription foot pedal to their PC with a USB cable. The other serial type is becoming outdated now, and transcriptionists who use transcription software online will find that foot pedals help them tremendously, as transcription foot pedals are designed to work with transcription software.

9. Headphones

Any pro transcriber will tell you that headphones are one of the transcription tools they cannot work without.

Many transcribers will use closed-back headphones not to disturb anyone else in the room, but if you want to hear audio from around the room, you can use open-back headphones instead.

A good quality headphone is worth the investment, as transcription headphones will help transcriptionists hear what is on the recording even when there is too much background noise.

10. A Computer

The most crucial transcription tool is the computer. The transcriptionist needs a computer to open transcription software and visit online transcription websites.

I call the laptop or PC the mother of all online work for anyone who works online.

11. Ergonomic Chair

Another transcription tool transcriptionists cannot work without is a good-quality ergonomic chair.

The transcriptionist needs to sit comfortably to work for several hours when transcribing online. It is also important that the transcriptionist can easily access their transcription software and transcription computer, as they will need to use these tools frequently and with great ease.

A good ergonomic chair will be comfortable and provide great leg and back support. The transcriptionist can also adjust the seat’s height, as this transcription tool should allow transcriptionists to comfortably type, work on transcription software or visit transcription websites. A good ergonomic chair will also have armrests so that transcriptionists can rest their arms when they are not typing.

In summary, a good ergonomic chair will:

  • Have adjustable height and width
  • Be adjustable to fit your body size and sitting position so that you can sit comfortably for a long time.
  • Make the transcriptionist feel comfortable even after several hours in the chair.

12. A Foot Rest

A footrest is invaluable transcription tool transcriptionists should have in their home transcription business. While transcription software and transcription websites are beneficial for online transcribers, a footrest can also be used when transcriptionists need time to relax.

A transcriber needs an ergonomic footrest that will allow them to stretch out their legs and rest their feet. They may also want to use the footrest when working on transcription jobs online, as transcriptionists will be sitting for several hours at a stretch while transcribing audio recordings online.

The transcriptionist should know that there are different types of transcription footrests available in the market today. The transcriptionist can find transcription footrests that have padded tops or those that do not.

Transcription Websites

These are important transcription tools that you can access online. Most of these websites help transcribers get jobs online.

Here is a list of the popular websites for transcribers to get transcription jobs online:-

  1. FlexJobs.
  2. SolidGigs.
  3. GoTranscript.
  4. TranscribeMe.
  5. Rev.
  6. CastingWords.
  7. QuickTate.
  8. Tigerfish.

Final Words on Transcription Tools

Online transcription tools can make transcription fast and accurate, but the process of transcription is not easy. It requires a lot of focus to accurately transcribe audio or video files word for word to meet all transcription standards. Only with transcription software designed specifically for professional transcribers will you be able to keep up with this high level of accuracy over time. These transcription tools are essential if you want to get jobs online as a professional transcriber because, without them, it would take way too long to complete your work!

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