How to Fuliza Airtime From Mpesa in 2022

In the previous post, we showed you How to Fuliza from Mpesa. However, today, we will show you how to Fuliza airtime from Mpesa in three simple steps. Keep reading to learn how to get airtime from Fuliza Mpesa.

Just like Okoa Jahazi, you can now use either the TUPAY technology or PesaPal Fuliza Paybill numbers to buy airtime using Fuliza Mpesa.

These two companies have partnered with Safaricom to allow customers to buy airtime from Mpesa through Fuliza.

This post will use the TUPAY Technology and Pesapal Fuliza Paybill numbers for Fuliza Airtime from Mpesa.

How to Fuliza Airtime from Mpesa

Here is how to buy airtime from Mpesa using Safaricom’s Fuliza overdraft facility.

How to buy credit from Fuliza via Tupay Fuliza Paybill

  • Like doing a standard transaction, open Mpesa and select the “Lipa na M-Pesa” menu.
  • Select the “Paybill” option
  • Next, enter the Tupay business number 737373 in the field provided and click ok.
  • Lastly, enter the number you want to purchase credit (Use your number as the account number) and click the send button.

Wait For the systems user prompt to complete your transaction, and that is it! You have successfully purchased airtime through Fuliza Mpesa.

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How to buy credit from Fuliza via the PesaPal Fuliza Paybill

Let us take you through how to Fuliza Airtime from Mpesa using the PesaPal Fuliza Paybill number.

  • Open your Safaricom Mpesa menu, scroll down to “Paybill,” and select it.
  • Next, enter the Pesapal Fuliza Paybill number 220220 in the field provided and click ok.
  • Now, enter your number as the Account number.
  • Lastly, enter the airtime amount you want to Fuliza from Safaricom Mpesa and click the send button.

The systems user prompt will appear to inform you of your successful transaction, and this is how you Fuliza airtime from Mpesa using either Tupay or Pesapal Paybill numbers.

How to check Fuliza limit

To check your Fuliza Mpesa limit;

  • Dial *234#
  • Next, select “0” (Fuliza M-PESA) from the menu items.
  • Now, from the following menu items, you can decide to check your Fuliza Limit, Fuliza balance, or lastly, get a mini statement on your Fuliza M-PESA transactions.

You just learned how to buy credit from Mpesa using Fuliza. You can use either the TUPAY technology or Pesapal Fuliza Paybill numbers to purchase airtime using Fuliza Mpesa.

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