Safaricom Mpesa Withdrawal Charges

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Do you want to Withdraw money from M-Peas and are interested to know the new Mpesa Withdrawal charges? I have listed the Mpesa charges in a clear table for you to check out.

M-Pesa is a mobile money transfer service that allows users to send and receive money using their cell phones.

The service was launched in 2007 by Safaricom, a leading mobile phone operator in Kenya. Since then, it has become hugely popular, with over 30 million users in Kenya alone.

M-Pesa allows users to send money to each other quickly and easily, without a bank account. This is essential for many people who would otherwise have no way to access financial services. In addition, one can use M-Pesa to pay for goods and services or withdraw cash from ATMs. This makes it an essential tool for many people living in developing countries.

Mpesa Withdrawal Charges

Here are the current M-Pesa Withdrawal Charges from an Agent:

Minimum (Ksh) Maximum (Ksh) Mpesa Charges
1 49 N/A
50 100 10
101 500 27
501 1,000 28
1,001 1,500 28
1,501 2,500 28
2,501 3,500 50
3,501 5,000 67
5,001 7,500 84
7,501 10,000 112
10,001 15,000 162
15,001 20,000 180
20,001 35,000 191
35,001 50,000 270
50,001 150,000 300


As seen in the table above, Safaricom limits the amount you can withdraw. For instance, you cannot withdraw less than KSHs.50 at an M-PESA agent outlet.

The above table is for M-Pesa Withdrawal rates from an M-Pesa agent, and the one below if you are withdrawing from any ATM in Kenya.

Mpesa ATM Withdrawal

Minimum Ksh Maximum Ksh M-PESA Charges
200 2,500 34
2,501 5,000 67
5,001 10,000 112
10,001 20,000 197


You can also see all the M-pesa Charges in our other article.


The above Mpesa withdrawal charges are all that you need when withdrawing money. Mpesa also has an extensive reach in Kenya, making it the most convenient mobile money service.

M-Pesa is a safe and secure way to send and receive money and make payments. However, some charges apply when you withdraw cash from your M-Pesa account.

The M-Pesa withdrawal charges vary depending on the amount of money you withdraw and whether you are withdrawing from an agent or an ATM.

The M-Pesa withdrawal charges are not very high if you withdraw a small amount of money. However, if you are withdrawing a large amount of money, the M-Pesa withdrawal charges can be pretty high.

You should always check the M-Pesa withdrawal charges before you withdraw money from your M-Pesa account, not to be surprised by the charges.

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