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DStv Packages and Prices in Kenya

If you’re looking for the latest DStv packages, prices, and channels, then you’re in the right place. DSTV is a satellite television service provider in Africa, and this article highlights DStv packages and prices in Kenya.

DStv packages include DStv Premium, DStv Compact Plus, DStv Compact, DStv Family, and DStv Access. They also have add-on packages that customers can subscribe to.

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DStv Packages and Prices in Kenya.

Below are the DStv packages and prices in Kenya:

Access Package

This package has accessible 90+ channels. The number of HD channels is 10+.

This package goes for only Ksh 1,050 only.

Family package

The second package is the family package. The DSTV family package is a package that includes channels that are suitable for viewing by the whole family.

The DStv Family package is our entry-level package and is perfect for families who want to enjoy a wide variety of local and international entertainment at a great price.

 It is one of the most popular packages offered by DSTV Kenya and includes channels such as CNN, BBC World News, Nickelodeon, and Disney Junior. It goes for Ksh 1,500 and has 110 channels and 10+ HD channels.

The main advantage of the family package is that it is an excellent value for money. It includes all the channels available on the basic package, plus a wide variety of family-friendly channels. This makes it an ideal choice for families with children.

 Compact Package

The DStv Compact package is our lowest-priced package, available in both South Africa and Kenya.

It includes a selection of popular channels, including M-Net, SuperSport, KykNET, BBC World News, e.tv, and many more.

The package is Ksh 2,800 per month. It has 140+ channels and 25+ No HD channels.

There are several advantages of the compact package DSTV package in Kenya. Some of these advantages include:

  • The package is relatively affordable
  • The package offers a wide variety of channels.
  • The package is easy to install and use.
  • The package is compact and takes up less space

Compact Plus Package

The Compact Plus DSTV package is the most popular in Kenya. It includes all the channels in the Compact package plus a variety of additional channels such as SuperSport, Fox Life, National Geographic, and MTV.

The Compact Plus package has 155 channels with more than 30 HD channels. Each monthly package goes for Ksh 5,100 only.

The main advantage of the Compact Plus DSTV package is that it is the most affordable way to get all the channels that DSTV offers.

This includes all of the channels in the Compact package and many premium channels that are not available with the Compact package.

 In addition, the Compact Plus package also includes several channels that are not available with any other package, making it the most comprehensive package that DSTV offers.

Premium package

The premium package is also available in Kenya. The DSTV Premium Package is the most expensive and comprehensive package offered by DSTV.

It includes all of the channels in the other packages, as well as a variety of premium channels such as HBO, Showtime, and Starz…

The package goes for Ksh 8,400. The Premium Package also includes a DVR, which allows you to record and watch programs at your convenience.

DStv Packages and Prices – Add-on packages

While the table above details the main packages offered, you can choose add-on packages at an extra cost. Note that add-ons require an existing subscription to be paired with one of the packages in the table.

  • Great Wall: This addition includes Chinese content, including the China Movie Channel, Zhejiang, and CGTN Documentary. It comes at an extra monthly charge of KES 670.
  • Movies: This addition unlocks three more premium movie channels for a month. It costs an extra KES 700 per month to access.
  • French Touch: This addition unlocks French channels, including A+, Info Sports+, France 24, Piwi+, Novelas TV, Planete, Trace Africa French, and Teletoon+. It will cost you an extra KES 800 to access these channels.
  • French Plus: This add-on unlocks the top French channels, including A+, Canal+ Cinema Centre, Canal+ Sports 2 and 3, Canal+, France 24, Novelas TV, InfoSports+, Planete, Teletoon+, TF1, RTL 9, and Trace Africa French. It will cost an extra Ksh 3,600. Indian: This add-on unlocks 15+ Bollywood channels and costs an extra Ksh 4,200.

How to pay DStv via Mpesa in Kenya

You can remit your monthly subscription fee to MultiChoice via Mpesa. Follow the steps below to do it.

  1. Go to your Mpesa app/ SIM tool.
  2. Select Lipa na Mpesa then Pay Bill.
  3. Enter the DStv pay bill number 444900.
  4. Enter your DStv Basket ID (reference number) as the account number.
  5. Enter the amount you want to remit, confirm the details, and then click Ok.
  6. Wait for a confirmation SMS of your payment

Frequently Asked Questions on DStv Packages and Prices in Kenya

Which is the Cheapest DStv Package in Kenya?

The cheapest package is the access package which goes for Ksh 1,050.

Which is the best DStv package?

Premium is the best you can get from DStv for entertainment. DStv Premium costs Ksh 8,400 per month with 255 TV and audio channels.

How much is the DStv decoder in Kenya?

Ksh 10999. Ts and Cs apply. Please note that the PVR functionality on the DStv Explora decoder is subject to payment of a monthly KES1000 PVR Access Fee.


The DStv packages are pocket friendly, and with the wide variety of packages, you can now choose any of your preferences and enjoy the channels.

Now that you know, it is high time you visit any DStv shops, purchase the DStv, and enjoy the different channels offered.

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