What to Check When Buying a Used Car in Kenya

When buying a used car in Kenya, there are several things that you should check. These include the condition of the exterior and interior.

Doing this can help you determine whether or not the price is fair and what might need to be fixed.

Let’s get started.

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What to Check When Buying a Used Car in Kenya

Condition of Exterior and Interior

When buying a used car in Kenya, it’s essential to check both the exterior and interior conditions.

The outside condition will show how well the previous owner took care of the car.

Rust and dents can happen, but you should be wary if there seem to be many of these issues as they may indicate that the owner didn’t care for the car very well.

Check the headlights, tail lights, turn signals, etc., to ensure all are working. If there is any damage on the exterior, make sure it isn’t too much to fix.

Another thing to check is the dashboard, steering wheel, radio/CD player, etc. You can use vinyl cleaner to scrub off scratches and stains on car upholstery for any damage or stains.

Examine the Hoses and Belts

Under the bonnet, you should check for any visible leaks and examine all the hoses and belts.

Some places may be able to help you replace these if they’re worn or broken without having to buy a whole new part, so it’s good to ask them about this before doing anything.

Used Car in Kenya –¬†Inspect the Brake Pads

For the brakes, it’s best to let a mechanic inspect them.

However, if you want to do it yourself, an effortless way is to remove the wheel and brake pads one at a time and look through them for any damages or cracks.

Ensure the pads are at their thinnest for the most accurate results before inspecting them.

If they are, it’s good because the car will stop as soon as you press on the brakes.

Examine Undercarriage for Rust

It’s also a good idea to inspect the undercarriages of used cars before buying them.

This can help you determine whether or not there have been any accidents, and if there were, you could also see the extent of the damage.

For those who know how to do it, you can even test for any frame damage by moving and shaking the vehicle back and forth as much as you can.

If there is any minor damage such as rust or dents due to an accident, you can ask if they would be willing to lower the price.

Check the Transmission Fluid

Another good thing to check before buying used cars is the transmission fluid. If you’re not sure where it is located, ask the seller for help.

You’ll need to buy a special tester for this to determine if its life expectancy will be over and if it’s due for a change.

For those who aren’t sure how to do this, you can always hire a mechanic for this as well.

Check the Battery and Engine Oil

Another thing you should check before buying used cars is the battery and engine oil.

These two items will not only let you know about the car’s health, but if the seller doesn’t offer to let you check them for yourself, it’s usually not a good sign.

Ensure that it holds a full charge for the battery and can start up the car quickly. If there is any corrosion or rust, make sure they clean it off before using it.

Also, check if it’s sealed for older cars, which can help prevent future leakage. You’ll want to make sure that there isn’t any water or rust in the engine oil.

If there is, that means the car has been sitting for a long time and will need servicing immediately after buying it.

Used Car in Kenya -Check Under the Bonnet

Last but not least, checking under the bonnet for any problems is also essential. If you know how to check the oil level and top it off and other things such as battery fluid and coolant levels, you can spot any potential problems before they become an issue.

If anything looks suspicious under the bonnet, you should have a mechanic look at it before buying.

These things are simple to check and don’t require any special tools or knowledge. When you couple these things together, they can help indicate whether or not the price is fair and what might need to be fixed.

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The exterior condition will show how well the previous owner took care of the car and whether they might have neglected maintenance.

Additionally, checking for accidents can help show any damage to other parts of the car.

Checking for Accidents

When buying a used car in Kenya, checking for accidents is also essential. Make sure you check both the exterior and the interior of the vehicle, including any possible damage/welding to parts of it.

If there was an accident, it might have caused problems with other car parts that you need to know before buying.

For example, if the car was in a crash with another vehicle and the front bumper is damaged, it may have weakened the frame and caused problems with other parts.

Bring a Friend Who Knows Cars

Finally, it may also be helpful to bring along someone who knows about cars if you’re looking at a used vehicle.

They will help point out any problems that might not immediately jump out at you.

This can help you determine whether or not the price is fair and what else needs to be fixed.

Asking for advice from a friend or family member who knows about cars can help you determine if the price is right and what other problems might exist.

Take the Car for a Test Drive

Lastly, you’ll want to take your car of choice for a test drive.
This will showcase how well the car handles on the road and if any issues could potentially cost more. Here are some good questions to ask yourself while driving:

  • Does the car feel tight or loose on the road?
  • Can I quickly accelerate without hearing any weird sounds?
  • Does it look straight while going in a straight line?

Conclusion on how to buy a Used Car in Kenya

When buying used cars in Kenya, you’ll want to check for all of these issues as they may indicate that the owner didn’t care for the car very well.

However, if they did maintain a clean and healthy car, you can be sure that your next vehicle will last a long time before worrying about any issues.

Several things need to be checked before buying a used car in Kenya.

By checking these things, you can decide if the price is fair and what might need to be fixed for you to drive around in the vehicle safely.

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