How Can Africa Develop Economically

Anne Katana

In this article, I will share how Africa can develop economically.

Africa has a lot of opportunities to improve its economy and catch up with the rest of the world.

So if you ask yourself, “How can Africa develop economically?” you are asking the right question.

The following is the answer to your question.

What Does Africa Need to Develop?

The following are the things Africa needs to develop economically:

1. Improved Infrastructure

Good infrastructure, such as roads and electricity, is critical for countries to improve their economy.

For Africa to develop its economy, it needs improved infrastructure.

Some African countries have already made massive progress in this field and have created many new big roads that are also very modern.

But there is still work to be done.

To improve their economy, Africans have to continue improving the road network because, without good roads, it will be tough to do business.

2. Incentivize Private Investment

African countries need to incentivize investors and companies to invest in their respective countries and create jobs and opportunities for people.

This is one of the essential things African countries can do to develop their economy.

They need to create an environment where foreign companies can invest in Africa by providing them with tax benefits and exemptions from certain taxes.

They can take examples from countries like Dubai, which are very business-friendly and provide many incentives for companies to invest in Dubai.

There are several reasons African countries should make themselves attractive for private investment: they must end up with the money foreigners have earned.

3. Make Government Regulation Stable and Predictable

Another essential thing African countries can do to develop their economy is to make their government’s regulations more stable.

Stable and predictable government regulations help businesses run more effectively and efficiently.

Those kinds of companies can be incredibly beneficial for the country’s economy if they create jobs and opportunities for people and contribute to the GDP of Africa.

So African governments should focus on creating stable and predictable regulations, making it easier for entrepreneurs to invest in Africa and benefit from African countries’ natural resources.

4. Better & Mature Politics

Leadership in Africa has shown that it has a lot of room for improvement.

African countries need more excellent and mature leaders interested in helping their countries develop rather than getting rich.

Countries like South Africa, Ghana, and Botswana are African countries with better politicians because they lead by example and do not put themselves first. Still, they work on developing their countries rather than on their sound.

5. Improve Access to Capital for Africans

The financial system in Africa is not very good, and people have a hard time getting loans from banks.

This is especially true for small entrepreneurs who do not have a lot of collateral to provide to the bank to get a loan they can use for their business.

People need better access to capital because it will help them invest in their businesses, create jobs, and contribute to the African economy.

Without good access to capital, especially for small entrepreneurs, growing their businesses and creating opportunities will be tough.

To solve this problem, African leaders should unite and use their influence to improve Africa’s financial system.

6. Eliminate corruption

Africa is known worldwide as corrupt, and this has to change if the continent wants to develop its economy.

Countries like Botswana and Ghana are examples of African countries where corruption is not as bad as other African countries because they have shown that running a country without corruption is possible.

The governments in these countries should be used as examples by other African governments and should not tolerate corruption anymore.

To make Africa a beautiful continent for foreign investors, the leaders need to be more transparent, and it has to become clear who is involved in what decision-making process.

People can only trust a country when influential people are trustworthy because getting money from others without trust will be tough.

To improve this situation, African countries should use their influence to teach people about human rights, which are the backbone of any democratic society.

7. Improved Education & Skills Training

Many African countries have many problems with their education system; therefore, they produce people who are not skilled in finding jobs.

This is especially true for the young generation, who must find jobs after graduating from school or university if Africa wants to develop its economy. Otherwise, it will rely on foreign companies and foreigners investing in Africa.

Since Africa does not have enough jobs for all the people who graduate, educating young Africans so they are fit to take over existing businesses would be a good idea because this will help African countries create more jobs.

Some African entrepreneurs need employees but cannot find skilled workers, which means there is potential for creating jobs in Africa if more Africans can take over existing businesses.

The other option is foreign companies coming to Africa and creating jobs for people. However, this will not be sustainable because these companies will leave after some time if they do not find enough skilled employees.

Africa should educate its young generation in the best way possible to compete internationally and create opportunities for Africa to develop its economy.

8. Improved Health Care Systems in Africa

Health is one of the essential elements for a thriving economy because people have to be healthy if they work.

African healthcare systems are not as good as they should be because there are not enough hospitals or doctors, and many Africans do not get the treatment they need in time.

To develop its economy, Africa must improve its healthcare systems and invest more to get better access to needed help.

This would lead to a healthier population which is good news for businesses because healthcare problems can cause businesses to lose a lot of money.

If African countries want to develop their economies, they need a healthy workforce capable of working and creating jobs.

9. Human capital development

What Africa needs to develop economically is human capital development.

Africa has many young people eager to learn new things and have a lot of energy. The problem is Africans don’t get the opportunity to develop their skills.

Africa needs more young, skilled, and a few unqualified workers to develop its economy.

10. Adopt Technology

Africa has the youngest population; therefore, it must adopt Technology to compete internationally.

Many young Africans will be running Africa’s businesses someday and must adapt Technology to their companies. This will give them more chances of succeeding than those who do not use modern tools.

Africa needs to adopt modern technology into its businesses because this will help it become more competitive, and at the same time, this will create jobs.

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