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These are the Top Transport Companies in Kenya

Transport companies in Kenya offer an essential service to Kenyans. They ensure that goods get where they are supposed to be on time. Therefore, today we will list the top 8 transport companies in Kenya.

Transportation companies come in all modes and shapes. There are those companies that offer transportation of people from one place to another.

Others specifically specialize in the transportation of goods such as heavy machinery, cargo, spare parts, construction materials, moving services, etc.

This article will learn more about discussing those transport companies that offer logistics services in Kenya.

Top transport and logistics companies in Kenya

Here is a list of top transport companies in Kenya:

1. Roy Transmotors

Roy Transmotors is the first transport company that I ever learned about. It is one of the best transport and logistics companies operating in the region.

The core expertise of Roy Transmotors is in the transportation of:

  • Petroleum products
  • Refrigerated goods
  • Containerized cargo
  • hazardous products
  • perishable goods

2. Buzeki Entreprises

Buzeki enterprises is another top transportation company operating in Kenya. This transport and logistics company specializes in the transportation of loose cargo, containerized cargo, and abnormal cargo transportation.

As a result of the diverse range of services that Buzeki enterprises offer, it also has a wide fleet range to facilitate this.

The fleet ranges from petroleum tankers, cargo dropsides, flat-beds, low loaders, cover bodies, and tippers.

Moreover, this company has served several large clients such as the World Food Programme, Mumias sugar company, Unga Limited.

3. Siginon Group

Siginon group is one of the oldest transportation and logistics companies operating in Kenya. This company has over 31 years of existence in the Kenyan market.

Over the years, the Siginon group has amassed a wide range of expertise in the transport sector, enabling them to offer their clients the best service.

It does not matter whether you had shipped your cargo from China when it gets to the ports; Siginon is the best partner to help in delivering it to your doorstep.

What’s more, is the Siginon group can tailor-make transport solutions to its customers based on their needs.

4. Hakika Transport Services Limited

Hakika transport services also limited ranks among the best transport companies in Kenya.

This transport and logistics company offers various services, including transportation of empty containers, steel transportation, transportation of imports and exports, and container storage.

Feel free to drop an email to them at info@hakikatransport.co.ke if you have more inquiries.

5. Seacon Kenya Limited

Just as the name suggests, Seacon Kenya limited is homegrown. This top company offers the best services in air freight, road freight, and ocean freight transport.

Therefore, it ranks as the most diversified transport and logistics company operating in Kenya and serving the region.

In addition to the freight services listed above, Seacon Kenya also offers warehousing services to its clients. Ensuring the security of the stored goods to avoid loss or damage.

6. Freight Forwarders and Logistics Kenya

This is another top logistics and transport company in Kenya. This company is one of its kind as it operates both in East and Central Africa.

It is a market leader in the clearing and forwarding industry offering transportation services for people in the following industries.

  • mining services
  • oil and gas industry
  • infrastructure services
  • Aid and relief services

7. Cipro Logistics

Cipro Logistics leads in freight logistics. It is one of the top best logistics companies operating in Kenya.

This company will ensure that you get the best experience while transporting cargo from one place to another.

8. Kenfreight

Kenfreight is a leading transport and logistics company in East Africa. Moreover, it has over 35 years of experience and clearly shows how it has grown its market share across the region.

If you would like to experience a stress-free wholesome experience, try Kenfreight logistics today.

Transport Companies In Kenya Conclusion

Businesses these days do not have to rely on one mode of transport to get their cargo and goods delivered from one place to another.

A wise business person will choose a reliable and more experienced transport company to handle all their transport issues.

It’s my sincere hope that you find this list to be helpful.

Anne Katana
Anne Katana
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