The Top 10 Cars in Kenya

Patrick Lumumba

Buying a car in Kenya is an exciting endeavour with many options to choose from. This post looks at the top 10 cars in Kenya today. We highlight key features, prices, and reasons for the popularity of these vehicles among Kenyan drivers.

Read on to discover the best sedans, hatchbacks, SUVs, and more to find your perfect match.

1. Toyota Fielder

top 10 cars in kenya - Toyota Fielder

The Toyota Fielder tops this list thanks to its optimal blend of reliability, spaciousness, fuel efficiency, and affordability. Priced around KSH 1,650,000, this practical midsize station wagon has a roomy cargo area, making it a family favourite. Rugged enough for Kenyan roads, the Fielder requires low maintenance while delivering many miles before needing repairs.

2. Toyota Axio

Toyota Axio

The Toyota Axio, an economical sedan with a starting price of about KSH 1,550,000, is closely trailing the Fielder in popularity. Featuring modern amenities and a comfortable ride, the Axio offers reliability alongside fuel efficiency and a compact size suitable for navigating congested Nairobi streets.

3. Toyota Vitz

Toyota Vitz

Also called the Toyota Yaris abroad, the Vitz hatchback is a well-loved compact car across Kenya, with an accessible price of around KSH 1,100,000. This agile car allows easy driving through crowded areas while pampering passengers with features like Bluetooth connectivity.

Owners also benefit from good fuel economy.

4. Mazda Demio

Mazda Demio

For those seeking a sportier hatchback, the Mazda Demio delivers agile handling starting from approximately KSH 1,100,000. With its sleek contours and vibrant colours like red and blue metallic, drivers will feel like they’re zipping along in a race car engineered for twisty roads.

Advanced tech features also impress tech-focused buyers.

5. Nissan Note

Nissan Note

The uniquely spacious yet compact Nissan Note presents versatile options for around KSH 1,000,000. Combining roominess, fuel efficiency, and comfort with advanced safety innovations, this hatchback/crossover attracts professionals, growing families, and farmers needing to carry equipment.

6. Honda Fit

Honda Fit Price in Kenya

Also sold internationally as the Honda Jazz, the Fit hatchback justifies a higher cost of about KSH 1,150,000 by being profoundly versatile. The famous “Magic Seat” allows owners incredibly convenient cargo space reconfigurations.

A smooth ride, energetic handling, and a modern interior make every trip enjoyable.

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7. Toyota Probox

Toyota Probox

Rugged, durable, spacious, and affordable, the Toyota Probox has earned a stellar reputation as a commercial vehicle available from approximately KSH 1,100,000. Business owners transporting goods over rough rural terrain have come to depend on this van that takes everything thrown its way while asking little in return.

8. Subaru Forester

Subaru Forester

Drivers wanting an all-wheel drive SUV capable of confidently handling off-road conditions can expect to invest around KSH 3,400,000 in the highly rated Subaru Forester. Beyond traction technology enabling adventure, the Forester features ample safety innovations, roomy seating, and trademark reliability.

9. Toyota Succeed

Toyota Succeed

Constructed specifically to meet business needs, the Toyota Succeed starts around KSH 1,200,000. Companies focused on transporting groups trust this van to comfortably convey employees and clients to remote destinations while supporting demanding daily usage.

10. Suzuki Alto

Suzuki Alto

One of the most affordable options is closing out the list, the Suzuki Alto. Priced at only KSH 650,000, this compact runabout delivers excellent fuel economy in a small yet surprisingly spacious package.

New drivers and commuters on tight budgets often select the Alto as their trusty vehicle for zipping around the city.


This closer look at Kenya’s top 10 most popular cars, starting from only KSH 650,000, reveals an array of excellent automotive choices catering to all lifestyles and purposes. Drivers favour these vehicles from Toyota, Mazda, Nissan, Honda, Subaru, Suzuki, and more due to optimum reliability, efficiency, practicality, and performance attributes.

Speak to an auto expert like Antony at Alianzi Motors in Mombasa for help picking your perfect match from among the leading sedans, hatchbacks, vans, and SUVs driving Kenyan roads today. Reach out to him at 0723387168 or 0780387168 to start your journey of owning a car today. 


What are the most reliable car brands in Kenya?

Toyota, Subaru, and Honda have the strongest reputations for reliability in Kenya based on dependable performance across high mileage on rough roads. Nissan and Mazda also produce exceptionally durable models.

Which car is best for Kenyan roads?

The Toyota Fielder provides an optimal balance of rugged build quality, fuel efficiency, maintenance affordability, interior spaciousness, and reasonable pricing to handle Kenya’s road conditions. The Fielder, Axio, and Vitz consistently rank as top choices.

What should I look for when buying a used car in Kenya?

Carefully examine used car interiors, exteriors, tires, fluid levels, lights, electronics, and test drives while confirming ownership papers. Target newer models with full-service histories from original owners driving low total miles. The most reliable brands will best withstand Kenya’s demanding driving environment over higher mileage.

Are Chinese cars suitable for Kenya?

Chinese brands like FAW, BAIC, and Changan offer very affordable new vehicles in Kenya but currently need more reputations for long-term durability and part availability versus Japanese models. However, if prioritizing a smaller initial investment over longevity, these cars present options starting under KSH 700,000.

Which is the lowest-priced car in Kenya?

The cheapest new cars in Kenya start from around KSH 650,000 for the economical Suzuki Alto or Chinese imports by brands like FAW, BAIC, Changan, or Chery. Second-hand vehicles offer lower pricing but higher risk and uncertainty around original quality or current mechanical conditions after the previous usage.

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