30 Small Scale Manufacturing Business Ideas

Anne Katana

Small scale manufacturing business ideas can be a great way to start a new company. Smaller companies are typically more agile in adjusting their products and services much faster than larger corporations.

Smaller firms also have lower capital requirements because of their size, so they may not need much funding before production.

Creating a business is never easy. It takes time, money, and hard work to get started, and it cannot be easy to stay afloat without some help.

The following 30 Small Scale Manufacturing Business Ideas list will give you a starting point for your venture.

With the right amount of dedication and determination, any of these businesses could be successful in the long run.

Take time now to read through this list carefully so that you are prepared when opportunity knocks on your door! Start exploring these ideas today, and soon enough, you may find yourself with a new company all set up and ready to go!>=)

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30 Small Scale Manufacturing Business Ideas

Small-scale manufacturing businesses offer many different job opportunities: machine operators, assemblers, fabricators and repairers, electricians, or mechanics, among others.

There are many different ways to get into the manufacturing business. Here are 30 Small scale manufacturing business ideas to get you started.

1. Metalworking – Fabricating and Welding Metal Parts

Metalworking is a versatile trade that can fabricate and weld metal parts for all products.

This type of work is often seen in the automotive and aerospace industries, but one can apply it to a wide range of applications.

This is a very popular type of manufacturing because all it takes to get started is basic welding equipment. You can find metalworking jobs at various businesses in most country areas.

2. Wood Parts Production and Assembly

Woodworking is a very popular type of manufacturing because it is a skill that can be used to create a wide variety of products.

Woodworking is often seen in the furniture industry, but it can also be applied to other fields such as construction and even boatbuilding.

This type of work requires some basic woodworking tools and skills, but it can be profitable if done correctly.

3. Sheet Metal Parts Production and Assembly

Sheet metalworking is very similar to the process of woodworking, but it typically involves larger equipment.

This type of work can be found in many industries, including construction and automotive manufacturing.

You will need welding equipment, air compressors, hand tools, sheet metal brakes, punches, shears, etc. You can create a huge range of products if you have this kind of machinery in your shop.

4. Product Packaging Design and Assembly

Product packaging is a basic requirement for all manufacturers, but it can also be a very profitable business in itself.

Large companies focus solely on product packaging and assembly in the food industry.

If you have access to this type of manufacturing equipment, you may want to consider starting your own packaging company.

You will need a packager to create special boxes for your products for this business. Creating custom packaging should be easy with the right materials, equipment, and other machinery!

5. T-shirt Screen Printing

T-shirt screen printing is another popular form of small-scale manufacturing because it can be used in various ways.

This type of work is seen in the entertainment industry, but it can also print custom shirts for businesses.

Creating these types of products does not require much equipment or special skills, so you should be able to get started with very little investment.

You can create t-shirts for nearly any occasion with the right t-shirt screen printers. Show off your creativity by getting into this fun, simple business idea.

6. Graphic Design and Print Production

Print production and graphic design are very popular for entrepreneurs because they can be used in various applications.

Graphic artists are typically employed to create posters and other artwork in the entertainment industry.

However, this work can also be done for businesses and educational facilities.

To start this type of business, you will need a computer and graphic design software. Once you have the equipment, this business is very simple to operate.

To get started in this business, you should understand graphic software programs like Illustrator or Photoshop.

You can create banners, logos, or other promotional materials to sell to various businesses.

7. Concrete Block and Ceramic Tiles Manufacturing

Ceramic tiles are a product that is used in construction and renovations.

However, the process of creating these products requires advanced machinery.

As long as you have access to this equipment, making your ceramic tiles is simple!

You will need some very large molds or forms to pour concrete and cure the tile to get started with this business idea.

You will need a kiln to dry the tiles and a molding machine to create them in bulk.

It is a very physical job with long hours, making it difficult for someone without much experience.

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8. Molding and Casting.

Molding and casting is another basic manufacturing process that requires advanced machinery knowledge.

For the most part, this type of work is used in large-scale manufacturing facilities to produce plastic parts.

However, if you have access to similar forms of equipment, then you can use it yourself to create molds for all kinds of products!

This business idea requires a bit of upfront investment, but it can be very lucrative. To get started with this business idea, you will need some molds and the equipment to pour your molds and let them cure.

Molding and casting is a versatile manufacturing process used in almost any industry!

9. Custom Furniture Design

Have you ever walked through a furniture store and wondered how the pieces were created?

You will need some of the same equipment used in commercial furniture production for this business idea. You can then create custom designs for customers!

To get started with this business idea, you will need computer-aided design (CAD) software to create designs for furniture.

It is important to understand carpentry, joinery, and woodworking to create quality products.

You should get started very quickly if you have the right equipment available.

10. Jewelry Manufacturing

This type of business is especially popular among people with artistic backgrounds.

It generally requires a large up-front investment, but the profits can be very lucrative when done correctly.

If you have access to lathes and other metalworking equipment, you should consider starting this type of business!

To get started with jewelry manufacturing, you will need some CAD software to design your products.

It is also important to understand metallurgy, gemstones, and set stones in jewelry.

Once you have the equipment available, it is fairly simple to start this type of business.

You should sell your products online or at local craft shows to start this business idea.

11. Woodworking

This business idea is similar to furniture manufacturing, but it does not require expensive equipment.

To get started with this small-scale business, you will need a few power tools and a place to work!

You can use woodworking for a variety of products.

Many people use woodworking to create custom furniture, but it can also be used for wooden toys, cutlery, or even decorative pieces!

To get started with this business idea, you should look for local workshops or commercial businesses that make furniture.

You could also advertise at local craft shows to sell your finished products.

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12. Textile Production: Sewing Clothes, Making Curtains or Upholstery, Weaving Carpets or Rugs

Textiles are one of the oldest types of manufacturing in human history.

This type of business is labor-intensive, but it can be very profitable. If you have access to sewing equipment, you should consider starting this business idea!

To get started with this business idea, you will need sewing machines and other forms of textile production equipment.

You should also understand how to use different textiles in your projects!

This type of business is especially popular among stay-at-home moms, students, and retirees.

13. Small Scale Manufacturing Business Ideas – Food Production

Food production is one of the important manufacturing industries in the world.

It can be a lucrative business idea because people need food to survive!

Start this type of business by selling your products at farmers’ markets or local restaurants.

To start this type of business, you will need food storage and processing equipment.

You should also understand food safety and sanitation and some basic cooking skills.

This business idea can be very profitable if you have the right customer base!

14. Candle Making

Candle production is often home-based, but it can be a lucrative business idea.

Start this type of business by selling your products at local craft shows or using direct sales.

To get started with candle making, you should understand different waxes and the proper safety precautions to take while melting them down.

You will also need some equipment like molds for your candles or even making them using the traditional method.

15. Craft Beer Production

Yes, who would have thought creating your craft beer is a business idea!

Craft beer production is a growing industry all over the world.

It can be not easy to get started with this type of business without knowing how to brew beer, but it can also be an easy business opportunity for people who are already brewers!

To get started with craft beer production, you will need equipment for brewing beer.

It would be best if you also understood different hops and yeast strains.

When it comes to marketing your products, many craft breweries rely on local restaurants to sell their product!

16. Pet Food Manufacturing

This is one of the few manufacturing business ideas where the finished product does not require much human intervention!

It can be a lucrative business idea, but you need reliable suppliers for your raw materials.

Start this type of business by selling your products at local pet stores or using direct sales with the help of the internet and social media.

17. Canvas or Leather Bag Production

People will always need bags, and there’s no better way to create them than by hand!

You can start this business with a simple sewing machine and stitching skills.

This is one of the most low-tech manufacturing business ideas, so you don’t need much in the way of equipment to start selling your products.

If you work hard and build your clientele, then the return on investment could be worth it for this type of business.

18. Toilet Paper and Wipes Manufacturing

Getting started with this type of business can be easy because there is a high demand for quality toilet paper and wipes!

You need to know your way around machinery and packaging, but it’s not too complicated.

To start this type of business, you will first need machineries like a tissue machine and toilet paper converting equipment.

It would help if you also understood what it takes to get your product approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

19. Custom Pet Toy Manufacturing

Pet toys are one of the most common products people buy for their furry friends, but there’s no reason you can’t start making them yourself!

It is also important to know about the products you are selling, so do some research before beginning this type of work or hire someone who does.

20. Garment Production

This is one of the most popular manufacturing business ideas because it has always been easy to start!

Most people know how to sew to create their products.

You only need sewing equipment and materials to get started with garment production.

It can be hard to get started because many other businesses are already competing for their market share.

You should also invest in machinery that will help streamline your production process.

21. Paper Cups and Paper Plate Production

People are always in need of disposable plates and cups!

Manufacturing your paper cups and plates can be a lucrative business if you manage to get them off the ground.

So many different events require disposable tableware, so you will always have customers!

To get started with this type of business, you will need some machinery for producing paper cups and plates.

It would help if you also had in mind that you’ll need to get licenses and meet any relevant environmental regulations where you live.

22. Soap Making

Soap making is one of the oldest manufacturing business ideas for a reason.

It’s easy to produce your soaps and lotions because there aren’t many ingredients needed.

You need some form of machinery, though, which means you should plan on investing at least a few hundred dollars into production equipment.

To get started with this manufacturing business, you will also need to know the difference between natural and synthetic ingredients, so do some research.

This is a very easy business to get started because there are so many soap product suppliers that can supply you with wholesale items to sell.

You could sell your finished products to local retailers if you are not interested in selling online or choose to sell at retail locations and online.

23. Ice Cream Manufacturing

Few things in life are more satisfying than ice cream on a hot day!

Manufacturing your own is one of the most profitable small-scale business ideas because people love it so much.

You can get started with a simple machine and ingredients but invest in other equipment to make your process more efficient.

You will need some form of machinery like an ice cream mixer or an ice cream maker to get started.

24. Cold-Pressed Juice Production

Juicing is one of the most popular health trends, and people are always looking for ways to get healthier.

Cold-pressed juice production can be a good business idea because people love the new flavors introduced daily!

It’s important to start this manufacturing business with some background in food products to know how your finished juice will taste.

You should also know about food safety and be willing to invest in quality machinery because it can affect the flavor of your finished juice.

This is a good manufacturing business idea because you can sell your juices at juice bars and retail locations like supermarkets.

25. Custom Beauty Products Manufacturing

People are always looking for new products to try out, so it’s easy to get started with beauty product manufacturing.

You can make all kinds of customized beauty products like shampoo and conditioner, lotions and oils, deodorants, etc.

To start this type of business, you will need some machinery like mixers for making your cosmetic products.

You can sell your products at retail locations or start an eCommerce store to sell online.

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26. Small Scale Manufacturing Business Ideas – Leatherworking

Leatherworking is a lucrative business idea because it can be done by hand or simple machinery.

You need to know leather types and the right techniques for cutting, sewing, and shaping them into products people want.

You’ll need some tools like leather cutters and small machines like irons and sewing machines to get started.

It’s also important to know how to use leatherworking tools if you go the traditional way.

Selling your handcrafted leather products at retail locations like flea markets can be profitable, but starting an eCommerce store is better in the long run.

27. Paper Bag Making

It’s surprisingly simple to make your paper bags, and you’ll be surprised at the demand there is for them!

You can begin producing these bags with a simple machine that folds them into shape.

Other equipment like cutting solutions and other machinery will help you produce high-quality finished products.

Paper bag production can be a great business idea because you can sell them at retail locations and online.

28. Mineral Water Plant

People are willing to pay a high price for quality bottled water, making manufacturing plants a profitable business idea.

To get started, you’ll need some machinery like bottle-filling machines, after which you can begin producing your labels.

Selling your water at retail locations and online is a good way to generate revenue, but wholesale distribution is better for growing profits.

29. Envelop and File Making

Envelop and file making is a good business idea because people need to organize their papers.

Paper, envelopes, and files are relatively inexpensive products to make at home with machinery like cutting machines.

Another great benefit of envelope and file production is that you can produce them in different shapes and sizes for your customers.

Selling your products wholesale to offices is a good way to get started.

30. Herb and Spices Mixing

Lastly on our list of 30 small-scale manufacturing ideas is Herb and Spices Mixing.

Spices and herbs make great products to sell because they are in high demand and relatively inexpensive to make.

You’ll need some machinery like mills and mixers to get started, but you can experiment with different recipes and spices after getting the hang of it.

Using a label printer to brand your finished mixes will help you stand out from your competitors.

Retail locations like shops and markets are good places to sell your mixes, but an online presence is better in the long run for growing profits.

In Summary.

Small scale manufacturing business ideas are not just for big corporations. Smaller entrepreneurs can profit by producing flour, minerals, water plants, and more with simple machinery.

These products may be sold at local retail locations or online to reach customers worldwide!

Manufacturing small-scale products can be a profitable business venture. The ideas we’ve listed are just a sampling of the types of products you can make.

We encourage you to do your research and find a product that meets the needs of your target market.

Manufacturing at home is a great way to get started, but remember to invest in good-quality machinery if you want to produce high-quality finished products. What type of small manufacturing business ideas do you like?

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