How to Send Money to Kenya from the UK

Anne Katana

Are you looking for ways to send money to Kenya from the Uk? This article will take you through some of the top ways to transfer money to your family and friends in Kenya from the Uk.

You may spend more money while sending money to your friends or family without knowledge of money transfer. You should quickly send money to Kenya from the UK at a cheaper cost with this knowledge. Through an app, you can use the forex bureaus through your PC while you are online and through your bank account.

There are different money transfer providers that you can use. They have different ways of helping you send money, and you can choose the one that suits your needs. To make the right choice, you need to know about the money transfer service providers that can give you the service you need.

Ways to send money to Kenya from the UK

Here are the best eight ways that you should know about:

When you want to send money to Kenya from the Uk, you need to convert it into Kenyan Shilling. So, you will ideally want to find a transfer service with a great exchange rate.

Previously, they limited international money transfers to banks, which led to customers being charged highly. Currently, there are many alternatives to banks. Competition between the banks is also high, so it has become more affordable to send money to Kenya from the Uk.

So what options do you have?

1. MoneyGram

For sending money to Kenya from the UK, MoneyGram has various options that you can choose from. The payment is received through MoneyGram pick-up locations 10 minutes after sending the money when you send money.

An alternative is for MoneyGram to send the money directly to the recipient’s account. However, this method may take a lot of time due to the logistics involved with the bank you are dealing with. Issues include good funds availability, systems availability, banking hours, local laws and regulations, and verification systems approval.

Finally, you can transfer money directly to the recipient’s mobile wallet account. Within minutes, you can send money to Kenya from the UK in Kenya Shillings through MPESA.

2. PayPal/Xoom

PayPal has a division known as Xoom that has partnered with Safaricom to enable money transfers from abroad directly to MPESA accounts within 24 hours. You will get updates through texts, online access from your mobile device or PC, and email notifications. Besides, you will get a money-back guarantee. This means that you will get a refund when the recipient does not receive the money.

3. Western Union

This company has existed for more than 130 years, and you may have heard about it. It has been dominant for decades when it comes to international money transfers. Its operations are almost similar to those of MoneyGram.

You can use their agent locations to send money through an app online. The recipient can go to agent locations to collect the cash in person or transfer the money directly to their bank accounts.  With Western Union, you can choose whether to send money directly from your bank account or your credit/debit card.

4. Payoneer

This money transfer service provider gives you a United States bank account as a US resident. This allows you to receive money from everywhere in the world. For residents of Africa, Payoneer is used to withdraw money from PayPal.

Because PayPal does not allow money withdrawal from most African countries, Kenya included, you need a Payoneer MasterCard to work around this. The other option is to withdraw money from your PayPal account using Equity Bank. However, it takes 3 to 10 business days, depending on the amount.

5. World Remit

This is the most trusted, most convenient money transfer service provider and the fastest way of sending money from the UK to your friends and family in Africa, Kenya included. You can send cash through the recipient’s mobile money account like MPESA, a pickup location, or directly from your bank account. Also, you can send airtime to Kenyan mobile networks such as Safaricom, Orange, and Airtel.

6. Skrill

Formerly known as Moneybookers, Skrill is a major PayPal competitor. It features low fees, a free setup, and the ability to send text messages directly from your account. You can send money to any MPESA account in Kenya using Skrill. It is not required for the recipient to have a pre-registered MPESA account to receive the money you send.

7. Transfast

This is an online money transfer service provider in America, Europe, Asia, Australia, and Africa in over 120 countries. With Transfast, you can directly deposit money to some Kenyan banks, including Standard Chartered. Barclays, Bank of Africa, Citibank. Diamond Trust, UBA Kenya, Ecobank, and many more. The recipient can get the money through pickup locations or directly through MPESA.

8. NationHela

NationHela is another reliable online money transfer service that allows you to send money from Uk to Kenya. You can send money directly to the NationHela account subscriber or any bank in Kenya.

If you send money to a NationHela account holder, the recipient can get a NationHela card from Nakumatt Supermarket or Diamond Trust Bank. The holder then activates the card using their mobile phone.  Also, they should fill in the registration form that comes with the pack and return it to any NationHela agent or  DTB branch.

9. Send Wave

Transfer money to friends and family in Kenya quickly, safely, and affordably. Trusted by over 600K users. Send to M-PESA mobile wallets and select banks.

Link your debit card, verify your identity, and start sending money quickly. Skip the line and send money from your phone to your loved ones.

10. ReWire

Transfer money directly to any Bank of Africa accounts or M-Pesa mobile wallet in Kenyan shilling 24/7. Your loved ones will receive the money within one business day.

Opening a Rewire account is fast, free & easy – enter your details, verify your identity, and you’re all set. That’s it! Most funds arrive in Kenya within one business day, with notifications keeping you updated for total peace of mind.

In Summary

The above information will help you decide on the mode of transaction you wish to use when sending money to Kenya from the UK, depending on the recipient’s needs.

While the charges differ from one method to another, it is imperative to check the transaction’s cost before deciding on a particular way. I wish you a great experience!

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