List of Road Signs in Kenya You Need To Know

Anne Katana

These are various road signs in Kenya for your Safety. Safety is a familiar word when talking about machinery, equipment, and vehicles.

I remember we were taught how to cross the road in the lower primary. We learned the meaning of the traffic lights (colors) and what to do before crossing the street.

It was like this: Look right, look left and look right again, then cross the road. I loved how we sang it out; beautiful memories.

Types of Road Signs in Kenya

Roads are an excellent infrastructure: ways can be helpful and evil. Safety is therefore of importance to us all, pedestrians and motorists alike. This information may be availed to licensed drivers, but it isn’t general knowledge of pedestrians.

When you look through the road signs manual, you will notice that they are classified into different categories.

1. What are Class A or Regulatory Signs?

These are u003cstrongu003emandatory signsu003c/strongu003e that you have to obey.u0026nbsp;Theyu0026nbsp;areu0026nbsp;u003cstrongu003ecircularu003c/strongu003eu0026nbsp;and enclose either a blue background containing white symbols or a red border aroundu0026nbsp;a white backgroundu0026nbsp;inlaid with red symbols.u003cbr /u003e u003cbr /u003eRed signs containu0026nbsp;symbols thatu0026nbsp;prohibit indicatedu0026nbsp;actions while blue signs prescribe necessary decisive action. u003cbr /u003eu003cimg alt=u0022Class A Signsu0022 src=u0022 /u003e

2. Which signs are Warning Signs?

These give notice of a hazard that lays ahead and in a way, request that you approach cautiously. These are also called Class B signs. u003cbr /u003eu003cbr /u003eu003cimg alt=u0022Road Signs in Kenyau0022 src=u0022 /u003e

What are Informative road signs?

These types of road signs in Kenya provide supplementary information about services and conveniences available along the road, such as petrol stations, parking, hotels, restaurants, hospitals and the like.u003cbr /u003eu003cbr /u003eThese are less demandingu0026nbsp;(other than signs for parking and hospitals) due to the proliferation of micro hotels,u0026nbsp;restaurants and other services.

Roads are to be used with caution by all road users. If you look at our cars section, you will learn quite as much about cars. But then what next? Take the necessary measures to know all the road signs to be more aware.

Ensure your safety and that of fellow road users by being informed.

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