How to Register for NHIF in Kenya (2024 Update)

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The National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) is a Kenyan government-owned health insurance provider. This article will guide you on how to register for NHIF in Kenya.

To register for NHIF, individuals must fill out an application form and submit it to the NHIF department.

The NHIF registration form is available online on the NHIF website, or one can obtain it from any NHIF office.

If you are an employee in the formal sector, your employer is responsible for deducting NHIF contributions from your salary and remitting them to NHIF on your behalf.

However, if you are self-employed or employed in the informal sector, you must directly make monthly contributions to NHIF.

The good news is that you can now register and make NHIF contributions online without visiting an NHIF office.

How to Register NHIF Online.

Registering for NHIF in Kenya is a simple process that can be done online, at an NHIF office, or via Huduma Centre.

The process is straightforward and only requires a few documents. After registration, you will be issued an NHIF card which you can use to access outpatient services at any NHIF-accredited hospital.

You can register for NHIF online as:

  1. Self-employed (informal sector)
  2. Employed (formal sector)

Here is how to register for the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) online in Kenya:

NHIF online registration for self-employed.

  1. Go to the NHIF website’s self-employed registration option
  2. Enter your details
  3. Scan and attach a copy of your identification document, i.e., ID or passport
  4. Scan and attach a passport photo
  5. Click to confirm your details
  6. Once you complete the registration process, the system will generate an NHIF number.


How do you register for NHIF as an employee?

  1. Go to the NHIF website employee registration option
  2. Enter your employer code-Get this from your company HR personnel
  3. Enter your employer’s name and KRA PIN
  4. Key in your details
  5. Scan and attach a copy of your identification document
  6. Scan and attach a passport photo
  7. Click to confirm your details
  8. They will generate an NHIF membership number once you finish the registration process.

What is NHIF?

National Health insurance is a public institution established in 1966 to provide mandatory health insurance to formal sector employees, and It later expanded its mandate to cover the informal sector in 1998.

The NHIF has registered approximately 600,000 civil workers, and their dependents are beneficiaries of the scheme.

Members of the parliament of Kenya passed a bill to make NHIF a mandatory scheme for every Kenyan.

This will see every Kenyan above 18 years compelled to the plan paying a minimum of 500 shillings per household.

The NHIF was formulated by the act of parliament act No.9 of 1998, legal notice of 1999, and Act No.18 of 2014.

They set up the scheme to see the disadvantaged individuals in society afford cheap medication.

Requirements for NHIF registration online

You can register at an NHIF office near you or any NHIF desk in the Huduma centre.

When applying to register for NHIF, there are several requirements that one should carry along to enable the process to be successful.

Ensure that you have the following requirements:

  1.  Copy of ID
  2.  Copy of spouse ID
  3.  Copy of marriage certificate or affidavit from magistrate court or an advocate
  4.  Copy of birth certificate for children above six months or birth notification for children six months and below
  5.  The registration fee of Ksh 1500 is three months of NHIF contributions. This applies to self-employed persons only.
  6. For employed persons, attach evidence to show you are in formal employment. e.g., letter of appointment or letter from employer. Your initial NHIF contribution will be deducted by your employer from your salary and be remitted to NHIF.
  7. Fill in the NHIF registration form.

Frequently Asked Questions on How to Register for NHIF

The following are the frequently asked questions about NHIF registration in Kenya:

How do I register for NHIF online in Kenya?

You need to go to the NHIF website, key in the registration option, and choose the option of Employed or Self-Employed according to your status. You can then follow the detailed procedure in the article above.

How much does it cost to register for NHIF?

The application is free of charge for members under the voluntary category. They pay Kshs500 per month or Kshs 6000 per annum as contributions. For those in formal employment, contributions are made as per their income.

How can I open an NHIF account?

For new members, you can dial *155# on any phone toll-free and register as an NHIF member. After registration, you will get the NHIF member number by SMS. You will now be able to access NHIF self-care services which include Payment of Monthly contributions, Payment of Penalties, and Arrears.

What documents do I need to register for NHIF?

  • A copy of the National Id or National Passport
  • A copy of the Employer Appointment letter, excluding self-employed
  • Coloured passport photo(including dependants if needed)
  • Original and copies of Birth Certificate
  • If you are employed, you are required to provide your Pin certificate.

How long does it take for NHIF to be active after registration?

  • Processing and issue of the membership card is – seven working days
  • Issuing urgent cards – one day
  • Issuing of company and sponsor code – 14 working days
  • Issuing of membership number is – immediately.

How do I select a hospital for NHIF?

  1. Go to the NHIF Self-care Online Portal
  2. Enter your ID Number
  3. The system will send a Password (OTP) to the phone number registered in the NHIF system.
  4. Enter the OTP
  5. Click Verify
  6. Click on the facilities menu on the homepage
  7. Select the county the facility is located in
  8. Choose or change a hospital to the one you prefer
  9. Repeat the process for every dependant

Can I use my NHIF in any hospital?

This question is a major one at the back of the mind of most people. You can access inpatient services in any NHIF-accredited hospital/ facility countrywide. However, you cannot walk into a hospital and demand outpatient services with your NHIF card.

How can I submit NHIF online?

Step 1: Prepare your MS Excel by-product.

Prepare your MS Excel by-product file in the required NHIF format using the latest NHIF rates for Kenya.

Step 2: Log in to NHIF online portal.

Browse to NHIF employer resource and log in with your employer code and password

Step 3: Upload NHIF ByProduct

Once logged in, click the ‘browse’ button and navigate to your saved excel by-product file on your computer.

Step 4: Validate and Submit NHIF ByProduct

Next, click ‘Validate ByProduct.’ This will download the contents of your MS Excel file and display them on your screen. Any errors detected will be highlighted in red by the NHIF system.

Step 5: Print, Pay and File a copy

The by-product number generated by NHIF online system will display with the PRINT option.

Please print this out and use it to make payment to the nearest branch of the following banks: National Bank, Co-op Bank, KCB, and Equity Bank.

Keep/file the banking slip safe as proof of payment for any payroll audits

To avoid penalties for late returns, ensure you make your monthly returns by the 9th of every month

Which hospitals does NHIF cover?

NHIF has made it easy for individuals who want to choose an outpatient hospital. Initially, one would have to visit an NHIF office or Huduma Centre to do this for you.

For you to choose a hospital, you must possess an active account. It is a good habit to check the status of your account often so as not to be caught off-guard when you need to seek treatment at an NHIF-accredited outpatient facility.

You can choose your hospital by dialling *155# or logging into the NHIF self-care portal. Alternatively, you can download the My NHIF app from the google play store and fill in the fields provided

NHIF Registration in Kenya Conclusion.

Registering with NHIF has more advantages which will see you get the best services in all NHIF-accredited facilities.

What are these benefits?

  • Upon admission, in-hospital and NHIF member is accorded services, and the hospital makes a claim to the Fund for reimbursement.
  • An inpatient cover for the contributor declared spouse and children
  • Provides comprehensive medical cover in the majority of over 400 accredited Government facilities, Mission health providers, and some private health providers across the country
  • Provides inpatient services in personal and high-cost hospitals on a co-payment basis
  • Comprehensive maternity and CS (Caesarean) package in government hospitals, the majority of missions, and some private hospitals
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