10 Tips on How to Reduce Fuel Consumption

Tim Jumah

Well, I bet you wanted to know this. Here’s how to reduce fuel consumption: There are many ways you can do this, but the best way is less about what you do and more about who you buy your car from.

If you have a dealership that inspects their cars before selling them, go with them. They will, in turn, have cars that get better fuel consumption.

But if you can’t find a dealer like this, you’ll need to make sure the car has the proper care before it goes on the market.

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Top 10 Tips on How to Reduce Fuel Consumption.

1. Check your tire pressure.

If you’re not sure how to check tire pressure, look in your owner’s manual or Google it. When the tires are properly inflated, they will give you better fuel consumption because there is less drag on the car when driving.

2. Avoid excessive idling.

When sitting in your car, especially when it’s cold outside, leave the car running for a few minutes before driving.

It might seem like a waste of fuel to sit and wait, but if you idle the whole time, not only could it overheat your engine (which is terrible), but using up all that fuel will eventually add up, and you’ll spend more money than if you just turned it on for some minutes.

3. Don’t make massive, abrupt starts and stops.

If you need to stop quickly, don’t stomp on the brakes or gun the engine to get it up to speed. This action will cause your engine to work harder than it should, thus using more gas. Instead, gradually speed up and decelerate as you usually drive, and your car will thank you.

4. Reduce Fuel Consumption – Don’t drive like a grandpa.

I once knew an older man with incredible gas mileage, considering he drove this old beat-up car that looked like it was straight out of the 1980s.

But if you can avoid slamming on your brakes and speeding through traffic lights, you’ll be able to get better fuel consumption. Try to maintain a constant speed and not put too much stress on your car.

5. Don’t leave your window open when it’s raining.

This act will only make your car more aerodynamic and thus use more fuel. Roll down the windows instead of leaving them open if you like fresh air. It will save some money at the pump. And you were speaking of saving money.

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6. Keep the weight down.

If you want to get a better fuel economy, try not to carry unnecessary cargo. Not only will it make your car go slower (and harder to control), but that extra weight makes the engine work harder and thus uses more fuel than necessary. Plus, it’s also illegal!

7. Change your air filters and clean the interior of your car periodically.

Your engine needs to breathe, too, so make sure nothing is clogging up the intake. And cleaning the inside of your car makes sense as well; who wants to?

If you haven’t already, check to ensure the air intake system is clean of any material. This action will save your gas because your car won’t have to work as hard to suck in enough oxygen.

8. Make sure your oil is clean.

An icon on your dashboard should tell you when to change it. You should do this every 4,828 km. If your oil is dirty, it will take more fuel to go the same distance than clean.

9. How to Reduce Fuel Consumption – Avoid aggressive driving.

Yes, it will save you fuel. But there’s no need to drive aggressively if you have a good car that already gets good fuel mileage.

Save the aggressive driving for the other people on the road polluting your environment with their sub-par cars.

10. Keep your car maintained.

This tip is also something I’ve already mentioned, but it can’t hurt to say it more than once. If your car is maintained the right way, it will get better fuel mileage. So keep up with maintenance so that you can get the best gas mileage possible.

11. Keep your windows rolled up while moving

This might sound like a weird suggestion, but I bet you would be surprised by how much it affects your fuel mileage if you were to try it yourself. If you keep your windows rolled up, the car doesn’t have to work as hard because there is less air resistance. That means it uses less gas.

The bigger the engine, the more gas is used. While it may be nice to have a huge SUV or truck to haul around eighty bags of concrete, think about how much extra money you’ll be spending on gas as opposed to if you had bought a

Lastly, make sure your car has been appropriately maintained. You can do this by checking your owner’s manual or Google how to do so as well. Poorly maintained cars will extract more fuel to achieve the same effect.

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Now you know how to reduce fuel consumption for your car! If you’re looking for cars that will help you do this, check out our new Facebook page, or contact us by email or phone. We look forward to helping you!

Yeah, that’s how to reduce fuel consumption. I know you’ll enjoy this good advice and share it if you like what you read here. Thanks for reading!

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