How to Redeem Bonga Points

Safaricom has a Bonga Points service, and in this article, we will show you how to redeem the points.

Safaricom has a Bonga points royalty service that rewards its subscribers with points every time they load airtime credit to their account by scratch card, M-Pesa, or third party. For every 10 shillings credit you top up, you are rewarded with 1 point. You can later redeem your Bonga points for Airtime, SMS, or internet bundles.

How to Redeem Safaricom Bonga points

First, you must enroll for the Bonga point royalty service by dialing *126#.

It will present you with a menu that has the following options;

  1. Get 8 Ksh airtime for 25 Bonga points
  2. Lipa na Bonga Points
  3. Check Bonga points
  4. Bonga deals
  5. Redeem Bonga Points
  6. Set or Change Service Pin
  7. Transfer Bonga Points
  8. Enroll

Select Enroll, and then Send. Follow through with the instructions to get registered. You will receive an SMS notification informing you that your registration has been successful. You will then automatically get ten free points to start you off.

How to check your Bonga Points balance

To check your Bonga points balance, dial *126#, and select Check Bonga Points.

It will present you with your Bonga points balance and how much they are worth. Each Bonga point is worth 20 cents (0.20  Kenya shilling).

From the *126# menu, you can even transfer your points to another Safaricom user enrolled in Bonga points. That is, provided you remain with a minimum of 50 Bonga points.

How to Redeem Bonga Points

You can redeem Bonga points for free Airtime, SMS, Internet bundles, pay for goods and services, Bonga deals, and even Kenya Airways Tickets.

Redeem Bonga Points for Airtime, SMS, and Internet Dial *126#  and Select Redeem Bonga Points. You can Select either Free Airtime, Free SMS, or Free Internet.

It will present you with the relevant menu showing airtimes, Safaricom to Safaricom SMS, or Internet bundles against the points required to redeem them.

Select what you qualify for and Send it. The free Airtime will be credited to your account immediately.

How to use Bonga Points to Buy Goods and Services

  1. Dial *126#  and Select Lipa na Bonga Points
  2. Select Buy Goods
  3. Enter Till Number
  4. Enter Amount
  5. Confirm and Accept payment

How to use Bonga Points to Pay a Bill

Using your accumulated Bonga points, you can pay for Startimes, GoTv, DSTV, Zuku, KPLC, and other bills.

You will follow these steps:

  1. Dial *126# and Select Lipa na Bonga Points
  2. Select Pay Bill
  3. Enter the Business Number
  4. Enter the amount you want to redeem in Ksh (each point is 0.20 shillings). Confirm payment and Accept to complete.

How to redeem Bonga Points for Free Phones, Tablets, and Accessories

You can redeem Bonga points phones by following the following steps:

  1. Dial *126#  and Select Redeem Bonga Points for Free Phones, Tablets, and Accessories
  2. You will be issued with a password number, valid for 48 hours.
  3. Present this password to any Safaricom Customer Care centers when collecting the gadget.

How to convert Bonga Points to Mpesa

  1. Have access to a Till number
  2. Redeem the Bonga Points via Lipa na Bonga Points option available via USSD code *126*1#
  3. The converted amount will be deposited to the Till number
  4. You can then proceed to withdraw the cash

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I convert Bonga points to cash?

To redeem their Bonga Points, ask the customer to dial *126# and select “Lipa Na Bonga. “ They will be asked to enter the Till No, the amount they want to pay, and their service PIN.

2. How are Safaricom Bonga Points calculated?

You earn one Bonga Point for every Kshs. 10 spent on the Safaricom network. One can redeem Bonga Points for rewards ranging from Talk-time (Minutes), Data bundles, MMS, and SMS bundles to merchandise redeemable at select retail outlets and Lipa Na MPESA Buy Goods till number and select Pay bill numbers countrywide.

3. Do Bonga Points expire?

Accumulated Bonga points will expire after a certain period which Safaricom will communicate. As soon as your points expire, the company can offer no cash refunds or compensations.

4. Can you buy KPLC tokens using Bongs Points?

Safaricom said the initiative would enable their 7.1 million domestic customers to redeem their Bonga Points to purchase tokens or pay their monthly bills at the rate of Sh20 cents per point. This means that if you have 5,000 Bonga points, you can buy tokens worth 1,000, which equals 60-65 token units.


You can manage to redeem your Bonga Points to buy either Airtime, data, or even pay for bills. If you have quite a reasonable amount of Bonga Points in your account and do not have Airtime, you can now enjoy communicating with your loved ones by simply following the above steps to redeem the points.

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