New WhatsApp Feature Changes Everything

Tim Jumah

The New Whatsapp feature is here, and it changes everything. The ability to use this app on multiple devices(Non phone devices) without needing an app on your phone for connection–it’s incredible!

In other words, the existing version of WhatsApp heavily relies on a smartphone app as the primary device. Equally important, The new WhatsApp feature will let you send and receive messages even if your phone battery is dead.

New WhatsApp Feature: What is it?

Multi-device Capability

It is now possible to use up to four Whatsapp devices (Tablets and PCs) simultaneously by removing the requirement that a single machine is the source of truth while keeping your data safe, secure, and synchronized.

“We’re rolling out this feature as a beta test,” the company said in a blog post. “Over time, we’ll improve the performance and add more features before enabling it for everyone.”

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Joinable Group Calls

WhatsApp on Monday began rolling out a new feature that will allow users to join group calls after they have started and the person missed them at first.

This will help users who are initially unable to answer the phone for the call because it can be seamlessly added even after it has begun.

Another noticeable feature introduced by WhatsApp is the new call info screen that shows all who are invited for a group conversation.

In previous versions of WhatsApp, you could add other members in an active call by participants already in the ring. The new feature will let you drop and rejoin a group WhatsApp call quickly if the call is still ongoing.

Users will be notified/alerted via a “Tap to Join” option on the WhatsApp calls log to join a missed ongoing call quickly.

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