NEMIS Portal: How to Register and Login in 2024

Ida Musyoka

The national education management information system was created by the government of Kenya to manage school, students and teachers across the country. It is an online platform that has helped with the decentralization of data so that everything can be accessed from one platform.

What Do You Need To Access the NEMIS Portal

  • Stable and fast internet connection
  • A fast and reliable web browser such as google chrome
  • Computer or laptop with at least 2.4HZ and 1 GB random access memory
  • Computer with applications such as ms word and excel
  • Camera for taking student photos
  • Printer

Who Are The Users Of NEMIS?

  • The government – the government uses NEMIS for data collection. Through the data provided by school managers and teachers, the government is able to manage and distribute resources. They are also able to make important decisions about the education sector.
  • School managers – school managers use NEMIS to manage the local affairs of the school such as teacher attendance and school performance.
  • Teachers – teachers use NEMIS to manage student data and academic reports.
  • Students and parents – They get information about performance and attendance from the portal.

What Is Required To Register A School To NEMIS?

  • Details about the school – This is a long process as it involves giving all the details about the school such as name, type, ownership, infrastructure and other needed information
  • Staff information – number of teachers in the school, their qualification and any other information.
  • Student information- name, date of birth, gender e.t.c
  • Registration legal documents – school registration certificate, licence and others
  • Email address for official communication

How to Register a School to NEMIS Portal

  • Go to the official NEMIS website
  • Go to the new registration section
  • After the registration form appears select the preferred institution
  • Fill in data about the school, staff and students
  • Check the information to make sure that it is accurate
  • Submit the application form and wait for confirmation

How to Register a Student to NEMIS Portal

If you want to register a student, you have probably done the school registration so you already have an account with NEMIS. Here are steps to follow for student registration:

  • Log into the NEMIS account
  • Go to the student registration section and click on it
  • Enter student personal details such as name, gender, birth details etc.
  • Fill in the academic details such as their grade, subjects and other details
  • Enter additional details regarding the parents
  • Confirm whether the details are correct and submit
  • Wait for confirmation message

How to Register Form 1 Students on NEMIS Portal

  • Get school reporting documents (admission letters?)
  • Log into the schools NEMIS portal using UPI and password
  • On the dashboard go to the learner module
  • From the drop down menu select admit/capture
  • Search the student using their KCPE index or UPI number
  • Click on admit to enrol them into your school

How to Register Primary School Student

  • Log into the NEMIS portal
  • On the dashboard go to the learners module
  • Go to the registration tab since you are now registering and not admitting students
  • Enter all the details on the space provided
  • Counter check the details for accuracy and save the details

How to Find Your NEMIS Number

  • Go to the official NEMIS website
  • Navigate to the registration choices option
  • Go the dashboard, find activation menu
  • An OTP will be send to your phone
  • Copy the OTP send to your phone and enter it to your computer
  • Wait for a text message with your NEMIS number

NEMIS Modules

NEMIS modules are the different sections of the portal depending on the users. The NEMIS platform is an inclusive portal with different users. Unlike popular belief, it is not just teachers and schools that have access to the platform. Here are some of the different NEMIS modules:

  • Organization/school module – this is where all the schools and institutions of learning are registered. On this module, information regarding school details, facilities and even staff is entered. It is the platform way school owners and managers enter all the information.
  • Student portal – this is section for students and learners. You can find information about students such as personal details and academic information. On this platform you can generate information about school performance.
  • Financial module – education requires financial planning. On this module, you find budgets, financial tracking and monitoring of the school resources.
  • Teacher’s module – teachers also have a module where you can find information such as qualification, performance tracking and subject specialization.
  • Examination module – the examination module is used to generate students’ results, set exam schedules and generate grading reports for students.
  • Data reporting – this is where you generate reports and analyze data required for decision making.
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  • Hello! I have students who were called to other schools but have joined our school, now I have managed to update their details and I’m told ‘learners details successfully saved’ but no UPI number shown. How can they be given UPI numbers?

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