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Top Kenyan Hairstyles for Ladies in 2022

This article will look at the top latest Kenyan hairstyles for ladies in Kenya.

It is the nature of ladies to strive to look good at all times. Not only is dressing their objective but also plaiting unique hairstyles is one of the core factors for their beauty and good looking. In this case, we are talking about hairstyles that are likely ta amaze and cause a positive reaction to their counterparts at any given place.

This year, the inventory has done its job for fashion. New hairstyles have been established to suit the need of these women who got the urge to look outstanding.

Latest hairstyles for ladies in Kenya

The following are the top hairstyles for ladies in Kenya.

Abuja lines

Over the recent years in the Kenyan hairstyle fashion industry, Abuja lines have been on the top, and seemingly the style will never fade away anytime soon. The low maintenance cost is among the factors that make it an option for even modern women; obviously, every person tends to save on their expenses.

Abuja lines have also been proven easy to install, and this is brought about by creative stylists who come up with different hairstyles using the Abuja braid.


Many ladies opt for short natural hair rather than wigs and weave; in Kenya, ladies tend to show off their natural tresses, attributed to different factors. The availability of ready products that care for natural hair has made it possible for anyone to be outstanding.

It is also a cheaper alternative so that the maintenance cost does not become hectic. The hair only requires extra coloring, which is not compulsory. The style makes you remain youthful in appearance.

Natural hair gives you options of trimming it to different styles. You can create a mohawk or add a side fade.

Faux Locs

Mentioning the latest hair designs without saying faux locks can be archaic. Faux locs are well-designed artificial locs. This type lasts longer, and it protects your natural hair too.

Depending on your comfortability, you can perhaps rock these locs for two to three months with good maintenance.

One thing that makes them peculiar to many girls is that they are ideal for those who want to grow dread locs but are not ready to wait for a long time .there are many ways to rock faux locs, this may be side-swept, bob, bun, half updo and even with bangs. if you want to embrace a style that is going to make you look good, then faux locs may be a better option

 Bandika lines

This style saves you time, and you will not spend long hours in the salon.

Bandika lines help you give your hair a break from all the pulling, heat, and chemicals? These braids are keenly crafted to complement a personal sense of style and then fixed on the wearer’s head.

It is a popular hairstyle in Kenya because it is easy to install and requires minimal maintenance. The styles suit any event, be it formal or informal. It does not require a lot of processes but only applying a spray, and you are good to go.

 Marley twists

Marley twists are protective and also low maintenance. These twists are so versatile that one can style them differently; Marley twists are not very many on the head, implying that you will need more packs for thicker sizes.

Marley extensions are the best hairs to use when installing Marley twists, and you can opt to make them long, crochet, short, shoulder-length, bob, or any other style that suits you.

Box braids

Despite many styles emerging, the love for braids remains unbeatable; the simplicity of box braids complements all hair types and makes them one of the most famous women’s hairstyles in Kenya.

Styling box braids depends on personal preference. However, even when you opt for the most uncomplicated three stands, you will look amazing.

You can go for the classic black box style or give your braids an edge by choosing bold colors such as blue, blonde, green, pink, or maroon.

Curly wigs

Walking in Nairobi’s streets, it is nearly impossible not spotting women wearing wigs. Kenyan ladies love showing off their wigs.

Curly wigs are perfect for framing the face and giving anyone a youthful vibe. Regardless of the price, the trick to picking a good wig is to choose a wig cap made from a material that prevents itching.

Straight weaves with bangs

Depending on your preference, you can use a weave to play around with texture, color, and length. For many years women have been wearing weaves to protect their natural hair from daily upkeep routines and enhance beauty.

Women who want thicker hair can sew in weaves to add volume. Weave extensions vary from 8 to 32 inches, and you also have to select the right amount of bundles to achieve a glamorous look.

Kinky straight ponytail

A kinky straight ponytail will have people confuse it with your natural hair. This kinky ponytail is ideal for women with long to medium hair as you will need to gather your hair at the middle and the back of the head.

It is not suitable to put your ponytail high on the head, and you can go for low over the neck, on the sides, sleek and tight, or loose.

Bob braids

The bob braids are one of the trendiest classy styles a lady could opt for in Kenya. It is edgy, modern, adds volume, and prevents damage. With the right accessories, you can give your bob an excellent glimpse.


These trendy Kenyan hairstyles for ladies’ styles can suit any lady who prefers to put them as their style. The techniques are classy and new in this age. Ladies love elegance and want to keep up with the latest hairdos to ensure elegance is enhanced. When choosing a hairstyle, it is also essential to consider what hairstyle may look more appealing.

Alicia Beth
Alicia Beth
Alicia is a beauty professional and skin care expert. She is the founder of a successful beauty Masterclass. She also writes about beauty and skincare related topics on Nasonga.com


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