Top 10 Most Famous Landmarks in Kenya

Samirah Muthoni

Kenya, a country in East Africa, is home to many famous landmarks. These landmarks in Kenya attract tourists from all over the world and are a significant source of revenue for the Republic of Kenya.

But do you know which landmarks in Kenya are the most famous and frequented?

Below is a list of the top ten famous landmarks in Kenya:

Famous Landmarks in Kenya

The following are some of Kenya’s famous landmarks you should see:

1. Mount Kenya

famous landmarks in Kenya

Kenya’s most famous landmark is Mount Kenya. This strategically placed mountain lies at the heart of this East African country and provides breathtaking views for visitors from all over the earth to enjoy.

The highest peak of this famous Kenyan landmark is 5,199 meters tall, making it the second-highest peak in  Africa after Mount Kilimanjaro.

Mount Kenya is a Kenya landmark that is a very popular tourist attraction for both local and international visitors to Kenya.

The Mount Kenya National Park, a forest reserve home to various flora and fauna, surrounds the mountain.

Mount Kenya is also home to many animal species, including:

  • Elephants
  • Tree hyrax
  • White-tailed mongoose
  • Black-fronted duikers
  • Mole rats
  • Bushbucks
  • Waterbucks
  • Elands
  • Leopards
  • Black rhinos
  • and Buffaloes

2. Lake Victoria

Lake Victoria - famous landmarks in kenya

Also known as the second-largest freshwater lake globally, Lake Victoria is one of the famous landmarks of Kenya.

Its surface area spans over 68,000 square kilometers, and it is Africa’s largest lake. The lake provides many opportunities for tourism throughout its Kenyan, Tanzanian, and Ugandan sides.

If you are visiting western Kenya, then this lake is a must!

3. The Maasai Mara

Famous Landmark in Kenya

This world-famous game reserve is in southwestern Kenya and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country.

The Maasai Mara covers an area of 1,510 square kilometers and is home to many animal species, such as

  • Lions
  • Cheetahs
  • Leopards
  • Giraffes
  • Buffalo
  • Eland antelopes
  • and Elephants.

It is even known as the best place in Africa to spot the ‘Big Five,’ including lions, leopards, elephants, rhinos, and buffaloes.

Maasai Mara is where the 8th wonder of the world, The Great Wildebeest Migration, occurs.

4. The Great Rift Valley

Famous Landmark in Kenya Rift Valley

This world-famous valley stretches along the eastern side of Africa and is a well-known landmark in Kenya. It includes many lakes, extinct volcanoes, and other geographical formations.

One of the most famous landmarks within the Great Rift Valley is Lake Naivasha, Hell’s Gate National Park, which forms part of the valley.

We know the park for its many exciting features, such as

  • The Geothermal Valley–a geothermal area full of boiling springs and steam vents
  • The Olkaria Geothermal Station–the largest in Africa
  • Vultures’ Cliff–where vultures can be seen nesting on the cliffs

5. Lamu Archipelago


This group of islands is located off the coast of Kenya and is one of the country’s most popular tourist destinations.

The archipelago comprises:

  • Pate Island
  • Lamu Island
  • Manda Island
  • and Kiwayu Island.

Visitors to this archipelago enjoy many activities, such as sunbathing, swimming, snorkelling, and diving.

One of the most famous landmarks in Kenya, Lamu Old Town, is also on these islands and allows visitors to explore its historical buildings and scenery.

6. The Ngong Hills

Ngong Hills

The Ngong Hills is a beautiful spot on the outskirts of Nairobi and offers unparalleled views of the surrounding area. The height they’ve located means you can enjoy these scenic landscapes from anywhere, not just up close!

Karen Blixen, who wrote about them in her book Out of Africa, made the Ngong Hills famous.

Today, the hills are a popular tourist attraction for those visiting Nairobi, providing an excellent place for hiking, running, and picnicking.

7. Fort Jesus

Most Famous Landmark in Kenya - Fort Jesus

This historic fort is in the coastal city of Mombasa and was built by the Portuguese in 1593.

It is one of Kenya’s most popular tourist destinations and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

We know Fort Jesus for its many features, such as:

  • The Pier–extends out into the ocean and was used to dock ships
  • The Barracks–which were used to house the fort’s soldiers
  • The Cathedral–which was used for prayer and worship
  • The Prison–which was used to detain prisoners
  • and The Roofs were used to provide shelter for the soldiers and their families.

8. KICC Tower

KICC Landmark

The KICC Tower, or Kenyatta International Convention Centre Tower, was once the tallest building in Kenya and offered beautiful views of Nairobi.

They completed the tower in 1973, with a height of 105 meters.

It is used as a convention centre, office building, and hotel.

The KICC Tower is a popular tourist destination for those visiting Nairobi and is a great place to view the cityscape.

9. Vasco da Gama Pillar

Vasco Da Gama Pillar

You cannot miss the Vasco da Gama Pillar when you visit Malindi.

This famous landmark is located on the beach and commemorates the arrival of Vasco da Gama in Malindi in 1499.

The pillar is made of white marble and stands at 12 meters.

It is one of Kenya’s most popular tourist destinations and offers beautiful views of the Indian Ocean.

10. Tsavo National Park

Tsavo - most famous landmarks in Kenya

The Tsavo National Park is Kenya’s largest and oldest national park and offers some of the country’s best safari opportunities.

It spans an area of 8,200 square kilometers and has many animals that call it home, such as Lions, Leopards, Buffaloes, Giraffes, and cheetahs.

We know this park for its many features, such as:

  • Mzima Springs–one of the largest freshwater springs in Kenya and is home to a variety of fish and crocodiles
  • Tsavo River–a large river that runs through the national park and offers spectacular views of hippos and crocodiles
  • Kanderi Swamp–home to many types of waterbirds
  • Mudanda Rock–a popular destination for rock climbers
  • Elephant Watch Hill has some of the best views of elephants in the park.

That’s it, the most famous landmarks in Kenya. When visiting Kenya, check out some of these fantastic places for yourself!

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