FairKash Loan App Application and Download

Simon Mwangi

FairKash loan app is an app-based cash advance service designed to provide easy access to funds when needed. It’s fast, secure, and efficient, allowing consumers to borrow up to “Ksh 60,000” without waiting weeks or months for approval. FairKash offers competitive interest rates and flexible repayment plans to repay borrowers quickly.

Who is the Fairkash Loan App Best for?

The FairKash loan app is best suited for those who need access to short-term loans. This includes people who have an emergency expense or need to cover immediate bills. It’s also ideal for those seeking a cash advance with competitive interest rates and flexible repayment plans.

The app is open to Kenyans over 20 with an active Mpesa account and valid identification.

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Who is FairKash isn’t right for

FairKash isn’t suitable for everyone. It is not available to those with bad CRB status or no credit history, and the loan can be expensive for those without a steady source of income.


FairKash has specific eligibility criteria, with applicants needing to be 20 or over, have an active Mpesa account, a smartphone, and have a valid ID. It would be best if you also had a good credit score and a source of income.

It is important to note that the loan amount is subject to credit checks, so the amount you can borrow depends on your circumstances.

Interests and Fees

FairKash Loan App provides access to quick and easy loans with competitive interest rates and fees. The app claims to offer loans from KES 3000 to KES 60,000 for repayment periods of 91 days up to 365 days.

Depending on the loan amount, a one-time service fee may be up to 8%, and the interest rate can range from 3% – 18%. The minimum APR is 20.1%, while the maximum APR is 80.2%. Furthermore, users can build their limit up to KSh 60,000 by making timely repayments( We highly doubt that).

Customer Reviews

FairKash has a 3.7-star rating on the Google Play store based on a thousand (1,000) reviews. Customers have generally had a negative experience with the app, citing poor and rude customer service and exorbitant interest rates. However, some customers have praised the app for its convenience and quick access to cash.

Repayment of FairKash Loan Via Mpesa Paybill

To avoid extra charges while paying for the loan, pay early to increase your limit. Easily pay your FairKash loan via Mpesa as below:

Go to Mpesa Menu

Lipa na Mpesa

Choose Paybill option

Enter Business Number – 4074255

Select Enter Account Number (Input your Safaricom Mpesa Number)

Enter the amount to repay

Enter Mpesa Pin, then send


We reviewed the Fairkash loan app based on the following:

  • Loan Cost: We looked at the interest rates and fees charged.
  • Eligibility: We analyzed the eligibility criteria for taking a loan with FairKash.
  • Customer Reviews: We read customer reviews to understand the app’s performance better.

In conclusion, FairKash Loan App is a convenient way to access quick cash, but it can be expensive. Those considering a loan should read the FairKash terms and conditions carefully before applying or downloading the app. We recommend researching other loan apps to find the best option for your financial needs.

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