Esports Entrepreneurs: Build your Business Empire from Pixels and Passion

Anne Katana

From being just a niche hobby to a multi-billion global industry esports is still a novelty for most of solvent audiences. Turning passion into a business requires knowledge and expertise, although you don’t need to be an eathlete. Let’s explore how it works.

Shoutcasting academies: Give voice to the game

Like any other, esports needs someone to comment on what’s happening on the screen, especially with the speed of the action in most of the games when it’s hard to grasp every event. Shoutcasters are the ones who help with that, and this profession is in demand.

You can start your own shout casting academy. Offer courses in voice training, game analysis, and on-camera presentation. You can teach online or set up a physical training center.

Start from recruiting youtubers/twitch users, who stream video games or casino ones, like aviator game, available at the link.

Focus on niche markets. Perhaps you specialise in training shoutcasters for specific games or regional tournaments. Your expertise could be in demand as new esports titles emerge.

Esports cafés: Create a physical meeting place in the digital world

Esports cafés are more than just internet cafés. They are social hubs where gamers can meet, compete and experience esports together.

Design your café with a unique twist. Maybe you offer VR experiences or have themed areas based on popular games. Think about how you can create an immersive atmosphere that appeals to different types of gamers.

Organise events and tournaments. Work with local esports organisations to host qualification tournaments or viewing parties for large international events.

Data analytics for esports: Turn numbers into tactics

Data is huge in esports and might be the difference between win or lose. Organisations are ready to pay good money to those who will prove themselves well in the analysys department.

Develop software to analyse game data. Your tool could help teams identify patterns in their play, optimise strategies or scout opponents.

Offer consulting services. Work directly with teams to interpret data and develop game plans. Your expertise could be particularly valuable for new teams trying to establish themselves in the professional scene.

Esports education: Train the stars of the future

Esports is more than just being good at playing. It requires discipline, teamwork and strategic thinking. Start an esports school that focuses on developing these skills.

Offer a comprehensive curriculum. Include topics like mental health for gamers, physical fitness for esports athletes and business understanding in the esports industry.

Create partnerships with established organisations. Your education programme could become a pipeline for talent to professional teams or esports-related businesses.

Esports merchandise with a twist: Go beyond t-shirts

Fans love to show their support for their favourite teams and players. But esports merchandise can be more than just logos on clothing.

Design functional gaming gear. How about ergonomic chairs designed specifically for long gaming sessions? Or customised keyboards with unique features for specific games?

Create limited edition collectibles. Work with artists to produce high-end figurines of iconic esports moments or characters.

Virtual Reality Esports: The next frontier

VR technology is becoming increasingly advanced, opening up new possibilities in esports.

Create VR esports arenas. Design physical spaces where players can compete in VR games while the audience watches.

Develop training tools in VR. Help esports athletes improve their reaction time or spatial awareness through custom-designed VR exercises.

Esports for everyone: Inclusivity as a business model

Esports has the potential to be inclusive for everyone. There is a market for making competitive gaming more accessible.

Design adaptive controllers for players with physical challenges. Collaborate with engineers and ergonomic experts to create innovative solutions.

Pixels to profit: Your esports journey starts now

While the esports business may seem complicated, time-consuming and technically challenging, try exploring this niche. Here your unique ideas can be met with enthusiasm, and the player community will always tell you how to improve the product with feedback.

The industry is growing so fast, we can already argue with some classic sports, both in terms of numbers of fans and earnings. So prepare a business plan and maybe you’ll be the next person to have a successful entrepreneur career in esports.

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