List of 10 Best Driving Schools in Kenya and their Fees

With the Best Driving Schools in Kenya, you will never have to worry about getting a driving license. These schools are specifically tailored for people who want to learn how to drive and need help. There are various topics that these schools cover, including defensive driving, rules of the road, and more!

This article is all about Best Driving Schools in Kenya, so if you’re ready to get your driver’s license, then this is where you should be looking!

Best Driving Schools in Kenya

Here is a list of the Best Driving Schools in Kenya in no particular order:

1. Rocky Driving school

Rocky Driving School is Kenya’s most prestigious driving school, with locations throughout Nairobi, Thika, Eldoret, and other cities.

Get started any time by signing up for a class or training session.

Their Driving Training Course features;

  • A flexible class schedule,
  • Classes offered year-round,
  • Flexible drive times, including weekends
  • Top-notch, state-certified instructors
  • One-on-one behind the wheel instruction,

Their fees start at 14,500 for 20 lessons in their smallest car category.

2. Glory Driving School

Glory Driving School is one of the best driving schools in Kenya. Glory offers a wide range of classes and courses to suit your needs, experience, and budget – from beginner driver training for those with little or no previous experience to advanced driver refresher programs.

Get started any time by signing up for a class or training session. For all vehicle categories they offer:

  • A flexible class schedule,
  • Classes offered year-round,
  • Flexible drive times, including weekends
  • Top-notch instructors knowledgeable in every aspect of their respective fields- be it motorcycles, automatics, or economical cars!

Glory Driving School charges Ksh. 12,000 for the driving course- a total of 15 lessons.***

3. Petanns Driving School

Petanns Driving School has been a mainstay of the Kenyan driving school scene for quite some time now. They have grown from strength to strength and are among the most respected driving schools in Nairobi, with branches as far away as Mombasa and Kisumu.

Petanns Driving School provides high-quality training that meets international standards.

The School offers the following courses:

  • Petanns Basic Driver Education Course (PDE)
  • Petanns Advanced Driver Education Course (ADEC)
  • Petanns Professional Drivers Training Programme (PDTP)
  • Petanns Instructor Development and Certification Programme.

Training takes place in their high-quality training facilities with a classroom environment conducive to learning and an outdoor setting for practical driving lessons. The instructors are all qualified, experienced professionals who will guide you through every phase of driver education and help you meet your goals. In addition, they offer flexible payment options, including monthly installments so that it fits into any budget! Contact them today to find out more about these courses or schedule one.

Their fees start at 7500 for 10 lessons.

4. Heltz Driving School

Heltz Driving School is one of the top driving schools in Kenya that provides an opportunity to start learning how to drive from a professional instructor who has been certified by Kenya’s Road Safety Authority. Heltz also trains people on their own road safety knowledge regarding traffic rules, laws, and road signs. Heltz offers comprehensive courses that are set up specifically targeting children aged between 14 years old or less than 18 years old, along with those adults above 50 years of age (with valid ID).

5. AA Kenya

AA Kenya, which stands for the Automotive Association of Kenya, is the oldest driving school in Kenya.

It is one of the top driving schools in Kenya that offers different courses to suit everyone’s needs. AA Driving School has been providing quality and efficient driver training for many years.

AA school also provides intensive programs for both learner drivers and trainee instructors who want to teach others how to drive a car by understanding all aspects from theory, practicals, rules, and regulations, etcetera.

They offer a wide range of services such as:

  • Learner Driver Courses for individuals who have never driven before and want to learn how to drive from scratch with an intensive course which includes theory, practicals, rules and regulation, etcetera;
  • Trainee Instructor Course where instructors can be trained on all aspects of becoming teachers by understanding all aspects including practical, theoretical, etcetera;
  • Motorcycle Licensing Class or Training provides riders with skills to manage any situation they might experience while riding motorcycles to be more confident and better drivers.

It will cost you, Kes. 15,400 to take all 30 driving lessons.

6. Sony Driving School in Kenya

Another top driving school in Kenya is Sony driving school. Sony is situated in Nairobi CBD and has a dedicated team of professionals who teach both learners and drivers to drive safely.

Sony instructors are skilled not only as educators but also as mechanics if the need arises.

Sony is a preferred driving school because of its high-quality service and competitive prices. Sony offers the following services:

  • – Driving lessons for all types of vehicles, including manual cars, automatic cars, or scooters
  • – Sony instructors are skilled not only as educators but also as mechanics if the need arises
  • – Sony drivers interested in improving their skills can join one of Sony’s special courses to become qualified instructors; they will earn more on average than others with just a basic driver’s license, and commercial learners can study towards obtaining their professional qualifications. Too! This course includes theory tests that help students learn how to teach safe driving techniques when instructing learner drivers and conducting road safety campaigns.

7. Seniors Driving School

Seniors driving school offers their learners a choice of driving courses, they are:

  • Seniors Driving Course
  • Seniors Driver Improvement Facilitator Training Courses
  • Seniors Instructors Training Courses.
  • Defensive driving
  • Refresher courses
  • Automobile safety
  • First Aid course

The school has a presence across the country in places like:

  • Central
  • Eastern
  • Chania
  • Western
  • Kajiado
  • Thika Superhighway

8. Top Gear Driving School

Top gear driving school is a leading driving school in Kenya. Their instructors are all highly qualified and experienced professionals who provide safe tuition throughout every stage of your learning process, from introducing you to practical vehicle control at their excellent Top Gear Driving Academy up until when it is time for you to take your final exam and get out onto Kenyan roads!

The full course entails:

  • Practical lessons
  • Theory lessons
  • Basic mechanical lessons
  • First Aid lessons
  • Video theory lessons
  • Assessment test
  • Handouts
  • Driving test passing guaranteed

9. Imperial Driving School in Kenya

Another great driving school is Imperial Driving School Kenya. Imperial is a growing driving school with a team of highly-trained, qualified, and NTSA approves instructors who are passionate about teaching you to drive safely.

The Imperial training course includes:

  • Practical lessons
  • Basic mechanical lessons
  • First Aid Lessons
  • Video theory lessons

10. Iqra driving school

Last but not least is Iqra driving school. The school is located in Nairobi and offers driving lessons for both manual and automatic cars. Iqra driving school has some of the most experienced, qualified instructors who will ensure you pass your test with ease.

  • Practical Lessons
  • Theory lessons
  • Basic mechanical lessons
  • First Aid Lessons
  • Video theory lessons
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