Cost of a DNA Test in Kenya and Hospitals That Offer Tests

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The cost of your DNA test in Kenya can vary depending on what you’re looking for in the result.

New medical discoveries are constantly being made, and DNA testing is no exception. While DNA tests can’t change your life by determining if you’re predisposed to specific health conditions, they can determine who your relatives are.

How much does a DNA test cost in Kenya?

According to the KIBS website, the average price for the most common type of paternity testing is about Ksh 10,000 per person and Ksh 20,000 for the child, plus the alleged father.

This type of testing is the cheapest DNA test in Kenya, but keep in mind that this type only involves one or two people. If you’re looking for multiple people, it will cost more.

For example, if you are concerned with testing an entire family’s DNA, say you want to test everybody in your immediate family. It will be around Ksh 10,000 per person, and if they are all related to you, it will still cost another Ksh 10,000 for each family member.

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Types of DNA Tests in Kenya.

The cost of a DNA test varies depending on what you hope to learn from a DNA test. Below are the three most common types of tests and their costs:

  • Paternity Testing/Unbiased Genetic Testing – Ksh 10,000-20,000 per person tested (excludes alleged father)
  • Siblings Testing – Ksh 10,000 per person tested (includes all siblings)
  • Grandparent testing – Ksh 10,000 per person tested (excludes parents)

So, what are the Requirements for a DNA test?

Testing one person’s requirements is pretty simple; cheek swabs, sample blood, hair, or nail will suffice.

But if you want to test more people, it can get a bit more complicated. Most of the time, you will need saliva from every individual being tested.

So if you have your spouse and two children, that makes three separate samples. Then, if anyone is unavailable to provide a saliva sample, that number can go up.

Contact your doctor or talk to a genetic counselor for more information about DNA tests. To learn more about what you might do with the results of your DNA test, speak to your doctor and genetic counselor.

List of hospitals offering DNA tests in Kenya.

  1. The American Embassy.
  2. Kenyatta National Hospital.
  3. The Nairobi Hospital.
  4. Lancet Laboratories, Kenya.
  5. Bioinformatics Institute of Kenya.
  6. KEMRI
  7. EasyDNA Kenya.
  8. Pathcare Kenya
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